Soul Eater: Witchess and Warlocks of Death

Chapter 1

What would the world be like if every witch, warlock, and DWMA inhabitant switched places. Lord Death, students, and faculty are witches and warlocks. The original witches and warlocks are the witch hunting students who work to create weapon's worthy of the name Kishin - Students also work to prevent the revival of Death, who would kill everyone and eat their souls. If that happened you would have to read to find out. I own nothing except this story and my other stories. P.S. I will add a few OC's for the original witches and warlocks meisters, and one witch Oc. Ex. my Oc.

DeaththeSharpshooter's OC

Name: Asurma Kishin

Father: Kishin Asura

Mother: Unknown

Appearance: Brown hair, three eyes, red jacket, jeans, three lens glasses.

Job: Meister

Partner: Medusa

Weapon's Appearance: Arrow-shaped sword

Reason for being a Meister: To prevent the awakening of Lord Death.

- "Ah another pitiful human trying to walk the streets alone, how pitiful." said a witch with pig tails.

"Shall we take her soul for Death?" asked a white haired warlock appearing on the witch's broom.

"Absolutly." replied the witch.

"Ool, Cool, Ool, Cool." chanted the warlock.

"Ook, Book, Orm, Worm." chanted the witch.

They finished their chanting when a giant set of sharp teeth shot out of the broom and a giant magic book flew from the witches palms.

"Ahhhh!" screamed the victim as she was crushed and sliced.

"Ah a pure soul, this will make a fine treat for Death." said the witch.

"I agree Maka." replied the warlock.

"Lets go Soul." said Maka.

"Stop right there Witch Maka. I have come to claim your soul, and the soul of your partner Warlock Soul." said a man with brown hair and glasses.

"Let's finish this quickly." said a blonde woman who appeared in the blade of an arrow shaped sword.

"If it isn't the meddling Asurma and Medusa." said Maka landing on the ground.

"Let's collect their souls for Death." said Soul as he turned from a broom into his true form.

"Asurma don't be fooled by Soul's transformation magic or Maka's mind magic." said Medusa.

"I know you don't have to remind me." said Asurma.

"Ook, Book, Orm, Worm..." chanted Maka until a second book shot out of her hand at Asurma.

"Crap." said Asurma quickly using Medusa to slice the book in half.

The severed book disappeared behind Asurma.

"Seriously Maka. You thought that would work. Let me show you how you kill." said Soul.

"Ool, Cool, Ool, Cool..." chanted Soul.

Soul turned his right arm into a scythe. He then lunged at Asurma and Medusa.

"Watch Out!" screamed Medusa.

Asurma used Medusa to block and counter by cutting Soul's legs, but Soul dodged in time to make it where his feet were almost cut off.

"Ool, Cool, Ool, Cool..." chanted Soul again.

Soul's feet healed. He turned into a broom, and he picked up Maka and flew away.

"Dang it!" screamed Asurma.

"Let's report to your father," said a depressed Medusa.

"Fine, lets just hope he isn't mad." replied Asurma.

At the AWMA

In the Kishin Room

"Hey Son." said a man with scarves covering his head.

"Hey Dad. We failed to kill Witch Maka and Warlock Soul." said Asurma.

"It's okay the woman who was killed offered to be bait for the Witch and Warlock, and I told her she may die." replied the man.

"Asura, sir, I would like to ask for another chance." said medusa now in her human form.

"Permission granted, if you work with two other teams." said Asura.

"Is one you and your Kishin-Scythe, Free?" wondered Asurma.

"No." replied Asura.

"Then who?" asked Asurma and Medusa at the same time.