Yu-Gi-Oh! R: Duel between Yugi and Yakou

This is a version of what might have happened had the Yu-Gi-Oh R manga been converted into the anime. As such there will be two major differences.

The first is that Yakou is using the RA Project to revive Cynthia to impress Pegasus, due to his major inferiority complex and bring him out of hiding (as the anime has Pegasus survive, though go appropriately unseen until the Waking the Dragons arc).

The second . . . well, you'll see.

Tristan Taylor was waiting in the largest lab of the KaibaCorp skyscraper, looking anxiously at the motionless body of Tea Gardner captured in Yakou Tenma's fiendish machine, while Mokuba Kaiba was working on the monitors. Tristan heard footsteps, and turned ready to fight, expecting more of Yakou's goons.

But instead, his friend Joey Wheeler stepped through the door, grinning all over his face.

"Joey!" called Tristan, "I guess you won the duel then?"

Joey didn't answer, but his smile got broader, so Tristan took that as a yes.

Then Tristan saw the black Duel Disk on Joeys left arm.

"Joey, what's with the disk?" Tristan asked in confusion.

Joey grinned, and raised his arm.

"The possessor of this Duel Disk represents the strongest of all the Card Professors," he explained.

Tristan was even more confused after this explanation, "So according to that disk, you're above all those crazy duelists that you and Yugi have been fighting? It looks kinda cheap."

"What!" yelled Joey. "Learn some manners for cryin' out loud!"

He turned in disgust, and saw Tea's motionless form sitting in the chair. "No offense to her, but is she too heavy for ya Tristan?" asked Joey. "Shouldn't you have gotten her out by now?"

Tristan shook his head. "Wrong reason, Joey."

"We'd better get her out of this thing then," Joey commented. He checked the devices attached to the machine that Tea was sleeping in and grabbed one of the tubes. He was about to pull it out when Tristan grabbed his arm.

"Stop it, it's not safe to do that!" he yelled.

"Tristan's right," called Mokuba from the monitors. "We can't move Tea now. There's an unbreakable link between her and those Wicked God cards that's taken her soul." He turned to face them worry evident on his face. "If that link isn't broken, her soul won't return."

"What!" cried Joey in shock. "How do we save her then?"

Mokuba chose his words carefully before speaking.

"There might be a way. But first someone needs to defeat the Wicked Avatar, or at least strip it of its power. Then we might have a chance of saving her."

Joey looked at Tristan. Joey didn't want to admit it, but the Wicked Gods scared him almost as much as the Egyptian Gods that Yugi held. He remembered destroying the Wicked Eraser in his duel against Bandit Keith, and the subsequent drenching of the field in its curse.

All three would be a nearly unstoppable force – one that only Yugi could resist.

Joey closed his eyes.

Yugi, man . . . You gotta beat Yakou Tenma. If you don't then we'll never see Tea again!

The elevator doors opened, revealing the final floor of KaibaCorp. Yugi stepped out with Gekkou, seeing two figures before him. One was a spiky-haired youth, leaning against the wall, while the other knelt in defeat.

"Kaiba!" cried Yugi in shock, running to his rival and kneeling beside him.

The CEO looked up and saw Yugi's worried face. That was enough to snap him back to reality. Kaiba stood up and glared down at his rival.

"I'm fine, but I've just been poisoned by the Wicked God monsters," he said coolly. "I'll assume that not one of these pathetic Card Professors could prevent your ascent, Yugi. After all, the only one that could possibly defeat you is me."

Yugi gave a small smile. He's as big talking as ever he thought. Yes, said Yami Yugi, the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, Kaiba's obviously fine.

Gekkou, on the other hand only had eyes for the man sitting casually on the stairs leading to the duel platform.

"Well, Well, Gekkou, why ever have you come here?" asked his twin brother.

"Stop this at once Yakou," Gekkou replied, trying to keep his words civil and even. "The RA Project has practically failed. Pegasus wouldn't want you to do this!"

"Don't even think that you can order me to end the Project, Gekkou!" said Yakou madly. "You can't stop what's coming, loser." He rose and looked disdainfully at his twin. "See the power the Wicked Gods have granted me? With it I was able to control you and force you to duel Yugi!"

Gekkou looked sadly at the ground. "You're right Yakou. I am a loser, because I was powerless to resist you. Therefore I'll have to entrust the final battle to Yugi." He chuckled sadly. "I guess the title of "Perfect Duelist" was a bit of an oversight."

He looked up at his twin. "That's what Pegasus called me. Those two words were once my pride. But he didn't mean what he said. You, Ritchie, everyone else . . . whenever you duelled you barely won. You grew stronger from these experiences. But I never grew at all. I never once felt that. I think that's what Pegasus meant about me. My prowess had reached its maximum potential . . . its perfection.

"That eye that Pegasus had, he said that it could see that I couldn't become stronger."

Yakou grabbed his twins' collar in confusion, but Gekkou just continued to talk. "Even so, I think Pegasus meant that the best duelist, the one who could be the best in the end – was you Yakou."

Angrily, Yakou shoved him away. "Don't patronise me with your comfort!"

He took a deep breath and looked at the sky. "You are a moon given light from the star that was Pegasus. But I . . . I am the dark side of that moon. So I need some light too . . . And that's what the RA Project is all about. That girl will be sacrificed to the Wicked Gods in exchange for Cynthia's soul. Now Yugi Mutou, the man who crushed Pegasus' dream is here.

"If I can beat him, Cynthia will return to Pegasus!" he declared.

"Stop this" cried Gekkou. "Yugi's innocent! What Keith Howard told you isn't the truth!"

Yakou shook his head. "It doesn't matter. Whoever attacked Pegasus and stole his power was able to do so because Yugi defeated him. Its Yugi's fault!" he screamed, his right eye bulging.

Yugi stepped forward exchanging places with Yami Yugi as he did so.

"Pegasus and I fought a genuine battle as true duelists, Yakou," he said gently. "Please, I'll settle your quarrel with me . . . but release Tea. Release my friend."

"I'm afraid I can't," laughed Yakou. "She's one with the Duel Link sever. You can't separate her safely." His right eye bulged again with the wicked power he possessed.

"It's the ultimate divine punishment for you, Yugi!"

Kaiba stepped forward. "Don't back down from this Yugi," warned the CEO."If this nutcase is for real, you have to defeat the Wicked God cards to save Tea."

"But at the same time, it will be speeding the process of her demise up!" protested Gekkou in concern.

But Kaiba didn't look worried at all. "Those Wicked God cards are greedy for energy. That will swallow them. If you lose to these cheap imitations Yugi, then I won't forgive you."

Yugi smiled at Kaiba.

"Enough talk!" cried Yakou, walking to the far end of the duelling platform. His coat flapping in the breeze, he readied his Duel Disk. Yugi walked up the stairs, and did the same.


Yakou Tenma: 4000

Yugi Mutou/Yami Yugi: 4000

In the next chapter, Yugi encounters the Wicked God designed to counter Slifer the Sky Dragon for the first time!

If this seems confusing, I'm basing this information on that in the online summaries, which can get a bit garbled. Review please! If I do well enough for this, I might do the entire storyline of Yu-Gi-Oh! R, with the possibility of an epilogue duel . . .