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Option 5) Prussia and Italy

So Italy went on with his search to find a companion, when he noticed something on the side of the road…..

A small yellow bird was flying along the ground. It almost seemed lost or looking for something.

"Ve, poco uccello, if you're looking for someone, it might be better to do it from up there?" Italy suggested to the bird while pointing his index finger toward the sky.

"Pi?" The bird seemed to hear the young male, and looked upwards to him. "Pi!"

"That bird seems kind of familiar" Italy thought. He didn't have enough time to reflect upon that, because the next thing he knew, a ball of yellow was heading towards his face. "GAAAAH!" Italy had shut his eyes and braced for impact, but after a few seconds, it never came.

"Ve?" Confused, the young Italian opened his eyes, but saw nothing in front of him. However, his head did feel a tad heavier. He slowly reached up and gently patted his head, to surprisingly feel something fluffy and squishy. Each of his pokes to the creature was accommodated by a peep.

"Oh there you are! For a moment I thought you were going to hurt me! Anyway, now I can help you with whatever you were doing before ve~!"

So Italy continued further down the path, chatting about random thoughts and memories, while the bird merely sat on the young man's head, pretending to listen. It was a peaceful moment between the two, and the day was so nice. It couldn't have been dampened at all. That's when Italy noticed something off. A patch of moving white in a green bush caught Italy's attention. "What is that? Oh no what if it's England?" The young Italian was having a mental panic while the bird on his head was sleeping peacefully. That's when the white thing popped out of the bushes so suddenly, that Italy jumped up a bit startled letting out a shriek, which caused the bird to lose its spot on Italy's head and ended up in the crevice between the back of Italy's neck and the inside of his shirt.

"Ita-chan?" As Italy looked at the one who called him, he immediately calmed down at the sight of the ruby red eyes staring back at him. "Oh, hey Prussia! For a while there I thought you were England."

Prussia gave him an incredulous look. "You thought I was Eyebrows? For real? Wait I'm getting off topic. Ita-chan I seriously need your help! I can't seem to find Gilbird anywhere! You know, my awesome yellow bird, have you seen him?"

"A yellow bird?" That's when it hit Italy. "Oh! There's this bird that is travelling with me right now keeping me company ve~!" However, when the young male reached up towards his head, he was surprised to find that the bird wasn't there. "Ve?"

The hopeful look on Prussia's face went back to one of despair. "D-don't worry Prussia, I'll go help you find him okay? And then we'll celebrate with pasta, okay?"

Italy turned around to go look for Gilbird when he heard a very loud "Pi!" That instantly got Prussia's attention. "Little buddy I hear you! Where are you? Come back to the awesome me where you belong!" Looking franticly around the area, the taller male couldn't visibly spot him, but could still hear him.

That's when he realized that it was coming from around Italy. He marched up to the shorter male and began performing a pat down. "Pfffttt hahahahaha P-Prussia st-stop it that tickles!" The peeping was still insistent. "It definitely is louder around Ita-chan…wait."

Prussia spun Italy around so that the smaller male couldn't see him. That's when he noticed a slight bulge in the part of the shirt behind Italy's neck. He reached down behind the shirt when his hand brushed up against something soft and fluffy. He pulled it out to have it give out an excited "Pi!" It was his precious Gilbird.

"Little buddy where have ya been? I've been looking all over the place for ya," Prussia exclaimed. Either way, he brought Gilbird up to his face and nuzzled against him. Italy spun back around to see the commotion. "Oh, poco uccello there you are! Oh, so this is Gilbird? He was hanging out with me earlier. I'm glad you two found each other again. But, how do you know that that is Gilbird?"

Prussia gave a triumphant smirk. "This little guy and I have been together for centuries. There's no way I could forget his appearance." His smirk lowered into a calm smile. "Thanks for keeping him safe Ita-chan. In return, you can hang out with the awesome me for the rest of the day. What do you think?"

Italy gave a brilliant smile. "I'd love to ve~!" The smaller man ran to the other and grabbed his hand. They then began their peaceful travel down the road towards home with no one left behind.

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p.s. poco uccello= small bird