Park Two Shot Romance/Friendship Amu.H/Tadase.H

A heart broken Amu needs some support when Ikuto gets a new girlfriend and makes her feel unwanted. How will a trip to the park with a certain prince help make things better?

Ikuto. Ikuto was the reason I was so upset, crying on my bed. It was a Friday when he told me.


"Amu. I'm sorry; I've got a girlfriend now. I don't think I can hang around you much anymore."

He didn't have to do this to me. He could have been friends with me whilst having a girlfriend. But no. He's made a stupid mistake and when he comes running back, I won't accept any of it.

Those few words he told me seemed to be the only things I could think of at that moment. I just lie there in pyjamas tiredly sniffling into my pillow and occasionally snatching a tissue from the box that lie on my bedside table. After what seemed hours of the same routine I got myself to sleep.

Once awoken by my little sister Ami, I decide that I am going to do more than just mope around being sad and go out into town for the day. I throw on a red dress with black belts and tights. Put my signature hairclip in and wonder what to do.

My train of thoughts get interrupt by a phone call. I glance at the screen to see I have an incoming call from a certain Tadase Hotori. After thinking about picking up I do and here his calm yet cheery voice saying.

"Hi Hinamori-san."

"Hi Tadase."

"I was wondering if you were busy today." Great I think, finally I can do something today.

"No I'm not, would you like to meet up then?"

"Yes, I was thinking of taking you for some ice-cream at the park." I blush, thinking of the times when he would take me for ice cream when we were younger.

"Great, I'll be over to pick you up soon."

I smile as Ami came running in twirling around in her new outfit. Although she was now nine she still had the same princess fashion sense like when she was younger. I, well I still wore punk like clothes, but I guess It was more of a habit than anything.

"What do you think Amu?" Ami was modelling a rather simple peach coloured dress with white tights and shoes. She also had a peach flower in her hair.

"You look lovely Ami." She smiles and runs off, happy that I approve.

Knock, Knock. Those sounds coming from the door snap me back to reality; I grab my purse and open the door.

I flush when I see Tadase. He looks rather handsome, and is wearing a chequered black and white t-shirt and jeans. He smiles and says.

"Let's go Hinamori-san." I nod and walk out the door, closing it behind me.

On the way to the park we talk about how are weeks have been.

Once we arrive at the park, I run over to the taiyaki stand and I get a chocolate filled one for both me and Tadase. I sadly smile as I hand him his. This really reminds me of Ikuto. Tadase, being Tadase notices me and asks what is wrong.

"What's wrong Hinamori-san."

"Amu, just call me Amu."

"Ok what's wrong Amu?" He slightly blushes at me after calling me what he did, regains his normal princely posture and looks at me worryingly.

"Ikuto." That one word caused him to sigh but smile at me kindly and state

"Oh his new girlfriend, don't worry Amu, there's plenty better boys that deserve you other than Ikuto." Those few words got me to smile for once today and hug Tadase warmly.