Author's note: I wanted to write fluff. I failed. *sobs* It will get to the fluff quicker than the other two though. I intend for this to be Sebofsky friendship, leading to Kurtofsky and Seblaine, however sometimes my intentions become severely skewed… I just needed to write a nice Seb story because I feel bad for demonizing him in two other stories.


The jacket feels constricting and his fingers tremble as he tries to tie the tie. It's a completely different suit, and his feelings are completely different now but he's nervous. So fucking nervous. First day back at school. Sure the school's a good one. Excellent even, but his reasons for transferring still hover like a black cloud in his mind, and transferring to the same school that Kurt did because of his bullying? Extremely ironic.

His dad is dropping him off and picking him up for his first day, and he feels a bit like a package being passed around. Fortunately he's not been delivered to his mom's doorstep. He couldn't handle that right now, the look in her eyes which make him feel so wrong. He has to keep telling himself to ignore it, that she doesn't matter. It's a lie of course, because she's his mom and she'll always matter, but he'll repeat the lie until he can at least believe a little bit of it.

He picks up his bag, hands still trembling. He's given up on the tie, shoved it in his jacket pocket; he can fix it when he gets there. He's a new kid; surely they'll give him some leeway on his first day. It's a decent drive, almost an hour to get to Dalton, but his dad has apparently been talking to someone about the quality of education, academic environment and zero-tolerance policies. He's pretty sure his dad considers the last to be key right now and his education can go to hell.

When they pull up outside the administration block he steels himself. They came out here last week, got shown around, filled out all the necessary forms and got his uniform. The nerves are fading to calm acceptance. He can do this. Kurt's sent him a cheesy text message telling him he believes in him, and Santana has sent another with far too much sexual innuendo but basically telling him to get some. Like he can even think about that right now. Like he even wants to. He steps out of the car and his dad is watching him with worried eyes and he holds back a sigh.

"I'll be fine dad. I'll see you here when school lets out okay?"

"I. Yeah. Of course. I'll be here waiting."

He wouldn't put it past his dad to actually sit in his car and wait the entire day, but he lets the thought slide. He already feels guilty enough at what he's put his father through in the last few weeks, doesn't need to beat himself up over it even more. He walks toward the front entrance, knows he's meant to be meeting a peer-support person, although he's pretty sure he won't need one. The tour last week had been pretty thorough.

When he sees Smythe he groans internally. Not exactly the best start to the day. Kurt's told him of the whole singing thing, and while he was in hospital he'd received a teddybear with a card saying sorry, followed up by a visit and another apology. The guy had been so hang-dog about the whole thing he'd had to assuage the guy's guilt and inform him he's completely blame free. He might have been a complete asshole, but he hadn't said anything he didn't already believe about himself. Although he's trying to not believe it just to keep his damn shrink happy.

"Smythe. Hey."

"Hey. You can call me Sebastian you know…"


"I'm your guide. I asked especially."

"You didn't have to do that. Really." Crap. It means he's likely saddled with him all day. Fantastic.

"No, I wanted to. Want to keep making things right between us. Come on Cub…"

"Chub? Gee, yeah, that's really making things right… you couldn't even hold off the insults for one day?"

"Chill man… I said Cub. As in bear cub? I have nicknames for everyone…"

"Oh." Well now he feels like an idiot. "Can you make it something…else?"

"Uh. Sure. Let me think about it. I'm sure I can think of something. So, you excited about school?"


"That's the spirit. Come on BooBoo…"



"Definitely not."


"From The Jungle Book? No." He can't help but crack a smile at Sebastian's persistence though. It's distracting him from the nervous twists in his stomach as he follows him to what he assumes is his first class for the day.


"Hell no."

"Smokey?" He actually laughs out loud at that one.

"Do you have a list in you head or something?"

"No. How about Fozzie? He's a good bear… good sense of humor…"



"Who? Look, does it have to be bear related? I mean… come on. Show some originality at least."

"Hmm. This is going to be harder than I thought. I might have to think about it for longer than five minutes. Where's your tie? You know you need to wear it right?"

He pulls it from his pocket and Sebastian takes it from him, running the length of silk through his fingers, frowning at the creases. At least he assumes that why he's frowning. When Sebastian reaches up and pulls his collar up he freezes, eyes going wide. He knows Dalton is safe but… Sebastian is tying his tie for him, eyes intent on the job as he pulls it around his neck and flicks the fabric into a double-Windsor knot. He swallows convulsively, it feels odd, having another guy this close, and he's pretty sure it's all just a coincidence.

"Not too tight?" Oh god.

"Uh no. Perfect. Thanks." Swallows again as Sebastian flicks his collar down.

He doesn't know what to do so he doesn't do or say anything. He has never felt more socially awkward than right in this moment and he steps away, trying to remind himself of Sebastian's words in Scandals. Not the Sebastian of the last ten minutes, or the Sebastian that has apologized, but the nasty bitchy Sebastian who had reconfirmed every hurtful word that Kurt had flung at him. He's so confused. Just another normal day then.