Lemonade Mouth: Reunited at last ?

Chapter 1: could it be a sign?

Mo's Pov:

I waled down the stairs to find Scott making breakfast.

"well this is a first' I said to scott giving him a good morning kiss

'what you never seen your famous husband making breakfat hey?' he replied with a smirk

'not that but I never knew you knew how to cook burnt pancakes?' I replied to him chuckling

'hey they are not burnt' I turned over to see mo was right I failed at making pancakes

stella's pov

'hey' I walked up to ray sleeply

'hey honey, you look exhuasted' replied ray

'I had a dream last night' I replied to him making my way to the couch

'oh what was it about' ray replied handing me some cooked eggs

'lemonade mouth' stella replied looking at the ground

'morning' said skye

'morning' ray and I both replied enthustiatically

'what's for breakfast' skye said walking over to the kitchen bench

'fried eggs' replied ray

'do you think it is a sign' I asked ray

'what sign' ray replied

'about lemonade mouth' I replied trying to get him back to the topic

'maybe, when was the last time you contacted any of them' ray replied

''about 10 years ago' i replied realising it was a while since I contacted them.

'mum, I think we need to go grocery shopping soon' skye said poking her head out of the refrigerator

'I think you're right, how about we go now?' I asked her already grabbing my purse.

Olivia's pov

'Mason turn that guitar down, your sister is still sleeping' I said to mason

'but mum bre does this every morning to me' he tried to protest

'that doesn't count she came home this morning from her sleepover' I replied to mason and started to walk down the stairs

'fine, what's for breakfast?' he asked walking down the stairs with me

'cereal, you're favorite' I replied to him as he raced down the stairs

'mum! There's no milk!' yelled mason as I walked into the kitchen

'congratulations mason you just offered to come grocery shopping with me' I smiled proudly

Victoria's pov

'Mum can we please do something' ruby said to her mum

'sure' I replied rinsing the last of my coffee

'like what?' she replied to me hesitantley

'well I got to go shop-' I was stopped by ruby screaming

'yay i'm coming' rhe started to squeal again!

Mo's po

'I think i'm gonna go grocery shopping we don't have much food left' I said to scott

'oh we have plenty of food' scott replied holding up half a carton of eggs

'you used almost about everything this morning for your special burnt eggs' I replied to him while laughing

'okay you got a point' scott replied to me smiling

'do you need anything?' I asked him while finding my car keys

'yeh can you get more ice-cream we ran out' scott replied with his head in the refrigirator

'Tiffany!' I yelled to my eldest

'yeah mum' she asked coming out of her room

'i'm going grocery shopping wanna come?' I asked her while grabbing my purse from the table

'sure let me get changed first' she replied hoping back into her bedroom

'do you want me to take paige aswell?' I asked scott who was eating a big ham sandwich

'nah i'll take her' he replied with his mouth full of food.