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"Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad."



"After I confronted my Sifu and took my staff away from her, Toph stands up in front of me, poking me in the chest.

"'Do it now.' She tells me.

"I glare at her, but it's useless against her so instead I snap, 'What?'

"Toph smiles knowingly, 'Earthbend, Twinkletoes. You just stood your ground against a crazy beast and even more impressive, you stood your ground against me.' She explains to me. 'You got stuff.'

"Me, earthbend? I am confused. My Sifu then yells at me to earthbend now. I still didn't believe in myself but Toph was insistent, so I stomp my foot down on the ground and shove my fists forward. A large rock in front of me shoots back, smashing into a rock ridge.

"I couldn't believe it! I earthbended! I thought it was going to be impossible, but I did it!

"'You did it! You're an earthbender.' I hear Toph praise me.

"Alright, I think that's enough for tonight," Aang tells his three children who are tucked in their bed. He stands up, but a small hand tugs on his robe. Aang turns to see eight year old Ahnah looking up at him with a pleading look in her blue eyes.

"One more story, please?" Ahnah asks her father.

"Yeah, Dad," Kya pipes in next to her sister, "Tell us one more story."

Even little Tenzin joins his sisters, "One more?" He begs.

Aang chuckles softly. His children loved to hear stories of his adventures with their mother, Uncle Sokka, Toph, Zuko, and Aunt Suki. Even though Kya insists she is too old for baby things now, the ten year old never tires of hearing her father's stories at bedtime.

Aang sits back on to the bed, tucking is five year old son back under the blankets. "Alright, one more story then it's off to sleep."

All three children nod their heads in agreement. Aang then scratches his beard in thought, thinking of a story to tell them.

The pirates? Nah.

The zoo he made in Ba Sing Se? No, that one's for another time.

The king of Omashu? Yes, perfect.

"Once, your mother, Uncle Sokka and I met the crazy king of Omashu…"



Sokka can do this. Every father goes through this at one point during their life, right? No big deal, he can do this. Sokka takes a deep breath and looks down at Chiyo. His youngest daughter gazes up at her father with those pleading blue eyes.

Spirits! He can't do this! Why was this hard? He had no problem with Kenta before, well, his son was a guy so it was easy. His oldest daughter, Jian was difficult at first, but Sokka reculantly let her go.

Now, it was Chiyo's turn. Sokka finds it extremely hard to agree to let his youngest go out on a date.

A date. With a boy. A boy. The Water Tribesman gulps in nervousness at the thought of leaving his baby girl alone with a boy.

"Please, Dad?" He hears Chiyo plead. "You let Jian go before."

"That's because she's older than you," Sokka explains.

"Only by ten minutes!" The sixteen year old girl grumbles, crossing her arms across her chest. "It's not fair you let Jian go, but not me."

Not fair indeed. Sokka sighs, wondering where the time has gone. It seemed like only yesterday his daughters were the little girls who bickered over who got to ride up on Sokka's shoulders and he would solve it by putting Jian his right and Chiyo on his left shoulder. Next thing he knew, both his daughters had grown up into teenagers. Jian was currently dating and Chiyo was about to go on her first date.

"Alright, fine," says Sokka, holding his hands up in front of him. "You can go, but there will be rules. Rule one -"

He was interrupted when his daughter envelops him in a hug.

"Thanks Dad," Chiyo smiles up at her father. Sokka smiles and hugs her back. A knock on the door is heard and Chiyo pulls away.

"That's him!" She exclaims excitedly.

Sokka feels a surge of protectiveness overcome his body. He needs his weapon. Pronto. Where in the name of Yue was his machete? Sokka curses as he sees that it is not in its usual spot on the wall.

He turns to see the said weapon in his son's hand.

"Hey Kenta, why don't you give that to your good old dad?" Sokka reaches out to grab the machete, but his nineteen year old son is quick. Kenta hides it behind his back, out of his father's reach.

"You're not going to threaten him are you?" Kenta asks.

"Who said I was? Maybe I just wanted to hold my weapon and not look threatening."

"You're not having the machete back," Kenta says, shaking his head. He and Sokka then hear Chiyo yell out a good bye before leaving out the door with her date in hand.

"Besides, I may need this for when that boy breaks my baby sister's heart," Kenta explains to his father. Sokka is speechless for a moment at his son before a huge smile crosses his face.

"That's my boy!" He proudly exclaims, ruffling Kenta's warrior wolf tail.



"Argh! I can't get this stupid move!" Kuzon yells out, frustrated with a complicated firebending move his father had demonstrated for he and Hakan to practice. He watched his brother perform the stances without any problems. The eight year old prince sighs, everything seemed easy for Hakan.

Zuko notices that his younger son had stopped practicing his firebending and was instead watching his brother perform the movements. The Fire Lord comes up to Kuzon and places a comforting hand onto his son's shoulder.

"It's alright, Kuzon," Zuko assures the young prince, "You'll get it soon if you keep practicing at it."

Kuzon forcefully shrugs his father's hand off his shoulder and faces Zuko with a pained expression.

