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I thought the character of Lori Weston was poorly written and after enduring 15 episodes, her departure was uneventful. This is how, I feel, her departure should have been. This is not an "I hate Lori" story. It is simply a play on her "feelings" for Steve. I am always open to reviews and suggestions, but for those that feel Lori could do no wrong, spare me the hate reviews please. Read this, you may actually like it.

Too good to be true:

The sun was shining and the sound of the waves crashing was a melody of sereneness. Catherine lay on the towel along the shore and listened carefully. She could hear the birds chirping and the ocean crackling near her. Steve's hands gently caressed her body, rubbing lotion on her bare back, as he occasionally leaned into her, gently kissing her on the shoulders. Her eyes were closed and she occasionally released a soft moan. He smiled each time. It was a picture of pure bliss.

"I feel like I'm in a travel brochure", she whispered to him as she lay.

"Shhh", he replied, gently kissing her, eventually dropping down next to her.

Her eyes closed, as his eyes stared at her, watching her every breath. Silence penetrated the beach behind the McGarrett house. He eventually closed his eyes and began to fall asleep. Suddenly and abruptly the sound of a cell phone disturbed the silence.

"Don't answer it", Catherine whispered without opening her eyes.

"I don't plan on it", he replied.

"Oh, really? There is a first time for everything, I guess", she slowly rolled over placing her arm around his waist and her leg over his.

The phone rang again.

"You think it's important?" Catherine whispered as their lips gently kissed

"I told Danny, that I am off duty today, no matter what happens, I am not coming in" He smirked as he nuzzled the nape of her neck.

The phone rang again.

"Ok, sorry, I can't stand this anymore, answer it" Catherine reached for his phone and handed it to him.

With a disappointed look on his face, he answered.

"McGarrett…. Danny what?... Grace?... Ok, I'll be right there!" Steve jumped up

"Steve, what's wrong? Are Danny and Grace ok?" Catherine was concerned

"I gotta go, that was Lori, she said Danny and Grace were in danger and I gotta go to HQ" He leaned down and kissed her, "Sorry"

"No, don't worry about it Danny and Grace are more important than this. Steve, call me when you know what's going on, or if I can help" She was worried

Steve ran up to the house, grabbing his pants and changing as he ran to his truck.

"Damn it Danny, what have you done this time?" he muttered to himself as he pulled out of his driveway and headed for HQ.

Steve arrived at HQ and found the offices closed and dark. He entered the suite of offices, hitting the light switch as he entered. "Lori! Chin! Kono!" there was silence

He took out his phone and called Lori back. No answer.

He called Danny.

"I thought you wanted the day off, Loverboy" Danny answered sarcastically

"Are you ok? And Grace is she ok?" Steve was frantic

"Whoa! Whoa! What's going on? We're fine. "Danny was confused

"Fine? Are you sure? Where are you?" Steve was confused

"I'm at home and Grace is with Rachel. What's going on?" Danny was now concerned

"Lori called and said that you and Grace were in trouble and I should meet everyone at HQ, as soon as possible" Steve explained as he sat on the edge of his desk.

"Steve, we're fine. Nothing is going on. I don't get it. Why would she do that?" There was silence as they both tried to analyze the situation.

Steve entered Lori's office and started to rummage through her desk drawers. He needed to understand why she would have him rush here. Everything appeared to be normal, until he opened the last drawer. The drawer was filled with items. A black bow tie, and empty beer bottle, A purple heart medal, Jenna's cross and chain, and a bloodied T-shirt he had discarded. There was a single folder. He opened it to find surveillance photos of him and Catherine. Photos of them on the beach, at Haleiwa Joe's, entering and leaving his house. There was a photo of Steve and Catherine that was taken at the Charity auction, except Catherine's face was replaced with Lori's.

"Holy shit! What the hell?" Steve was shocked

"What? What did you find?" By now Danny was already on his way to meet Steve.

"Her desk if full of my stuff and… Oh My God!" Steve exclaimed

"What?" Danny was now the one who was frantic

"There is a picture of Cath with bullet holes through it, like it was used for target practice" At this point Steve was running through HQ and leaping down the stairs to his truck. "My house! Meet me there Now! Call Chin and Kono! Quick!"

Hanging up with Danny, he frantically began calling Catherine's phone. There was no answer.