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Lemonade Mouth: Reunited at Last?

Chapter 19: On our way

Ray's Pov

'Finally!' Stella exclaims as we arrive back at our house as I laugh

'Guys get some rest because we're flying out tomorrow' I tell them

Peyton's phone rings

'Hello' Peyton says into the phone

'Hey Babe' Tiffany says

'Oh hello' he says smiling widely

'How was your Christmas' she asks

'It was great but it would've been better if you were there to celebrate it with me' he replies back

'Awww your so sweeet' she says

'But your sweeter' he says back

'This could go on all day' she says

'Yeah maybe. But at least we get to see eachother on new years' he says

'true that. Anyway is your dad here?' she asks

'Yeah' he replies back and gives the phone to me

'Yo' I say

'Yo' I hear Scott replies back

'what's up bro' I ask him

'Oh Nothing Much how about you?' he says

'same here' I reply back

'so you have everything for New York?' he asks me

'I think So?' I say

'even the tickets?' he asks him

'Oh... Uhhh' I say nervously

'of course you don't because we have them!' Scott says

'Why do you have them?' I ask him confused

'Stella thought that we'll all lose the tickets so she got Mo to keep them' Scott explains

'Oh yeah, I remember her stressing out' I say remembering

'Yeah, well Mo still has the tickets' Scott says

'Okay how about I send Peyton to get them now?' I ask him

'sure, I think Tiffany will like that' Scott says

'and I'm pretty sure Peyton will like that too' I saw chuckling

'Alright we'll see him soon?' Scott says

'yeah' I say

'Peyton!' I call out

'yeah' he says walking into the lounge room where I am in

'could you go to Tiffany's house and get the tickets off Uncle Scott?' I ask him

'sure, but what about packing?' he asks

'you just need extra clothes don't you?' I ask him

'yeah' he says

'i'll do it then' I say

'Okay' he says and walks out the door

Tiffany's Pov

Doorbell rings

'I'll get it' I say

'Hey' Peyton says

'hey' I say as I give him a small kiss and let him in

'So how was your holiday break?' I ask him

'it was great but like I said it could have been better if you were there' he says as he walks in

'Aww, you're so sweet' I say to him just as Dad comes in

'Ehhh Hemm' Dad says

'Hi Daddy' I say innocently

'Hi Uncle Scott' Peyton says

'My baby girl is growing up so fast' Dad says dramatically and gives me a very very big hug

'Dad!' I say embarassed

'So Peyton how are you?' Dad says chuckling

'I'm good' he says

'Now Peyton since you're dating my daughter and you are the son of my best friend Ray and Mo's best friend Stella you are practically family' Dad says

'Thanks Uncle Scott' Peyton says

'Yeah feel welcome we don't want you to feel scared of us!' Mum says coming out from the kitchen

'Thanks Uncle Scott and Aunt Mo' Peyton says

'So Peyton the tickets right?' Dad asks

'Yeah' Peyton says

'Okay can you two do me a favour?' Dad asks

'Sure' I say

'Can you two go over to Aunt Victoria and Uncle Charlie to give them their tickets and could you two also go to Aunt Olivia and Uncle Wen's and give them their ticket as well' Dad asks

'Sure' we both say as Dad gives us the tickets

'Thanks Uncle Scott' Peyton says

'Bye Mummy and Daddy' I say as we walk out the door

'So where do you wanna go first?' Peyton asks as we started to walk outside

'Aunt Olivias?' I ask

'Sure so have you started packing?' Peyton asks

'Yup, i've finished' I say proudly

'You're finished?' he asks surprised

'Why don you sound so surprised?' I ask him

'Well Skye hasn't even started' he says

'Well i'd probably be in the same position as Skye but the other night Anabel, mum and I watch New Year's Eve' I say

'New Year's Eve? Isn't Zac Efron and lea Michele in it?' he ask

'Yep. And when I saw how much fun they had when the ball dropped, I just couldn't wait' I say squealing just as we reached the Gifford's home

'Well I bet we would have fun, hopefully' he says as we ring the doorbell

'Hello you two' Aunt Olivia says as she opens the door

'Hey Aunt Olivia' we both say

'What are you two doing here?' she says as she lets us in

'Hey Tiffany, Hey Peyton' Mason says coming downstairs

'Hey Mase' Peyton says

'hey Mason' I say

'Well Aunt Olivia in case you forgot Mum has your tickets for New York' I say

'Oh yeah' Aunt Olivia says

'We should probably pick them up' Aunt Olivia says as Uncle Wen comes downstairs

'Pick Up what?' he asks

'Hi Uncle Wen' We both say

'Hey you two' he says

'Mo has the tickets for New York' Aunt Olivia says answering Uncle Wen's question

