Wolfette: Hello and welcome to my new story, Truth or Dare Avengers!

Neko: Why are you making a new story you haven't finish you other ones.

Wolfette: Well if you must know this stupid plot bunny wouldn't leave me alone.

Neko: Murder the plot bunny then!

Wolfette: NO! Don't kill Taco!

Neko: Taco? Who is Taco?

Wolfette: It the plots bunny's name

Neko:*face palm*that's why it won't leave you alone

Wolfette: You're just mad cause I have one and you don't

Neko: I think I'm a sister to an idiot

Wolfette: Shut it

James: Who's she?

Wolfette: *jumps up*ahhhh! How did you get here?

Neko: Didn't mom and dad give you "the talk"

Wolfette: Not what I meant and just answer his question

Neko: I'm her assistant and older sister

James: Ohh

Wolfette: Anyway this story you could make up truth and dares for our young avengers

James: WAIT! What when did we agree to this

Neko: Last Tuesday

Torunn: No we didn't

Wolfette: Yes yall did see*holds up contract*you all wrote your names here

James: I do not remember signing that

Torunn: Same here I don't remember signing anything last Tuesday

Azari: Me too

Hawkeye: Same here

Pym: Me too

Neko: Well here are your signatures so you can't do anything about it anymore

Wolfette: hope I get some truths and dares for these annoying avengers who won't stop whining

Torunn: Asguardians don't whine*takes out her sword*

Wolfette: Oh munk Bye!*runs*

Pym: Bye hope to hear from yall soon.

Neko: My dear sister doesn't own Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.

Wolfette: HELP ME!*RUNS*

James: Send the truths and dares through PMs please.

Neko: or at least try 2