"No, I won't get it!" The boy cries out, looking away from the Fire Lord to his brother, "Hakan performed it like it was nothing. I don't get it how he does that!"

At those words, Zuko was taken to another time when he and Azula had practiced together under the watchful eye of their father.

"I don't get how she does that!" cries out eight year old Zuko, flames licking his fingers in frustration as he watched his sister perform the firebending move without any troubles.

"Quit your whining, Zuko," He hears his father rebuke him, "You'll never get anywhere with that weak firebending. Azula, we're done for the day."

Azula smirks at her brother as Ozai leads her inside the palace, leaving Zuko alone in the courtyard. The young boy finds his mother sitting on the stone bench underneath the willow tree with a sad look on her face.

Zuko immediately runs into Ursa's arms, taking comfort from his mother's embrace.

"Don't give up, Zuko," Ursa murmurs to her son, her face resting atop of Zuko's head, "I know you'll get it and one day, you'll be a great firebender."

"Hakan, why don't you take a break and get some water?" Zuko calls out to his older son. The twelve year old prince nods in thanks and grabs a cup of water from one of the nearby servants.

Zuko leads Kuzon to sit on the stone bench beneath the willow tree. "When I was your age, I too, struggled with firebending."

Kuzon's eyes widen in surprise. "But you're a really good firebender! You even taught the Avatar firebending." The young prince exclaims.

"Yes, I did teach Aang. But that's not the whole point," Zuko explains to his son, "While I struggled with firebending, your Aunt Azula mastered those moves like it was nothing. She was a prodigy in the eyes of everyone and was only two years younger than me. My father gave up on me, but my mother told me to never give up.

"You also have to remember that Hakan is a few years older than you, so don't be discouraged when he seems a little more advanced than you are." The Fire Lord finishes, putting an arm around Kuzon's shoulders.

"And I'd be happy to help you out," Hakan pipes in, sitting down next to his little brother.

"See? Your brother will always be here to help you out." Zuko assures Kuzon, smiling at his two sons.

"And you too?" Kuzon asks.

"Of course I always will be,"

"Thanks, Dad," Kuzon smiles, wrapping his arms around his father, hugging him. Zuko returns the hug, extending one arm out to invite Hakan into the hug. The older prince wraps his arms around this father and brother.

Zuko had done what his father should have done years ago in the same situation.



Zai loved coming to Ember Island with his family every summer. He loved everything about the island, from the sandy beaches to the town square. Yet for the past five years, Zai has found himself dreading to come to Ember Island. He much rather stay and play with Uncle Zuko and his cousins every day, but his mother makes him spend a couple days to hang out with his father.

Zai is glad to know who is father is, but the man would rather spend his time with pretty girls and throwing parties. His father does try at times to give the ten year old the attention he deserves. Some days, his father would take him to the town square to snack on some fire flakes. Other days, he would take Zai out on the beach and build sandcastles with him. Zai loves it when his father takes him to a Kuai ball match.

Not once has his father had ever taught him anything aside from the rules of Kuai ball. Rarely he ever gives his son good advice aside from some pointers of throwing a good party. Zai can only count the times his father had ever really hugged him in one hand.

The man may be his father by blood, but Zai has a father figure to look up to. Someone he had known all his life.

His Uncle Zuko.

Zai sees his uncle sitting out on the beach, looking up at the clear night sky. He walks up to the Fire Lord and sits in the empty chair next to him. The boy looks up at the moonless sky, the stars seem bright tonight.

All his life, Zai had looked up to his uncle as the father figure. The Fire Lord had taught him how to play Pai Sho and make good tea. He had given helpful advice to Zai when he needed it and always gave him hugs.

"Uncle?" Zai whispers, glancing at the Fire Lord.

"Yes, Zai?" His uncle replies, looking down at the young boy with warm golden eyes.

Zai smiles, "I just wanted to tell you that you're the best uncle I've ever had."

He was rewarded a smile and a heartfelt hug from his uncle.



It needs some more green paint, Lin thinks. She dips the paintbrush into the green paint flask and brushes it across the parchment, adding a bit more green there and there.

When she's done, the five year old studies the painting. Satisfied, the little girl grabs the paper and jumps down from her seat at the table, darting across the hall into her grandfather's study room.

"Look, Grandpa," Lin calls out as Lao looks up to see his young granddaughter walk into the room, holding a piece of paper behind her back. "I made something for you."

Lao takes his reading glasses off and offers Lin a seat in his lap. The young girl eagerly climbs up into his lap.

"What did you make, Linny?" Her grandfather asks. Lin giggles, only her grandfather can call her 'Linny' and get away with it. Not even her mother can call her that. Lin pummels anyone who calls her that, once Tenzin had called her 'Linny' and he was promptly earthbended up into a tree.

Lin shows her grandfather the picture she painted. There was a lot of green, but Lao could distinguish the two people the young girl had painted. Lin points at the two people.

"That's you and me, Grandpa," Lin proudly states, beaming up at her grandfather.

Lao smiles, "You did a great job painting this, Linny." He hugs his granddaughter before she hops down from his lap and runs out of the room.

Lao hangs the painting up on his wall along with the collection of other drawings and paintings Lin had done for him.