Author's Notes: This is my first Naruto fic. I was going to make this a Sasuhina story but changed my mind. I'm not sure if there's any stories about Hinata and Sai or not. I just wanted to be different. This story is a AU. There might be some OOCness. The underlined text is for messages on line. It's rated T for now but might change the rating later depending on how the story goes.

Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto not me.




Hinata Hyuga is a 20 year old part time store clerk at a local supermarket in Yamanaka, Japan. She has dark blue long and straight hair down her back with short bangs framing her forehead, big pale eyes, fair skin, average height around 5'4, average weight and busty. She's known to be a very shy person who keeps to herself most of the time. Unlike her friends Ino Yamanaka and Sakura Haruno who's also 20 years old who are outgoing and outspoken woman. Her two friends are attending college. She didn't want to go to college. Hinata decided to get a job instead. The three women are currently roommates in a three bedroom, two bathroom apartment.

Hinata doesn't have much to do when she isn't at work. She needs to find a hobby to occupy her time. Everything seemed so routine. She'd come home from work around 3pm, change clothes, watch TV, take a shower, talk to her roommates about work, eat dinner, and go to bed around 9 pm. Ino and Sakura would invite her to go out with them to a local club and on weekends but she'd deny the offer most of the time. And, when she agreed to tag along. Hyuga usually felt awkward and out of place. She feels that her best friends were always prettier than herself. Sakura was of average height with a petite figure, fair skin, lime big lime green eyes, pale pink, straight medium length hair that part in the middle framing both sides her face. She is very short tempered but is also very kind. Although Ino's personality, height, and complexion is very similar to hers, her looks are different. She has very long, straight light blonde hair, in a ponytail with a strand of hair hanging down one side of her face. The lady is a bit curvy and busty with big turquoise eyes. Both women attracts the same amount of attention from the opposite sex. They are both naturally very beautiful. The pale eyed lady always thought of herself as plain, boring and safe. She's never done anything spontaneous.

Hinata usually has Fridays and Saturdays. This weekend is no different.

"Hinata what are your plans for tonight" Sakura asked politely as she passed by her friend in the living room, heading for the bathroom. Getting ready to go out on the town with Ino who was already dressed. The blonde haired lady sat beside her on the couch, waiting impatiently.

"I'm going to stay home and watch TV." She replied, keeping her eyes glued to the television.

"There's no use trying to make her go with us. You know she doesn't like going out." Ino included, looking at her shy friend with a blank stare.

"I guess you're right. I should just give up. We just have to deal with the fact that our dear friend is boring." The pink haired beauty said jokingly, fixing her hair in the bathroom mirror never looking back.

Ino becomes very impatient with her roommate who still isn't ready after 3 hours.

"Can you please hurry the hell up? You've been in there since forever." She explained angrily.

"Don't rush me." Her roommate answered in irritation. Haruno finally came out the bathroom, ready to go. The ladies left after a moment.

Hyuga was again left alone on a Friday night. The weekend was the only time she'd stay up past nine unless she had work the next day.

It's now 10 pm. One of her favorite shows just went off. So, she turns off the TV heading off to bed. Walking to her room in the dark apartment.

"I guess it's time for bed. Nothing ever changes around here. The same routine for two years." She says a bit sadly. Hinata wants her life to be exciting and fun for a change. But, doesn't know where to start. The blue haired lady sits down at her desk before turning on her HP laptop. "Maybe I should check my email." Hinata waits patiently for her computer to start up. She goes to her Google account to check her mail. No new mail in her inbox. So, she decides to look for random pictures on the same site. Nothing really stands out much. That is until she comes across a ink dragon. "It's not even colored in. Is it suppose to be this way?" She looks closer to see where the picture came from. . The pale eyed lady clicks on the link that leads her to the artist page, SaiNinja00. She browses through his gallery finding interesting drawings of many things. She wants to add a comment to this particular art she found minutes ago. But, she needs to make an account before doing it. Hinata sets up her account. Shy1Hina is her new username on deviant art. After signing up she goes back to comment on the ink dragon photo.

What a cool picture. She writes before adding the picture to her favorites list. Hinata browses through the website of different types of art for an hour. She goes back to her profile to add an old picture of herself as her new avatar.


She clicked on it to see who sent her a message. A smiling and dancing icon next to it reads: Thanks for the add. She replies: You're welcome! You are a really great artist. A minute later she receives another message.

1 Replies

I'm not that good. Thanks for the compliment.

You're welcome, again. LOL! Hinata replies back.

Their conversation goes on for 3 hrs straight. After awhile they exchange emails.




Sai lives in a luxury 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment on the 3rd level in Tokyo. He's a 25 year old businessman who owns a few apartment buildings like the one he's currently living in, which is another one he owns. The raven haired guy is living alone. He's a bit tall, around 6ft, pale skin, black eyes, short, straight, black hair hair stopping just above the ears and very slender. He usually keeps to himself. It's now 1:30 am. He just received another message from her on IM.

So, you live in Tokyo?

Yes I do. How old are you? I forgot to ask earlier.

I'm 20 years old. What about you?

25 years young.

He waits for her reply. "She seems like a nice girl so far." Sai says looking at his computer screen. "I wonder if she fell asleep. It's already been 10 minutes since her last reply." He says to himself curiously.

Sorry I took so long. My roommates just arrived home from the club.

Don't worry about it. So are they your friends as well?

Yes we've know each other since middle school.

I see. Do you live in a house or apartment?

A house what about you?

I live alone in apartment.

Oh, alright. I'm going to go to bed now. Talk to you later on.

Can we at least exchange numbers? I'd like to know how you sound.

They exchange numbers soon after before logging off. He walks into the kitchen to get a glass of water to drink. "I guess I have a new friend." Sai says in a neutral tone. He's never been the over emotional type of person but he's not heartless either.

The brunette takes a few more sips before laying in his bed. Sai's life isn't really the most exciting in spite of him being rich. Money really doesn't bring happiness.




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