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Chapter 36: Being Human

Sophie's P.O.V

All four of us managed to break through the devil's tricks and stuck to the path we'd chosen in the first place, all four of us had battled the devil and lived to see the other side.

"What does this mean now?" Alex asked as we stood around where he had once stood astounded that we had actually managed to defeat him. What would happen now? After all Hal and I had gone on one hell of a bender before Tom and Alex had come to get us.

"I don't honestly know."

"Well I'm going back home, the two of you can do whatever the hell you're going to do." Tom announced as he turned to leave. The four of us returned to Honolulu Heights, I was surprised that Tom and Alex had actually agreed to let us through the door after everything we'd been doing, maybe killing the devil had made them forgive us somehow.

"You don't think he's actually dead?"

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. They say that for a reason Hal." I reasoned so surely he was playing a trick right now, pretending that he was dead now and making us all think we were safe from his threat when he's planning on our demise.

"Either way we can carry on as we were before." Hal stated as his arms encircled my waist and brought me closer to him. "And I think I've got the perfect idea of what to do."

"You two can get out." Tom hollered clearly still angry at what we had been doing, which given his standing on vampires this was not strange behaviour.

"I think we've overstayed our welcome." I murmured as I separated myself from Hal, after fighting the devil the last thing I needed right now was another brawl.

"I believe we have, funny how a couple of days can alter a course you've been on for so long." Hal mused as he turned to face Alex and Tom. "Of all the things I've seen and done, this week has been one of the more interesting ones."

"It may be the last one."

"Oh Tom don't be so brash. I've learnt a lot of things staying here, living side by side with a dog like you." Hal continued using maybe the wrong words given the situation in hand. "The one thing that stands out amongst the mundane though is this; if you truly want to be human you already are human."

"Very nice speech and all, but…"

"Isn't this lovely?" At some point during Hal's little speech, Rook had appeared however the feeling of dread and despair that I'd felt closer to the devil seemed to seep from him. Could the devil have possessed him when we all thought he had been defeated? "But I'm afraid your time has come to an end."

"What the hell is going on?" Tom asked as he took out one of his many stakes, that he more than likely was going to use on Hal and I at one point.

"He's possessed." I replied as Hal pushed me behind himself before walking backwards into the main living room. "The devil was never defeated, he just jumped hosts."

"This isn't good."

"Great observation." I replied to Alex who scowled slightly before she returned her attention fully to the possessed Rook. "The ritual must be completed in order to defeat him, that's why it didn't work last time or the time before."

"The time before?" Alex asked but I shook my head before telling her that would have to wait for another time, if in actual fact we would get any more time.

"Well I guess my time has come, I've ran from this for too long." Hal stated as he cut open his hand offering up his blood to use, Alex and Tom also took up their places for the ritual. "If we don't…if I don't survive this, know this; I love you and I have always loved you. I'm sorry that I could never fulfil all your dreams, but I'm glad I spent all these years by your side."

"I love you too Hal." I answered pulling him in for a kiss, potentially the last one I would ever have from him. The ritual was a success which brought the devil out of Rook's body, who was understandably confused as to how he had managed to get to the BnB.

"What is going on? How did I get here?"

"Rook, you were possessed by the devil. But in order for him to be destroyed he needs to possess a body." Hal explained Rook seemed to realise what Hal was insinuating.

"I guess this is my final duty, just make sure he is actually dead, and my death is in no way pointless." Rook stated as he once again allowed himself to be possessed by the devil; in the minutes after he had been repossessed Tom picked up one of the stakes and plunged it through Rook's heart and then we were blinded by a bright light.

"Sophie, wake up!" A voice murmured as I was gently shook. "Sophie, it's over." I opened my eyes looking up into Hal's eyes, had it worked or was I just actually dead now and in heaven, or hell more likely with Hal?

"What happened?"

"The devil is defeated." He explained a huge grin on his face.

"Are we sure this time?" I asked having already been tricked once, he could have tricked us all again, after all it's the devil we were talking about.

"Definitely, and look!" he exclaimed holding out a mirror to me, a very odd gesture considering we were vampires, meaning we had no reflection.

