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Summary: Harry's parents were never killed. Stunned, but never killed. Instead, his brother, Henry Potter, is believed to be the Boy-Who-Lived. Is he really?

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"Words said."


"Parseltongue or a snake speaking."


A small, green-eyed, nine-years old, turning ten, boy stared at the back of his brother's head, Henry Potter. He watched as his parents fawned over him. He watched as his twin brother received several presents from thousands of unknown people. He watched as his brother received hugs, kisses, praises, and comfort. Things that he himself had never gotten and looked as if he never will.

'They forgot...again,' the little boy thought, his eyes misty.

This little boy was named Harry Potter, brother of the Boy-Who-Lived. Harry currently sat at the back of the room, in one of the dark corners, knowing that he wouldn't be missed or noticed in all the commotions that was happening. Reporters of all kinds were busy taking pictures of the famed Boy-Who-Lived. His Mother was smiling proudly at her son while his Father was talking loudly to the reporter, obviously boasting of how fine his son had grown to be.

Looking around the room, he spotted Remus Lupin and Sirius Black talking to one another. Sirius was his godfather, but he rarely ever actually talked to Harry. He had only given Harry one birthday present from when he was six, after that, he would always say he forgot to buy him a present. He never did get him another present. Time had passes since he was six and soon after, he forgot all about Harry completely.

Remus Lupin was kinder and more polite, although he didn't socialize with Harry, he would nod his head towards him to acknowledged his presence. He rarely ever did though.

Harry choked down a sob that was rising from him throat, wouldn't do any use crying now. He looked at all of Henry's friends. A red-headed, blue-eyed boy with freckles was by Henry's side after the reporters decided to interview the parents instead, questioning them on their life. His brother was surrounded with other of his friends.

Instead of observing them and their appearances for later, he looked around the room and found two red-headed, freckled covered, and blue-eyed twins. They must have been the brothers of Henry's friend. One caught Harry's eyes. The blue-eyes now showed confusion, shock, and curiosity. The other twin followed his brother's gaze and looked at Harry, his pale skin, emerald eyes, long, messy, black hair, and tiny stature.

Twin two tilted his head, just as confused as his brother. He nudged his brother's elbow and together they started their way towards him, planning on questioning him.

Harry, obviously scared, started to get up and turn towards the closest exit. He had hoped to escape and take refuge in the library, where he spent most of his days at, but the twins saw what he was going to do and quickly clamped their hands on both his shoulders.

Harry's eyes widened.

What fun. Starting out his tenth birthday in hopes of being with books, but instead, finds himself being question or, god forbid, bullied.

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