Ok so this is my first writing attempt. I didn't quite know where I was going with this…basically it's a "nation x Italy" thing. So each chapter is a different nation x Italy but with the same plot(don't know if that made sense. Chapter one is like the base, and each chapter after the first is a different scenario). Expect some crack pairings in here. If you guys like, send me any nation suggestions and I'll try to add on. Oh and it doesn't necessarily have to be romance, friendship is cool too~ -shot for MLP reference-


Disclaimer: Sadly, I will never own Hetalia or its characters.

Chapter one

The Nation known as Northern Italy was bored one day. He was bored out of his mind because Germany was too busy with paperwork and Japan went off to spend some time with America.

"Ve…there's nothing to do. Maybe I should find someone else to hang out with?"

So with that, Italy went in search of someone to hang out with before he died of boredom.

"Maybe I can spend the day with my fratello! ~Ve, we haven't hung out in a while!" So Italy went in search of his brother, Romano, who represented the Southern half of Italy. Upon reaching Romano's house, however, there was a note attached to the door.

"Dear whichever bastard decided to come to my house,


"…Well this definitely looks like something Romano would write…..ve…so fratello isn't home," Italy sighed. "He's probably hanging out with big brother Spain…I guess I should leave them alone…"

So Italy went on in search of someone else to hang out with. He didn't know many other nations. He really ever knew his friends in the Axis and his family. So that really left him to ask France to hang out with, but let's face it, even Italy is not that clueless in understanding that France was a freaky pervert.

So Italy went on with his search to find a companion, when he noticed something along the side of the road…..

And that, dear readers, is the beginning of my madness. Hope you like it so far!
Have any "nation x Italy" suggestions? Please feel free to let me know!
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