"A mirror? Hal have you lost your mind?"

"Just look." He said that grin still present on his face; I humoured him and looked into the mirror not expecting to see my reflection staring back at me. I startled placing the mirror back down, staring up at Hal who seemed amused at my reaction. He took the mirror from my hands and pointed it so that both of our reflections could be seen in it.

"What the hell is going on? Are we dead? Is this a dream?" At that point he took my hand in his and placed it on his chest over where his heart would be, where I shouldn't be feeling it beat. He then moved our hands to my chest, over my heart feeling my own heart beat that I hadn't felt in over five hundred years. "We're alive?"

"We're alive!" he exclaimed pulling me into a hug and kissing me. I couldn't believe it at all, over five hundred years of being part of the living dead and here we were in a BnB in Barry fully alive.

"What does that mean for Tom and Alex?" I asked if we were both no longer vampires and part of the living, did that mean Tom wasn't a werewolf. Had Alex passed over or had she been granted a second chance at life? Were all other vampires now human? Like Hetty?

"Alex has been granted a second chance, and as for Tom he no longer is a werewolf." Hal explained this sounded too good to be true.

"And we're sure that this is real and not…not one of the devil's dream worlds?" I asked the grin on his face slightly faltered before he shook his head.

"No I'm sure he wouldn't put us all together if he wanted to win."

I guess it did sound like he was vanquished once and for all, and maybe we were all given a second chance at living a somewhat normal life. Even if that normal life included having over five hundred years of memories and some old supernatural tendencies, at least the population of Barry was safe from another rampage by Lord Hal. A week or so had passed as we lived out our normal lives in the BnB and yet something felt utterly wrong about the whole situation.

"What's wrong?" Hal asked as he placed breakfast in front of me at the dinner table, Alex had already tucked into her bacon and eggs; I guess having to watch people eat and not being able to do the same worked up one hell of an appetite. Tom was also happily tucking into his breakfast but not quite at the same pace Alex was.

"Don't you think it's all been a bit too perfect, as if this was a reality created for us?" I answered a couple of days ago; Allison had been in contact with Tom and had told him that she was no longer a werewolf. Hetty had managed to call us, although we were not entirely sure why she thought Hal and I were at Honolulu Heights, after all she'd never known we were both staying here. But nonetheless she had informed us that she was also no longer a vampire, she'd actually be able to grow up now and no longer be mistaken for a twelve year old girl. "I mean we all have been granted something we always wanted, to be human. And the world has never worked like that before; the world is never as nice as to just grant you what you want without having to sacrifice something for it."

"I mean I'd agree with you there, but how can this not be real?" Alex answered through a mouthful of eggs. Well at least that was something that hadn't changed and was more a point in favour of this being real life.

"I mean there's one way to really decide whether this is real life, or all an illusion." Hal announced as he walked into the front room and returned with a deck of cards.

"What are you going to do with the cards?" Tom asked as Hal began shuffling them.

"I have no skill in card tricks, none at all in fact I've always been terrible." Hal explained as he then fanned out the cards offering them out to Tom. "So Tom; pick a card, look at it and then place it back into the deck."

"Alright, I don't know what this is proving but here we go."

"Ok, let me shuffle the cards, now one, two, and three. Is this your card?" he asked taking out the card from the top of the deck and showing it to Tom.

"Yeah, that's my card. Are you sure you're rubbish as this? Because that was a good trick." Tom asked as Hal began reshuffling the cards and doing another trick with Alex.

"He's good at playing card games, but tricks were never his forte." I answered as once more the trick actually worked, the evidence was stacking up that this wasn't the real world, that this world was a lie.

"This proves it."

"How does a few card tricks prove anything?" Alex asked I mean I guess you could call it farfetched that card tricks were going to prove this world was all an illusion and yet here we were.

"So we didn't defeat the devil?"


"And we're all still us? Still vampires, a ghost and a werewolf?" Alex asked the mood of the place quickly deflated after a good week believing we were all human and had a chance at a normal life.


"So what do we do now?"

"What we've been doing all this time, save the world."

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