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Why you?:

The empty living room of the McGarrett house echoed with the sound of Catherine's phone vibrating on the small table that stood against the wall. The phone vibrated, stopped and vibrated again. This continued for several minutes; each time there was no one there to answer.

Meanwhile, upstairs:

Catherine stood as the warm water ran over her naked body. The shower felt so good after a day in the sun, but she would have preferred sharing this experience with Steve. She missed him so much and was really looking forward to spending the day together. After what felt like an eternity, she turned the water off and reached for a towel. Drying herself, she exited the small bathroom and proceeded to the bedroom. She rummaged through her duffle bag and decided that there was nothing there she felt like wearing. She walked to the tall dresser that stood in the corner of the room and grabbed Steve's favorite Navy SEAL shirt and after short examination, put in on over her head, only pausing to take in his scent. Pulling down on the shirt, she decided that it was long enough to cover her panties and that there was no need for pants. After all she was alone and had no plans to go anywhere. Maybe I'll do a little laundry before Steve gets home, she thought to herself.

She grabbed the hamper from the bedroom and giggled at the sight of the boxers, covered with hearts that lay on top. A reminder of the brief time they had together during Valentine's Day. With a smile on her face, she proceeded down the stairs. As she turned the corner of the room, she was startled and dropped the hamper, releasing a short shrill.

"Lori, you scared the crap out of me. Steve left, he went to meet you at HQ" Catherine explained

"I know" Lori answered as she watched Catherine pick up the laundry that was now scattered on the floor.

"Are Danny and Gracie ok? What happened?" Catherine asked with genuine concern.

There was no reply.

"Umm, do you need something?" Catherine realized that Lori was just standing there, staring, and doing nothing.

"Can you tell me, why you?" Lori asked

"Why me, what?" Catherine questioned

"Why would he choose you over me? I mean you are never here, and surely I am more his type. I mean look at you, your so… Girly" Lori was squinting and fidgeting while she spoke.

Catherine didn't know how to respond. "Steve and I have been friends for a long time. Is there something going on with the two of you? Is there something I should know?" Analyzing the look on Lori's face and her aggressive body language, Catherine came to the conclusion that either Steve and Lori were having an affair or Lori was delusional. Either way she was dealing with a jealous woman; A clearly psychotic jealous woman. She knew she was in danger and was willing to do or say anything to get out of this situation alive.

"Look at you, you don't care. I know you don't care about him. Not like I do. You see I am willing to fight for him." She removed a gun that was holstered on her hip and pointed it at Catherine. "He's blinded by you, all I have to do is get rid of you and he'll be all mine"

"You think if you kill me, he's going to fall in love with you? You'll go to jail and then you will never have a chance with him. There has to be another way. Why don't you put the gun down and we can talk about this like two grown women?" She was doing everything she could think of to appeal to Lori's feelings for Steve.

"He does love me! You just keep showing up!" Lori tightened her grip on the gun and began shouting. "I saved his life! He saved my life! We have a connection! You, you, you keep getting in the way!"

"Lori, listen, if he loves you, I will walk away and neither of you will ever see me again. Let's call him and ask him and if he chooses you, I will leave and you can have him" Catherine was trying to think of some way to alert Steve of what was happening. Spotting her phone on the table next to her, she suggested again "Let's call him" She carefully reached for her phone.

Suddenly a shot rang out. Catherine dropped to the floor, clutching her shoulder, as blood suddenly poured from the wound. As she fell, she somehow managed to hit the speed-dial before tossing the phone behind the table.

"Lori, don't…please. I'm trying to help you" Catherine pleaded as tears engulfed her eyes.

"See what you made me do. You made me ruin his favorite shirt." Lori began crying. "He is going to be so upset." She began pacing back and forth, never losing focus on Catherine.

Catherine was now seated on the floor, leaning against the wall, as the area around her slowly pooled with blood. "Lori, I have nothing against you. I like you. I know that the team likes you too. Kono said you were an asset. Please Lori, don't do this. Let's call Steve and the three of us can talk about it" Catherine pleaded

"Oh, so now you and Kono are all buddy buddy. I tried to be her friend, but she always had an excuse. As if she surfs every weekend. Right. I knew it. She is pulled in by your little miss perfect act too." Lori continued to pace.

Kono had tried to be friends with Lori, but her constant questions about Steve's personal life made her uncomfortable. Soon she discovered that it was easier to make excuses, then to spend her free time being interrogated.

"I'm not perfect Lori. None of us are. I know what you're going through. I was there once. You will find someone who cares about you as much as you care about him. You don't want it this way. Trust me" Catherine had genuinely liked Lori. The Charity ball was the first time that she had met her and she felt that she blended well with the team. Lori had even complimented her on her dress. She wanted this to end without anyone else getting hurt. She was losing a great deal of blood and could feel herself growing weaker and weaker with each passing minute.

"Trust you? What, do you think I'm stupid? You want me to call Steve so he can come and rescue you. No. I need to get rid of you. I need to make him think that you left him. He'll be upset and I'll console him and he'll realize that it was me he loved this whole time. Yeh, that's what I'll do" Lori paced, dragging her free hand through her hair, as she tried to figure out a way to make her plan work.