'Hey Tiff Hey Pey' Breanne says

'Hey Breanne' we both say

'Aunt Olivia Uncle Wen we're gonna save the day today' peyton says

'Oh yeah? How are you two gonna save us?' Aunt Olivia asks

'We have your tickets' I say as Peyton gives Aunt Olivia the ticket

'Thank you' Uncle Wen says as he grabs the tickets

'No worries' Peyton says

'Well we gotta go' I say

'Bye' Aunt Olivia and Uncle Wen says

'Byee' we both say as we leave

'Okay so where now?' I ask Peyton as we walk outside

'Aunt Victoria and Uncle Charlie's house' Peyton says as we walk towards the direction of their house

'So have you started packing?' I ask him

'For New York?' He asks

'No for Antarctica' I reply to him sarcastically

'We're going to Antarctica?' he replies happily

'You're such an egg head' I say to him laughing

'Offended' he says dramatically

'No I'm serious! Have you packed?' I ask him with my best serious face

'For New York? Sorta and for Antarctica Nope' he replies

'What do you mean Sorta?' I ask him

'Sorta as in I started but haven't finished' he says

'So either way you haven't packed?' I ask him

'Not true. I started packing for New York' he says defensively

'Okay so either way you haven't finished packing?' I ask him

'Yeah that's about it' he says

'Do you want me to come over and help?' I ask him

'No don't worry Dad says he got it covered and I wouldn't want you missing your beauty sleep' he says

'You're so sweet' I say to him as we reach the Delgado's house and ring the doorbell

'I try' he says as Aunt Victoria opens the door

'Hello you two' she says

'hey Aunt Victoria' we says as she lets us In

'Hey Tiffany Hey Peyton' Uncle Charlie says coming out from the kitchen

'hey Uncle Charlie' we both say

'So what are you two doing here?' Aunt Victoria asks us

'Hey Tiffany Hey Peyton' Ruby says as she comes downstairs

'Hey Ruby' we both say

'Well do you remember the tickets for New York?' I ask her

'Yeah?' she says

'Hey Tiffany Hey Peyton' Andrew says coming from the backyard

'Hey Andrew' we both say

'Well do you remember where they are?' Peyton asks her

'yeah they are with your mum right Tiffany?' she says

'yep' I say

'Hi Tiff Hi Peyton' Cassidy says while coming downstairs

'Hey Cassidy' we both say

'Well we have the tickets with us so do you still want them?' Peyton asks

'yeah ! Of course we do' Uncle Charlie says as we give him the tickets

'Thank You two both' Aunt Victoria says

'No worries' Peyton says

'Well we gotta go' I say

'Byee' Aunt Victori9a and Uncle Charlie says

'Byee' we both say

'Come on let's go' Peyton says

'Home?' I ask

'No other place' he says

'Hey you two' dad says as we walk back in the house

'Hey Uncle Scott' Peyton says

'How did you guys go?' he asks

'Done' we both say

'Well it's getting late I better head off' he says

'Do you want a lift?' Dad asks him

'Yeah thanks Uncle Scott' he says as I lay on the couch

'I'll see you tomorrow, try and get some sleep' he says and gives me a kiss on the forehead

'Byee' I say

'I'm glad you chose him' Mum says as Dad and peyton leaves

'Me too' I say

'Me too' I say again

'I'm gonna go to bed' I say as I walk upstairs.

'Good night mum' I say

'Night babey' mum says

The Next Morning at the airport

Mason's POV (sorry I haven't talked about him in a while)

'Mum when can we leave, it's so boring!' I start to complain

'in 10 minutes' she replies excitedly

'Mase, who are you gonna sit next to?' Uncle Ray asks me

'I dunno?' I reply not really caring since it wa 4am in the morning and I was more of a night person

'How about Daniel?' Aunt Mo asks me

'sure' Daniel says

'Alright' I say

'how long left?' I ask mum

'soon baby soon' she replies

'Bre who are you gonna sit next to?' mum asks

'uhmm' she says

'have any of you guys thought who you were gonna go and sit next to?!' Uncle Charlie says

'well we have?' Peyton says

'Tiffany?' we ask them

'yeah pretty much' they reply as we all laugh

'Bre do you wanna sit next to Skye?' Aunt Stella asks

'sure' Breanne replies

'sure' skye replies

'How about you Anabel , who do you want to sit next to?' Aunt Mo asks

'I wanna sit next to Alicia' Anabel replies

'Alicia?' Aunt mo asks

'yay' she replies

'Josh?' Aunt Mo asks

'i'll figure it out when we get in' he replies

'guys, are you guys ready?' I ask as I see the gates open

'yeah' we all say and walk towards the plane