Authors note: Hi ya'll, this is my first fan fiction ever so, no flames please. Feedback and advice would be appreciated. I hope ya enjoy. Thanx for reading and for that you all rock!

Chapter 1

It was almost summer vacation but Camp Half Blood felt like a lifetime away. Strange things have been happening from the moment camp ended and continued throughout the whole year, and that's saying something because being a demigod of one of the big three strange things happen to me a lot. You'd think I'd get a break from all this weirdness for once after we defeated Gaia, but no. See all week I've been having these dreams of a beautiful woman with long brown hair, emerald eyes and bronze skin (who I think is prettier than Aphrodite) standing on a stormy beach she's trying to tell me something but I can't hear. Besides that my powers have been going crazy and I know something is off.

I step out of Paul's Prius and slam the door shut. Paul and I walk across the parking lot to Goode high school. When we're inside Paul says

"Percy, try to be careful I don't want to hear another compliant about you making toilets explode or anything else along the lines."

I huffed insulted and replied

"That only happened once and it was a mistake I didn't mean to hit Mr. Smith"

Paul looked at me funny and said

"Any ways just don't get in trouble because I might not be able to get you out of it next time."

"I'll be good, I swear."


Paul says right when first bell started to ring "great" I thought, "Now I'll be late Mr. Smith's class and he already hates me."

I hurried off down different hallways and reached my locker, number 26. I pull it open and something falls out hitting me on the head.

"Ouch" I muttered and picked whatever it was up. I looked at it in confusion it was an old fashion recorder with a tape inside. I turned it over and saw no name was written on it.

"Oh well." I thought as I put it in my ratty backpack and ran over to class.

When I arrived at my first period, sweaty and out of breathe Mr. Smith says giving me the evil eye.

"Percy, you're late. Sit down and, you have detention after school."

"Great." I thought, "How can this day get worse."

The fates must hate me because it did.