Moonlit Souls

( Disclaimer) I don't own Harry Potter or Moonlight. If I did Mick and Josef would be together after killing Coraline. And Moonlight would be on HBO so Mick and Josef could be naked. If I did Harry would be taller and tell the Wizarding World to go fuck themselves and to save their own asses after four year.

Warning: Blood, Slash, Sexy Stuff, Language, Totally AU, OOC, Death, Torture, Dark, Drug Use, Alcohol, Smoking and Rape( not in detail)

Pairing: Harry/Josef and ? Surprise?/Mick. More pairing will be added later on.

Bashing: Coraline and Beth.

Side note: Harry is a wizard turned vamp at age twenty by Aiden of the Ruling Elders. He is 205 years older then Josef. My Harry will have almost nothing to do with the books. Draco is also a wizard so he magic let him age until he turned twenty( every ten years for one age).

Timeline Turning: Harry-1390/ Josef-1595/ Draco-1674(1804 he stopped aging)/ Mick-1952

Chapter 2

Bloody Interruptions

(Last Chapter)

"Jos-" was all Mick St. John got out before Harry was on him.

"No! Harry he's a friend." yelled Josef as Harry vamped and brought Mick to the ground.

Harry hissed at Mick once before getting off him and letting him up.

"Harry this is my friend that I've talked about Mick St. John. Mick this is my sexy mate Henry Black now Harry Evans. (A/N: Harry will now only be called Henry by Josef in Flashbacks)

"Oh so you're the human loving, vampire hating, vampire." said a now calm Harry as he wraps an arm around Josef's waist from behind before placing his chin in his mate's shoulder.

"Harry play nice." said Josef before moaning as Harry licked his pale neck.

"I don't hate vampires." said a now uncomfortable Mick as he started to smell the arousal the two older vamps have for each other. And feel a little hurt that he never been told by Josef that he has a mate.

" Yet you hate yourself and cage your inner vampire within you." hissed Harry raising his face from Josef's neck to look Mick in the eye with now dark glowing green eyes.

"Harry enough. Now Mick what is so impotent that you almost brought down our bedroom door?"

Mick cleared his throat before speaking," The body of the dead girl had no scene of vamp on it so it's a human acting like us." Harry raised an impressed eyebrow when Mick stressed the word US.

" And you needed to come here because?" asked Josef thinking Mick should just kill the human and leave them alone so he and Harry could make love all night.

"Beth is already on the case if the teacher just disappears she is going to be asking questions."

"So you want to kill her too?" asked Josef barely paying attention to Mick sense Harry was nibbling on his earlobe. 'Oh forgot about that spot.' thought Josef as he panted when Harry licked right behind his ear.

"What? No! leave Beth alone."

"Is she your mate?" said Harry after Mick's outburst. 'Good if the little human chick is his mate he can leave so I can fu-.' Mick's answer dashed that hope for alone time.

"What do you mean by mate?" asked Mick.

"I mean does your inner vamp purr when she is near you." answered Harry as he trys not to snap at the young vamp to leave him and Josef alone. His own vampyre wants Josef naked and Mick far away from his mate.

"I don't know." said a very confused Mick. Harry and Josef quickly stopped what they were doing to completely focus on Mick.

"Mick what did your Vamp do when Harry pinned you." asked Josef quietly.

"Wait you mean all those jokes about my inner vampire weren't jokes!"

Harry and Josef looked at each other before Josef looked at his best friend for the past 50 years and said, " Mick the only way for your inner Vampyre to still be dormant is that your sire locked it away when you were a newblood so that you could get used to being a vamp. For it to still be locked away that means Coraline is still out there."

Josef knows he should be upset for his friend but all he could think was ' Damnit no sex.'

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