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Hello all! Yes, I know I should be updating my other two stories (they're coming slowly) but I had this idea of doing a series of one-shots featuring Team Avatar and parenthood.

As much I do NOT like Kataang...I've come to love Tenzin. So in a way, I have come to terms with Kataang being canon. (Zutara is my OTP). Anyways, in regards to this story, I had to make up names for some kids:

Aang and Katara - Kya, Ahnah and Tenzin. Sokka and Suki - Kenta, Jian and Chiyo (twins). Zuko and Mai - Hakan and Kuzon (I'm still debating to add a third). Tenzin and Lin (Toph's daughter) are actually canon as they will show up in Legend of Korra.

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Katara is pregnant again, with their third child. Her stomach has swelled considerably in the last eight months, making it difficult for her to perform simple tasks with her large belly in the way. Aang could tell his wife was ready for the pregnancy to be done with for she is starting to complain about her discomfort and could not wait meet the little one.

Deep down, Aang hopes the child would be an airbender this time. His first two daughters, Kya and Ahnah were waterbenders like their mother. Kya, his eldest, was named after Katara's mother and looked very similar to Katara when she was five years old. Kya had also inherited her mother's strength and compassion to help others. She hopes to be a great healer and Katara had taught her some basic waterbending for healing. Aang's youngest, Ahnah was like him personality-wise. She was a bubbly, happy little girl who loved to talk all the time. She had inherited Aang's pranking ways and love for animals. Even young as three years old, Ahnah declared that she wanted to be a vegetarian like her father.

Aang loved his two daughters very much and had tried teaching them the ways of the Air Nomads, but to no avail, his little waterbenders did not understand. They did not have the 'airbender's spirit' as he put it, even though they are part Air Nomad. Aang had expressed his desire for an airbender to his wife before and Katara had understood, knowing that Aang is currently the last airbender. It would make her husband happy to have someone to pass down his culture and bending arts, to begin the Air Nomads anew again.

Aang really hoped their child would be an airbender.


Two hours. That's how long Katara had been in labor with their third child. Aang couldn't help but worry for them both even though this is the third time. To help with his nervousness, Aang started pacing back and forth in the hallway in front of the doors. Kya and Ahnah were with their aunt, Suki and cousins while he, Sokka and Hakoda waited outside the birthing room.

"Aang, sit down," Sokka told the soon-to-be third time father, gesturing to the empty chair across from him. Heeding his brother-in-law's advice, Aang plopped down in the seat with a heavy sigh. He wondered when the birth would be over so he could relax.

As if on cue, a shout could be heard through the walls followed by a piercing wail only a newborn could make. Aang let out a breath of relief he did not realize he had been holding in. He felt Hakoda and Sokka clap him on the shoulder in congratulations; Aang couldn't help but feel proud.

The doors opened and all three heads turned to see the midwife exiting. She was a stocky, plump woman in her late fifties. Grey hair streaked the sides of her hair that was up in a bun. The midwife smiled at Aang, assuring him that everything was fine and they could go inside.

Aang went in first while Hakoda and Sokka waited a few minutes out the doorway, to give the couple a chance to see the baby without anyone interfering the moment. From the doorway, Aang could see his wife propped up in bed, smiling down at the blue clothed bundle in she held in her arms. He approached the bed tentatively and Katara gave her husband a tired, yet happy smile.

"Meet your son," said Katara as she held out the sleeping infant for Aang to take.

Aang held his new son in his arms, and noticed that he felt a tad bit lighter than the times he first held his two daughters when they were born. The infant had a tuff of dark brown hair atop his head, fair skin like Aang's and all ten toes and fingers. He was a healthy little boy.

His and Katara's little boy. Aang gave his wife a proud, happy smile. His attention went back to the little boy in his arms who was beginning to squirm, stretching out his small limbs. The baby gave out a tiny yawn before opening his eyes for the first time and Aang let out a small gasp at the sight.

Grey eyes, just like Aang's. None of his daughters had grey eyes, only blue. Could it be?

Could it be that his son might be an airbender?

"What will we name him?" Aang heard Katara ask him. He looked down at the alert infant in his arms. Grey eyes. His son would need a name fitting for his son.


Katara agreed, liking the name for their son. Then Sokka came in followed by Hakoda, announcing that he wanted to meet his nephew and teach him the ways of men when he got older since Aang wasn't manly enough after raising two girls. Katara thwacked him in the arm saying she did not want another Sokka running around, one was enough. Sokka grumbled as he rubbed his sore arm.

