Sooooo this is my first attempt at an OC Star Trek story, so hopefully it is not too boring. I am trying extremely hard for NO Mary Sue's, so please tell me if it is going that way. I will say upfront this is not a love fic at all. I am not a huge fan of love fics with OCs and I know a lot of other people are not as well, but I do love a good OC kickin' butt along side the Enterprise crew. :) Let me know what ya think. I know its short a bit mysterious, but hey it will pick up. I am just trying it out.

Disclaimer: I own nothing! Literally nothing! Except my OC and plot.

A Traitor's Homecoming
Chapter 1

Starfleet was my escape, the reason for me to stop running. It was my one and only hope to start over; clean my slate. So I joined. Three years later, I was majoring as a weapons tech. I had made a name for myself, amongst the other cadets. I kept to myself though. Attracting attention wasn't something I wanted. I wanted to make friends, I wanted to show my real personality, but I couldn't afford to get attached. I knew one day I would be found. So I remained a quiet little nobody. I wasn't the top of my class and did not want to be.

My professors often praised my work, I always simply nodded.. There was no need to talk, talking meant conversation; conversation meant curiosity and questions. Those two were never good. I just did my work, and stayed out of everyone's way. If anything I was hoping to get stationed on an outpost way out in the middle of nowhere after I graduated. I could live my life without much interferrence from my past. It was my perfect plan.

That was until I was called to Admiral Pike's office. I didn't know what he wanted with me. I wasn't even in his department. I didn't want to command. I knew no one knew who I really was, but I had a slight twinge of panic building in me, as I walked. He couldn't know, he didn't even know me. So many question and scenarios began to run through my head. By the time I got to his office I was practically hyperventilating. I tried to calm myself, but I was still shaking as I signaled the door.

"Come in," came Admiral Pike's voice. I took a deep breath and waited for the door.

Here we go….