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Hinata looked at him nervously and took a sip of her drink.

"Why do you look so timid? I won't bite." Sai said in a serious tone. The young lady blushed from his response.

"I know. I just . . . never been out on a date before." She explained nervously.

"Don't worry about it. Would you like to dance. He stretched out one of his hands to lead her way. Hinata followed Sai's lead. He placed his other hand around her waist. Their closeness made her blush more.

"I told you I wouldn't bite. Are you afraid of me?" The black haired man asked curiously.

She slowly lifted her head to face him. "No. I'm just a little nervous. You must think I'm a boring person."

"Not at all. Don't be silly. You're a very interesting person. Not to mention cute." Sai looked into her eyes.

The look he gave her made the girl's heart beat a bit faster.

"Would you be mad if I kissed you again?" The man didn't wait for her to answer. He just pressed his lips against her with passion. It didn't surprise him when she kissed him back with equal passion. Sai moved his other hand around her slim waist. Hinata wrapped her arms around his neck, unconsciously bringing him closer to her. She gasped when she felt his tongue enter her mouth. He pulled away immediately.

"Did I do something wrong?" The man suddenly felt guilty.

"Um,no.I-I was just shocked that's all."

He sighed in relief before asking her another question. "Have you been kissed before tonight?"

"No, not at all." Hinata honestly felt embarrassed about being inexperienced.

"Does that mean that you're a virgin too?"

She nodded her head.

"That's okay. Don't worry about it."

"Can you teach me how to kiss? I'm not v-very good at it yet." The blue haired girl said nervously.

It was her turn to initiate the kiss. Her face turned beet red from her action. He welcomed the kiss with ease. It wasn't long before he took over. He kissed her with more need and desperation. The feeling of her body pressed against his drove him crazy. A moan escaped his lips. Her body was too soft for him to resist. Sai lightly squeezed her bottom with both hands. Hinata backed away slowly.

"I'm sorry I lost control for a moment."

"It's okay. I'm just not used to this. But, I don't trust myself with you either and that scares me."

"Are you ready to go home. I can drop you off."

"But, it's only nine." She thought about how she normally would spend her weekends. So boring, ordinary and lonely. Her roommates Ino and Sakura went out every weekend. They'd still ask her every now and than if she wanted to come. But, she would say no every time. If the lady went home now all she would was watch TV before going to bed at ten. "I never take any risks. I'm always so cautious. How would I be able to enjoy my life if I never let my guard down?" Something clicked inside her. Maybe it was the alcohol taking over. But, what she said next shocked even herself.

"No. I don't want to go home. Can I spend the night here?"





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