,,John, when will you return?" Abigail was sitting in the window, sadly smiling to her husband., ,,There is so much work to do on the farm. Childern are ill and I don´t feel very well too. Our house needs a strong hand to lead."

,,You can lead our farm better than me." John sighed heavily. ,,I am afraid you don´t need me. And the Congress don´t need me too. Does anybody on the whole world need me? Damn! They say I am a bigheaded lawyer."

,,Don´t be silly, John," Abigail smiled. ,,They need you – and I need you too."

John took her white, soft hand into his own. ,,Thank you, Abby. You are the best woman I could marry, and you are my only and best friend."

,,Don´t be silly," she said again. ,,You have friends and you don´t know about it."

,,What friends? Everybody in the Congress hates me. I am the most hated man there has ever been. Who is my friend? Franklin? No. Jefferson? No. Or maybe Dickinson? Coward! No, Abby, I think I don´t have friends here."

,,If you don´t feel well in Philadelphia, why you will not return to Boston?"

,,Oh, Abby, you know I can´t."

,,Why not?"

He shrugged his shoulders. ,,There are...very important things to do..."

,,I am not important for you, John?"

,,You are the most important thing in my life, and you have to be sure about that." He sighed once again. ,,But I cannot go home. There is so much work too. Independence, the declaration, rights..."

,,You forgot one thing."

,,What thing?"

,,Pins, John. You have to buy pins."

,,Abigail, there are questions of life and freedom and liberty – and you still think only on these pins!"

,,Pins are the most important thing in Massachusetts Bay. Only few women have them. And we all need them."

,,We need a lot of things, Abby.

,,I need you here, John. Yes, maybe I am a strong woman, as everyone says, but I really need you. There is war all around me, and I have enough of it."

,,I feel so lonely in Philadelphia, since the day I arrived. Why you and childern will not come here? Philadelphia is very nice city. I live in a small flat, it is good and not very expensive…"

Abigail shook her head. ,,I will not let redcoats step into our house. Boston is still in danger and our house is in danger too. I cannot leave it here now. Be happy you have not me there."

,,I forgot all the ways to happiness without you."

She suddenly stood up. ,,It is time to go, John. You have return to your work with freedom and independence. I have to go milk our cow."

,,Don´t forget my offer. You can come to Philadelphia."

,,Don´t forget on your promise. Buy me pins."

The corners of his mouth lifted slightly. ,,Yes, Abigail. I promise I will buy them."

,,And, John…"


,,Come home to Boston. Come home to me."