Yu-Gi-Oh! R: Duel between Yugi and Yakou

The final chapter is here. This work comes to an end, but it could still continue.

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And yes, the monster I was talking about was Beast King Barbaros.

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Yami Yugi stood before Yakou's Beast King Barbaros. Yakou had thrice the life points that he did, and both of them were short on cards.

"Yakou," said Yugi. "We can't expect to get the most out of this duel with the hands we have."

"So I'll play this."

He held up a card. "The spell card, Card of Sanctity!" he called.

Huh? thought Yakou.

"We'll both draw until we have six cards in-hand!" called Yugi, and they did so, replenishing their hands.

Gekkou looked worried. "He's done this despite the fact that Yakou has a 3000 attack point Barbaros. . . Yugi. . ." he said.

Yugi slid a card into his disk. "I set one card facedown!" he called, and the card appeared.

"And then I summon Beta the Magnet Warrior in defence mode!" he added, and a yellow figure composed of spheres and magnets appeared, crossing its arms. (1700/1600) "I end my turn."

"Come and hit me with all you heart and soul!"

Yakou drew slowly. "It's my turn. . ." he said uncertainly.

But he was hesitating.

"What's the matter with Yakou?" asked Gekkou.

"Heh," laughed Kaiba. "He had his self-believed Wicked God defeated by three mere facedown cards. And now there's one on Yugi's field."

"That single facedown card is causing him to hesitate!"

"Yakou. . ." said Gekkou.

Yakou was thinking, eyes closed.

"Barbaros," he said. "Attack Beta the Magnet Warrior!" he yelled, opening his eyes.

Barbaros lunged forward, lance extended.

"Tornado Shaver!" cried Yakou.

"Oho," said Kaiba in surprise as Gekkou gasped beside him.

Yugi was smiled. 'It seems you still haven't died as a duelist after all," he remarked.

The lance of Beast King Barbaros lanced towards Beta and – passed right through it.

"Huh?" cried Yakou.

Then Big Shield Gardna appeared, crouching in defence mode.

Yugi grinned. "I played my trap card, Soul Barter!" he explained. "Your attack was halted, and I got to trade my monster for one with the same level!"

Yakou was dumbfounded. "I'll set two facedowns and I will end my turn," he replied.

"It's my turn," said Yugi clearly.

He placed another two cards down. "I play a facedown card on the field, and summon Blockman in defence mode!"

Next to Big Shield Gardna, a warrior made out of Lego blocks appeared, kneeling and holding up its fists. "I end my turn!" called Yugi.

"Yugi's managed to assemble a powerful defence," commented Gekkou. "Barbaros may be powerful, but Yakou won't be able to mount a successful attack."

"But soon their clash might just tip the scales in a big way!" Kaiba replied.

"It's my turn," said Yakou. "Here I go."

"First I activate my facedown spell card, Monster Reincarnation, to return the Wicked Eraser to my hand, at the cost of discarding Machine Lord Ur!"

"No, don't!" cried Yugi, but it was too late.

"Don't worry, it won't be here for long," replied Yakou. He held up a card. "I remove Barbaros and Ur to Summon Beast Machine King Barbaros Ur!" (3800 ATK) he yelled.

A massive form appeared on the field. Barbaros had an armoured chest, and cannons in place of its weapons.

"Barbaros Ur is the monster that is closest to the gods!" called Yakou, clenching his fist. "It will shatter any and all opposition!"

"Next I sacrifice my Seraphim Blaster to summon Gaap the Divine Soldier!" (2200 ATK)

The angel vanished, and a massive form rose up. It was a purple warrior with a massive set of arms projecting out like wings. It clutched two scimitars in its normal set of arms.

"With Gaap on the field, all the monsters out are switched into attack mode!" called Yakou.

Blockman and Big Shield Gardna stood up. Yakou turned the Eraser card around. "By revealing a god monster, I can increase Gaap's attack points by 300 until the end of my turn. Gaap glowed, and rose to 2500 attack points.

Yakou held up another card. "The spell card Double Attack!" he added. "By discarding a card, a monster with a lower level is allowed to attack twice this turn!"

He discarded Eraser, just as he'd promised, and Barbaros Ur roared.

"Barbaros Ur attacks!" called Yakou. "Crag Shot!"

Barbaros Ur raised its cannons and blasted power at Yugi's monsters.

"I activate my facedown card!" yelled Yugi. "Negate Attack!"

The card flipped up, and a whirlwind absorbed the blasts.

Yakou frowned. I can't reduce them.

