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Reyna's P.O.V.:

After I sent the other campers to their work we made our way back to the Senate House. Jason explained our way of running the camp to the Greeks. The Greeks. I was still trying to get used to the fact that they were here, in our camp, and that my fellow preator was one of them. They seemed nice enough, though. That girl, Piper, seemed pretty close to Jason. Leo did too, but more like in a "best friends" kind of way. Actually, when I thought about it, maybe it was better that way. If Jason was happy, it would be fine with me. Leo was kind of weird, and I hadn't expected that Jason would get along with someone so… goofy. But, on the other hand, Jason had always been good with people.

Then there was Annabeth. I remembered Annabeth from the time she and Percy destroyed the paradise island I had lived in. I'd hated them for that, but after meeting Percy and hearing his side of the story, I understood why they did what they did. I also knew that setting loose the pirates was the only way for them to escape Circe. I promised myself not to hold a grudge against her. She hadn't known the consequences her actions would have.

But still, I was a bit wary if the Greeks. If any of them were as powerful as Percy, we would be in trouble. Still, I wasn't too worried. None of them radiated power the way Percy did, and for that we were all grateful.

I realized my thoughts had strayed to Percy again. For the past week, he had been the main topic of camp Jupiter. Wherever you went, people were talking about him, and he had been here for only less than a week! It had to be a record. We all trusted him and looked up to him, and none of us really knew why. He was a Greek.

But why should that matter? He cared about us and went on a quest for us. And not just because he had to, but because he wanted to. He may not have had his memories but he was still concerned for a camp that wasn't even his. He was powerful, fierce, and determined. But he was also brave, trusting, forgiving, loyal, and fair. He did ask a lot of silly questions like "you have a feast for tuna?" but he could be smart and observant when he wanted to be.

I glanced at Jason. He was looking at Piper, who was watching Annabeth, whose intense grey eyes were on the very person I had just been thinking about. I looked and saw he was still arguing with Octavian, but he kept glancing at Annabeth as though wishing he could get to her. This did not go unnoticed by Frank or Hazel. They shook their heads and walked over to Percy, taking his arms and "dragging" him away from Octavian. (Strangely, he didn't seem to be too disappointed.)They walked over to us, pretending not to notice Octavian's glare.

Leo's P.O.V.

"Annabeth!" Percy sounded elated. The two of them embraced and looked as though nothing in the world could have made them happier. Eventually they remembered that they where not alone, but not before I cleared my throat. They looked up from each others eyes and at us. "Oh, right! Annabeth, this is Hazel, Frank, and I guess you already met Reyna… He continued introducing some of the other Romans. After he finished Annabeth introduced us.

"Percy, this is Jason, Leo, and Piper." He studied us, sizing us up like all halfbloods do, but with a kind of friendliness in his eyes that gave me a hint to why everyone at camp likes him so much.

Annabeth rambled on about how we where found and who we were. She was telling him more about Piper when he looked at her and said, with his voice full of amusement, "You know, she reminds me of Rachel." then turning back to Annabeth, "doesn't she remind you of Rachel?"

She looked thoughtfully at Piper, "Well, now that you mention it… You are a bit like Rachel, just, you know, without the oracle and all. And with brown hair instead of red."

At the meditate building, (or whatever you call it,) we didn't really do anything but more introductions and story swapping. I stood up and did my bit on the boat, and getting to, what was now, Greece and Rome. Other than that and sharing my part of our adventure, I just zoned out. It's going to be Soooooooo boring until we leave. Though I had to admit that the Roman camp was very nice.

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