He hates unpacking, and the fact that Sebastian has bribed him into helping him with the promise of sexual favors just shows how much of an idiot he can be when he's too turned on to think straight. He knows, logically, that he'd get the sexual favors anyway, but he won't renege on his promise to help. Even if he wants to kill him right now. Seb is slightly particular about how he packs, and apparently, unpacks, muttering about having to do it so often that he has a system. A system Dave's managed to almost fuck up five times already which hasn't helped Seb's already frayed temper.

"Circles are for the bedroom! Squares are for the kitchen!" Sebastian snaps, and that's it. They need a break. All the boxes are in his apartment, they can worry about moving them later. He winds an arms around Sebastian's waist, tugging him away from the box filled with the top-of-the-line cooking equipment he'd insisted on getting when they'd started their cooking lessons.

"Come on."

"No, we need to finish unpacking."

"Mmm… I hate to break this to you, but it's still going to be there when I'm done with you…"

"Oh, really? And what exactly are you planning on doing with me?"

He knows he's won then, the now easily recognized playful glint in Seb's eyes that tells him he is more than willing to play along with anything and everything. He been so willing to let Dave learn, try everything out, has answered all questions, been open and upfront in such a way that he's stopped being embarrassed about anything sexual.

He still flushes though whenever Seb lays a hand on his chest, over his heart and strokes downward with one of his fingers. It's a modified version of Seb's silent 'I love you'. He hadn't been able to keep quiet, telling Seb verbally that he loved him too only the next morning. He hasn't said it since, instead they have a silent communication technique. Arms crossed, right hand over their heart, they'll bring their thumbs from upright straight down to meet the rest of their hand. It's the meaning without saying the words. Words which he knows Seb will not say often, if ever. And he's okay with that. He gets him.

"Are you going to share your plans with me?" Seb asks as he lets Dave lead him to their bedroom. They've had sex on every surface in the apartment, and it's a large apartment with a lot of different surfaces. He won't ever being telling Kurt that he got carpet burn from the carpet in what will be his room.

Sebastian and Kurt have become…friends. Sort of. He doesn't think they'll ever be close, and he's pretty sure they argue simply for the sake of arguing, but they at least seem to have put aside their animosity. He guesses that the prospect of living together made them be a bit more mature about it or something, because he still can't bring himself to get on with Blaine other than general polite conversation. The four of them have spent a fair bit of time together over the summer so it's not been for a lack of opportunity or trying on his side. He figures that maybe while Kurt has forgiven him for his past actions, Blaine hasn't, and he can live with that too.

He can't please everyone, otherwise he'd have given in to his mom's pleas to try a corrective camp and while he does feel residual guilt over his parents' separation he knows he isn't to blame. His dad has assured him of that many times, that they had grown apart many years ago and were just together out of habit. He hasn't spoken to his mom since his graduation, and she'd apparently been too busy to see him off at the airport when he flew to New York.

It's okay. Sebastian's mom, Annelise, has kind of stepped into the void, although he can't describe her in any way as a mother figure. She's taught him about wine, and how to play a range of card games, talked a lot and discussed many things. He'd thought it was just her getting to know Seb's boyfriend. When he'd said that, slightly tipsy one evening, she'd smiled at him, tipped her almost empty wine glass in his direction before leaning over and patting his cheek before telling him 'sweetie, you're the only boyfriend I've ever met.' She'd left him to dwell on that. He knew that Seb was more serious about him than he had been about any other guy before, but hearing that, knowing that, had filled him with quiet confidence.

"Fuzz? Plans?"

"Mmm? Sorry… just thinking."

"About what you plan to do to me I hope…"

He laughs at Seb's eyebrow wiggle and mutters something about always thinking about that, which gets a delighted laugh in response. He pushes Seb down onto his bed, the mountain of cushions which decorate the bed tumbling to the floor around them. Their bodies move against each other fluidly now, not that he's ever felt really awkward with Sebastian, but the knowledge of exactly what the skin feels like under the clothes somehow heightens his anticipation rather than dulling it.

Clothes are discarded quickly, not that's he's wearing anything more than a wife beater and jeans anyway, because lifting boxes around is heavy work; he's noticed Seb staring a couple of times before snapping out of it and directing him to move more boxes. In hindsight, Seb probably liked bossing him around and watching his muscles flex. He's not as subtle as he likes to think, and the way his fingers are digging into the flesh of his biceps is all the confirmation he needs.

They're warm already, summer heat and physical activity making their skin already a little slick despite the air conditioning of the apartment. He doesn't actually have any plan in mind, because he very rarely has the desire for one thing over another. He likes everything. He kisses down the ridge of his nose, watching eyelids flicker but then the intense but playful gaze when his eyes open. He feels a warm hand encircle his cock and yeah, okay, that works.

Shifting so that he's on his side he resumes kissing him quickly, hand going to Seb's cock and mutual hand jobs feel like an excellent choice right now. They know what they like, hands moving surely although their forearms knock against each other occasionally. He nearly always ends up taking over, his hand large enough to capture both of them in his grip, with Sebastian moving his leg and hooking it over his. It's hard and fast, they're both panting, chests slipping against each other and he's surprised when Seb comes first, warm fluid covering his hand, Seb's teeth biting into his shoulder. He lets himself go, hips snapping forward as he releases a low groan and comes.

They don't stay close, he's uncomfortably hot and he rests on his back and lets the air cool his skin slightly, lets his breathing settle down and wipes his hand on the towel Seb has taken to keeping under his side of the bed.

"Fuck it's hot."

"Hotter now," Dave says, grinning up at the ceiling.


"How about we get some ice cream, let it melt on your body and I lick it off?"

Seb sits up, looking down at him with lips pursed.

"That idea does have a certain appeal. Sticky though."

"We get sticky anyway."

"Mmm. Very true. Something for us to add to the shopping list. Now come on, this didn't get you out of helping me finish unpacking."

He's prodded in the side until he moves, although he is granted a quick shower and it takes no effort to convince Seb to join him. Two hours later and he's exhausted, but a Sebastian post orgasm is far more relaxed about where everything goes, so it did have some side benefits as well. He just doesn't get why Seb is insisting on keeping the boxes. A guy that sometimes epitomizes a decadent and throw-away lifestyle wanting to keep a whole bunch of cardboard just doesn't make sense and he looks down at where Seb is tying the flattened boxes together for storage.

"Seriously, why are you keeping all these boxes. You're not planning on moving again anytime soon are you?" Just the idea has him blanching.

"No. I'm not. But you are."

"Oh." He hadn't mentioned it since the first time, but knowing the reason for the cardboard boxes suddenly makes him feel a whole lot more charitable towards them. "Right."

He grins and leans down for a quick kiss.

He can't wait until next year.