He touched a button on his disk. "I reveal my Destruct Potion, sacrificing Gaap to gain its attack points as life points!" Gaap dissolved, flowing into Yakou, and his life points rocketed to 3100.

But I still can't deplete his mere 200 life points. Yugi drew, announcing his turn as Yakou continued to think. You've made me realize, I'm positive that you can take down Barbaros Ur, despite his power. My monster closest to the gods.

Yugi played a card. "I sacrifice Big Shield Gardna to summon Dark Magician Girl!"

The female spellcaster appeared, waving her staff and striking a pose.

You'll scale my monster wall thought Yakou. Yugi and Dark Magician Girl stared across the field at Yakou.

"Here I go, Yakou!" called Yugi. "I sacrifice my Blockman to activate Magical Dimension! By sacrificing one monster, I can destroy another and summon any spellcaster in my hand!" A golden humanoid sarcophagus rose up and opened, revealing a purple robed wizard.

"Arise, Dark Magician!"

The two magicians hovered over the field, Dark Magician wagging his finger at Barbaros Ur, and then they crossed their staffs.

"Now my two magicians can destroy any one monster you control!" yelled Yugi. "Dark Burning Magic!"

The two magicians unleashed a wave of power that sliced into Barbaros Ur, tearing it apart.

"Barbaros Ur has been destroyed!" cried Gekkou.

Humph. Yugi, you jerk, thought Kaiba.

"Whoa," gasped Willa.

Yakou stood amidst the gale, coat blowing in the breeze.

"Yakou," said Yugi. "You were a formidable foe."

Yugi, thought Yakou.

"Dark Magician attacks with Dark Magic Attack!" yelled Yugi.

The purple-robed spellcaster raised his staff and unleashed a blast of power at Yakou, dropping his life points to 600. Then, Dark Magician Girl smiled, and waggled her finger at Yakou.

"Dark Magician Girl attacks!" called Yugi. "Dark Burning!"

Dark Magician Girl unleashed a blast of energy at Yakou, who stood there and took the hit. His life points dropped to zero.

Yugi's strength is grand indeed, Yakou thought to himself.

"I win!" called Yugi.

The duel platform lowered, and the holograms faded away.

Kaiba walked up to Yugi.

"Yugi," he said. "For getting back my Kaiba Corporation Building for me, I must give you my thanks."

Yugi grinned. Kaiba!

Gekkou meanwhile was walking up to his twin. "Yakou," he began.

Yakou cut him off. "Thank you for making me finish the duel. Had I stopped then, I would have regretted it."

He looked at the card in his hand. The Wicked Avatar. "Losing Pegasus may be sad, but I'll just have to deal with it." He saw himself tear the card into shreds.

"Maybe not so, Yakou-boy," said a familiar voice.

The Tenma twins looked around and gasped in shock. Maximillion Pegasus stood in front of them, though his left eye was now covered by his hair.

"Dear me Yakou, I truly appreciate the thought, but reviving Cynthia in Tea's body?" he asked shaking his head. "My, my, what shall I do with you?"

"I know! I'll confine you to the Industrial Illusions building for a while. As the face of the company and vice president, you'll be sure to be doing a good job."

Yakou gaped at his adopted father in shock.

"But you were gone, Cynthia's card was damaged, and Croquet said that Yugi beat you! Who attacked you?"

Pegasus shook his head. "Even if I knew, I probably wouldn't tell you Yakou. You've destroyed the Wicked Gods. They are no longer needed."

"Yugi!" called a voice from the elevator.

Joey and Tristan stood there supporting Tea.

"Tea! Joey! Tristan!" called Yugi in relief.

The Pegasus family watched them. "So that's the source of Yugi's strength," noted Yakou.

As the four ran towards each other, Croquet came through the door, assisting Depre Scott and Ritchie Merced.

"Yeah," said Yakou. "I'm glad that I didn't take away their smiles. . ."

TA-DA! The end of this bit and the official end of Yu-Gi-Oh! R: Yugi vs. Yakou.

I hope you guys all enjoyed this, as I enjoyed writing it. Has anyone noticed the opening that I left for the possible epilogue? Tell me if you do notice, and what you think it means. There was one question never answered for Yakou in the manga, and all of you should know what it is. If the epilogue goes ahead, it will be a one-duel length like this one, at the start of the Dawn of the Duel arc.

Depre Scott and Ritchie Merced are more of Pegasus' adopted sons, for those who were wondering. And I realize that I used the Japanese names for Yakou, Gekkou, and Cynthia (really Yako, Gekko and Cecelia.) I'm ashamed!

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