Aang chuckled at the sight. He handed Tenzin over to Hakoda so he could meet his newest grandson. Aang gave Katara a kiss on the forehead before leaving to get Suki and the kids so they could meet the newest addition to the family.

Tenzin. He smiled to himself. A fitting name for his son.

A fitting name for an airbender.


Ahnah is bored. She sits outside on the steps that lead to their home. Her sister, Kya is having a healing session with their mother. Ahnah has never shown any interest in the healing arts; she prefers to use her waterbending to play pranks and help bring water for Appa and the other bisons her father had found years before she was born.

Ahnah gives out a bored sigh. She wishes her father was here to play games with her. He had to leave two days ago with Uncle Zuko to Republic City for some Avatar and Fire Lord business.

The six year old scans the courtyard and sees her little brother playing with a familiar wooden toy that was made by their Uncle Sokka. It looked like a little boat on wheels and had a sail attached in the center. According to her parents, the toy device looked very similar to a sand-sailor the sandbenders had used. Ahnah knew this because Aang had told the three children the story of Team Avatar's adventures through the Si Wong Desert. She, Kya, and Tenzin all loved hearing their father tell stories of his travels when he was young.

Ahnah noticed that Tenzin was playing with the little sand-sailor all wrong. She had seen her father demonstrate a creative way to play with the toy by blowing into the sails and it would shoot forward ten feet away. Tenzin was just moving the wooden toy around with his hand. She would show her brother how it was done right.

"Tenzin," Ahnah approached her brother, "You're playing with it all wrong."

The three year old looked up to his older sister. "I am?" he asked.

"Here," she took the toy from Tenzin and set it on the ground, "I'll show you how it's done." The young girl sat on her knees, leaning down on her hands and blew at the sails.

The little toy darted forward two feet away from the siblings.

"There, that's how you do it," Ahnah said, turning to her brother who had watched her with rapt attention. "You try it."

Tenzin toddles over to the wooden toy, then mimicking his sister's actions from earlier, he blows into the sails.

The toy shot forward across the courtyard. Ahnah watches with wide eyes, surprised at the distance it went. She turns to see her brother giving her a happy grin. Ahnah was sure that he had airbent. The only other person who could make the little sand-sailor go that far was Aang.

Was her brother an airbender like their father?

Tenzin only giggles at what he did, clapping his hands together. "Again!" he exclaims in delight.

Ahnah gets up and runs toward the house.

"Mom, Tenzin did something!"


His job as the Avatar never ends. For a week, Aang and Zuko had traveled out to Republic City to oversee some matters concerning the city and to check if everything was running smoothly. Aang was glad to be home as he got off Appa and sees his two daughters run toward him. He kneels down to embrace them. Both Kya and Ahnah, mostly Ahnah, excitedly talked to Aang while Katara came up to them, holding Tenzin on her hip.

Aang stood up to give his wife a kiss and gives his son a smile. Tenzin reached out toward Aang, wanting his father to hold him. Aang takes him from his mother's arms.

"I think Ahnah and Tenzin have something to show you," Katara tells Aang, giving her youngest daughter a knowing smile.

"Yes we do, Daddy!" Ahnah exclaims excitedly as she rushes inside to retrieve the wooden toy and sets it on the ground in front of her parents. Curious, Aang slowly sets Tenzin down and the little boy walks over to his sister.

Ahnah encourages her little brother to show Aang what she showed him to do with the toy. Tenzin takes a deep breath and blew into the sails.

Aang wasn't sure if he blinked or not, but he was sure that the wooden craft had shot forward across the courtyard. Aang looks at his son who is smiling at his sister's praise. He then felt Katara's hand on his shoulder and sees her proud smile.

Aang could only gape at Tenzin in astonishment.

His son was an airbender.

Aang scooped Tenzin up in the air before holding his son in his arms, "You're an airbender!" He happily exclaimed.

Tenzin beamed at his father, "Like you, Daddy?"

Still smiling at his son, Aang felt tears run down his cheeks as he remembered his trip to the Southern Air Temple for the first time in a hundred years. How he had found Monk Gyasto's skeleton and the anger he felt. When he had realized that he was the last airbender, Aang had never felt so alone. Then Katara and Sokka had told him that they were his family now, he felt less alone, knowing they had each other. And now Aang did not feel alone anymore.

"Yes, like me" Aang told his son.

He was no longer the last airbender.

Tenzin had certainly lived up to his name.