Wolfettegirl11: *I walk on stage*Hello and welcome to Truth or Dare Avengers, I'm your host, Wolfettegirl11 but please call me Takkai *I bows*

Neko: *Demongirl13 walks behind me and smacks my upside down the head*stop bowing idiot and be greatful, I got them to come. Oh and I'm her assistant and older sister, Neko.

Wolfettegirl11: Owe…*rubs my head*Anyway welcome our special guest the Young Avengers! First up the Leader and son of Captain America and Black Widow, James Roger!

James:*walks on stage*Hey Takkai, Neko*fan girls start screaming, he takes a seat*how's it going?

Wolfettegirl11: Good thank you anyway next up daughter of Thor, Torunn!

Torunn: *walks on stage*Hello Neko, Takkai*sits down next to James*

Wolfettegirl11: Hello Torunn, next Young Avenger, the bad boy and son of Hawkeye, Francis or Hawkeye

Hawkeye:*walks on stage, winking and waving at the fan girls as they start scream, he sits next to Torunn*Hey people

Neko: Next up son of Giant-man and Wasp, Henry Pym!

Pym:*fan girls start screaming* Hey guys good to be here*takes a seat next to James*

Neko: Last but Not Least son of the Black Panther, Azari!

Azari: *walks on stage' people scream and awe at his tattoos*hey guys*takes a seat next to Pym*

Wolfettegirl11: Since now all are here let's began! Hawkeye Melfy dares you too*burst out laughing*kiss James*everyone bursts out laughing*

Hawkeye: *his eyes widen*what! NO! I am not going to kiss him!

James: *his eyes also widen*Why do I have to suffer? It's his dare!

Neko: *smirks and looks at me nodding at them and goes behind Hawkeye*

Wolfettegirl11: *stops laughing and smirks evilly goes behind James, mouths 1...2...3! we push them together and their lips meet*

James: *his eyes widen and pushes Hawkeye away*dude gross*spits on the ground*

Hawkeye: *spits and looks at me and Neko, glaring* I am going to kill you two

Wolfettegirl11: *smirks and pulls out a bow and arrow* Try and kill me I am the Ultimate Weapon and my mother is Artemis! So bring it!

Neko: *chuckles then suddenly frowns* be right back*black smoke appears around her and then both disappear*

Wolfettegirl11: *stares at Hawkeye then at the spot Neko was at*Watch it Francis anyway next is a truth from my cousin, asking Azari; why do you always follow Tony's orders? I mean your dad always or usually argues with him?

Azari: well since he is our only guardian and father figure. I thought if we follow his orders, it would be easier for him.

Wolfettegirl11: Nice answer anyway next is a dare for James from AwesomeDude94; you have to paint Iron Man's armor pink*hands you pink paint bucket and a paint brush*here you go

James: *sighs and takes the items and does the dare*

*10 minutes later*

James: *sighs in relief* done now where my coke is?

Wolfettegirl11: *finishes a coke and throws it at a fan girl*she drank it*faints as James looked at her*

Torunn: Oh wow*rolls her eyes*

Wolfettegirl11: *smirks* next is a truth for Torunn from Demonwerewolf ; Torunn who do you like the most? James or Hawkeye?

Torunn: *blushes as everyone looks at her eager for the answer* I'm not saying

Wolfettegirl11: *smirks and taunts* Come on! I thought asguardians didn't blush and aren't afraid of anything!

Torunn: *growls and picks up sword, she throws it at me* Try to say that again an I won't miss

Wolfettegirl11: *barely dodges the sword but still grinning, my wolf ears twitching*then tell us who do you like?

Torunn: *blushes a bit and summons her sword back to her side. She sighs and grips the hilt tightly*It's true I do think Hawkeye is hot*HawkeyeXTorunn fans scream (Hawkeye: Thank you beautiful)* but I also think James is hot and sweet*JamesXTorunn fans scream (James smirks)*

Wolfettegirl11: YES!*James and Torunn look at me strangely, sheepishly smiles*what? I totally ship you two. My friend even came up a name for yall but I forgot it and plus I even have a story about you two*chuckles evilly*thought you get tortured.

James: *stares at me weirdly*Okay now I'm semi… wait we get tortured!?

Wolfettegirl11: Not now*looks at Torunn*so continue

Torunn: *backs away from me, mutters*okay scary*takes a deep breath*both of them are handsome*crowd screams, James and Hawkeye grin*but I like…..*there big explosions, Neko suddenly appears through a portal with a giant fox,Kyuubi snarling at her*

Wolfettegirl11: NEKO!

Neko: *ignores me and growls back at Kyuubi, starts fighting*

Kyubbi: *growls and lunges at her snarling and swipes at her*HOW DARE YOU INSULT ME! I AM THE KING OF FOXES!

Me: *sighs and looks at the Avengers and audience* this may take a while so sit down*looks back at Neko*what did you do?

Neko: I…*grunts as she gets hit by a fireball*just said a fox is more like a feline! And his also insulted me and our treaty!

Me: *growls* YOU called the King of Foxes a cat! Of course he'll attack you! Never call a dog a cat even if they act like one!

Avengers: *Stare at Neko, Kyuubi and me, entertaining, except James and Hawkeye who are staring at Torunn*

Wolfettegirl11: IF you're going to fight, go the Shadowlands! They appriate a good battle and also they would video tape it for me

Kyuubi: *snarls and growls* Watch it cat and next time you insult me or on my turf, I WILL END YOU!

Neko: *hiss and snarls* Bring it mutt, you're a coward!

Kyuubi: *growls and a red mist appears and when it disappears so does he*

Neko: Coward to scared to fight in the Shadowlands

Wolfettegirl11: What did he do to insult you?

Neko: He said cats were just big rats that are stupid! He also insulted me saying I only got the position of Queen of Cats because our mother is Artemis and she is a friend with Bast! He also tried to take my hunting ground!

WOlfettegirl11: *sighs* we'll deal with this later understand?

Neko: *silently hisses and nods*

Wolfettegirl11: Okay now back to Torunn's question* everyone looks back to her*

Torunn: *glares and I hear her muttering something like revenge and death*

Wolfettegirl11: Well?

Torunn: *stays silent glaring at me then smirks* Not answering till hmmm…. What do I want?

Wolfettegirl11: *glares then suddenly realizes* your right Torunn, Torunn will not answer till next chapter or so. SO if you want to know who she like keep reviewing and keep sending truth and dares to out avengers

James: And our dear host!

Wolfettegirl11: ye… wait no way!

Neko: Azari this one is from Melfy they ask Can you cook brownies with your electricity?

Wolfettegirl11: Oooo that would be awesome chocolate chip please!

Azari: *shrugs* I have no idea

Neko: Then let's try it out*disappears then reappears with unbaked cookies*

Wolfettegirl11: *grins and tries to reach the cookie batter* I want it!

Neko: Wait for Azari to cook them*she hand him the tray of cookie batter*

Azari: *his tattoos glow as electricity passes through the tray, cookies begin to smell delicious*

WOlfettegirl11: Me first!*takes a bunch and eats them, smiling*they are AWESOME!*Everyone else begin to try some*

Neko: *munches on a cookie*this is all the time we have sorry if we didn't get to your dares

Wolfettegirl11: Till next time and don't forget reviews will make me write faster and make Torunn confess sooner!

Neko: R&R!