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Just after they set off in the Argo II they find a box of book that contain... Percy's life story as a demi-god!

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Coming together: (Arrivals)

Eight months. That's how long it had been since Percy's disappearance. That's how long Jason had been at the Greek camp. In eight months the Hephestus cabin had successfully built the Argo II. Leo had done a good job on it. With Festus' head mounted on the bowsprit.

In two days they would set off to camp Jupiter. Annabeth was already packed and waiting, desperate to see her Seaweed brain.

Two days later: Annabeth's POV

"We are getting near! I can feel it!" yelled Jason from the stern of the incredible war ship, the Argo II, that Leo and the rest of the Hephestus cabin had work so very hard on.

"Really? You're sure?" I asked, rushing over to him. He and I had become good friends over the last few months. Despite the fact that I had been so frantic trying to find my boyfriend who had (of coarse) gone missing.

I longed for Percy. I missed how he would put his arms around my shoulders, how his breath, hair, and clothes always smelled so strongly of the sea that it was intoxicating. I wanted to hear him make stupid comments and ask stupid questions that I almost always knew the answer to.

For months I have waited to be in his arms, to look into those gorgeous green eyes, and for him to say, like he did every time I answered his questions or figured something out that he never could see, or called him "Seaweed Brain"… I wanted him to again say "you are such a wise girl, wise girl" which would be followed by a kiss and an exchange of "I love you's". Now that time was almost here. We where almost at the Roman camp where Percy had been for the last eight months… I just hoped he remembered me.

"Hey, um Annabeth… are you all right?" Asked Piper who had joined us. I realized she had been talking to me but I hadn't heard what she said.

"hm? Oh, yea I'm fine. Just thinking. What where you saying?"

"We where just talking about how we'll have to disembark with our weapons down and try to be as peaceful as possible, just in case." Jason replied. I agreed and we went to tell Leo who was steering. We were all bristling with excitement.

The fog was thick but not to bad. Good for cover. we talked about the roman camp. Piper and Leo asking Jason lots of questions, but I could tell that, after all they had been told about him the three just really wanted to meat Percy. And so did I.

Percy's POV

Urrrgggg! Octavian was seriously getting on my nerves!

Just because they where Greek and I was new and they (just Octavian really) didn't trust me, didn't mean they had to… and I was ranting again. But just because I swore on my life, Octavian had made a point to have me surrounded and closely watched, so that I couldn't, as he put it "run when things went wrong" he had emphasized the "when" which, in turn, made me mad. He wasn't even willing to give my friends a chance.

Tyson had pointed out the flying ship in the distance and every one had rushed out to the fields where we waited. I was so anxious to see Annabeth again that, had I not been surrounded, I might have started jumping.

Jason's P.O.V.:

We planed to land in the fields of Mars, but for unexplained reasons we headed into the Forum. I looked up at Leo who seemed to be having trouble steering.

"Hey, what are you doing? The fields are that way." I said pointing.

"Can't control the ship!" he strained, fighting with the wheel. "Feels godly, I think its Hera- or Juno cuz' where at the roman camp so it could be her."

"Yea probably" I grumbled, being a child of Zeus/Jupiter the queen of the gods hated me with a passion. Though it wasn't as bad as it had been before I'd saved her godly butt. "Just land over there in the grass, O.K.?

He looked at me with that goofy grin on his face and replied "sure thing 'commando'. Hey what do you think Percy will be like?" he whispered the last part so Annabeth and Piper, who where talking by the railing, wouldn't hear him. I had been wondering the same thing myself, to be honest.

"I'm not sure. But every body at camp liked him. Even Clarisse liked him, though she wouldn't show it. So he can't be bad… I just wish they could have gone into details about his adventures, you know? Not one person but Annabeth and Grover could have explained…" We had asked many times but neither of them would say anything. They'd always avoid the subject.

"I sent them one of the video-message-on-paper things to give them a heads-up, but…" he trailed off. I understood. It gave me a bit more confidence.

The ship landed and we where swarmed by the Roman legionary's almost immediately. I looked around for familiar faces. Lots of my friends standing there were staring up the ship. I knew what they where thinking. We had landed in the forum onboard a warship.

I scanned the crowed, as I was sure the others where doing as well, for him. I had seen the picture of him in Chiron's office at camp half-blood. There, he was standing beside Reyna and surrounded by the other Senators with Octavian standing behind them, keeping a close watch on Percy.

Piper's POV:

Annabeth spotted him first. She noticed first the fact that he was surround by people. People in…. bed sheets?

"Why are they surrounding him? I it protection? No, Percy doesn't need protection…. Are they watching him…?" Annabeth muttered to herself but just loud enough for me to hear. I knew she was really exited about seeing Percy again, but scared that he wouldn't remember her. From what she would tell us and what I gathered from the other campers I was sure that he would remember. In fact, many campers had had a very hard time believing that their hero was an amnesiac, or they believed it but didn't think it would affect his memory of her at all.

We disembarked with our weapons either hidden or put away, but ready to be pulled out easily if necessary. The Romans stood still. Waiting. Every one of them had their weapons out waiting for us to make the first move. Then they seemed to notice Jason.

The girl standing beside Percy came towards us. Percy Jackson himself started toward us also, never taking his eyes off Annabeth, but A boy with straw colored hair and pale skin, stopped him from going anywhere. They glared at each other, eyes filled with hatred.

"J-Jason?" a girl's voice croaked. I turned to her. She seemed powerful and smart and very pretty. She was staring at Jason like he was from another planet. He stared back with the same expression. Both seemed overjoyed. Happy to just be staring at each other.

"Reyna? I haven't seen you in…."

"Eight month's. You went missing eight months ago! Jason Grace, were have you been!" her voice was carefully controlled but I could tell she was mad. Jason flinched. I stared at them. Clearing my throat I brought the two out of there thoughts. They both stared at me like I had grown two heads.

"Hi, I'm Piper, Piper . This is Leo Valdez (I pointed to him, then put my hand on Annabeth's shoulder. She was still staring fixedly on Percy) this is Annabeth Chase…. and I assume you already know Jason." I finished still watching Reyna wearily.

"Yea, don't worry we come in piece!" Leo announced with that stupid grin on her face. Reyna raised an eyebrow at him before studying us closely. It reminded me of when we first got to camp half blood and all the campers looked at us that same way. Her eyes paused on Annabeth who wasn't paying her any attention.

"Excuse me? Why are you staring at Jackson? He may be a son of Neptune and relatively new here but we can't have you gawking at him." Her voice sounded accusing as she questioned the blonde haired, gray-eyed girl in front of her. Still she got no reply.

"Percy…." She breathed. Taking a step forward only to be blocked by the other Romans.

"So you do know him? How? Since when?"

Jason sent her a warning glance and whispered something into her ear. She seemed annoyed but sighed. "I know, but it's still strange. Also now that he's praetor… its going to be difficult as Octavian is still trying to turn every one against him. But… now that you're here and Percy was telling the truth…" She smirked and turned to the Romans, "Welcome back you're former praetor Jason Grace! And to his new friends! Piper , Leo Valdez, and Annabeth Chase!"

A large amount of cheering followed this statement. We all new it was mostly for Jason. We didn't care. All we really wanted was to meet this hero we heard so much about. We wanted to meet Perseus Jackson.

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