Hey Guys!

I would just like to tell you guys that i've decided to stop this story, at first i had heaps of ideas with this story but over time i guess i loss the interest of continuing this story. My readers, you guys have been great, encouraging me with all your good reviews.

Writting this story became such a great journey and even though it has come to an end but you know life goes on.

I just wanted to add that i've heard rumours that the producers of Lemonade Mouth has decided to not make a Lemonade Mouth 2. It would literally make my day if someone could confirm to me that that was just a rumour and they will make a Lemonade Mouth 2. Fingers Cross x.

I would like to give special thanks to all my readers out there, writing this story has been amazing but one of the reasons that the journey of this story has become so amazing was from the support of you guys! I would also like to give extra special thanks to DramaQueen127, she has become so helpful with the support and he even gave me some great ideas for this story. She's really awesome! You guys should all go out and check out her stories!

Oh and even though i decided to stop this story, if you guys want me to continue i would love to, just let me know in anyway possible, through reviews or even private message. Oh and i'm always open to having a chat to people.

Thank you guys so much! Like i said the journey of 'Reunited at Last?' wouldn't be the same without the help of you guys!

Love you guys so much! x