Medieval Disasters

Hey Guys! This is my first Goku X Chichi Story EVER! It took me awhile to think of an idea but I got one now! This story is based on a book named, "Warrior Princess." By Frewin Jones. Its a GREAT book! You guys and gals should try reading it sometime!

ANY WAY.. This story is about when Chichi and Bulma lose their mother to the sayains, so then they go on a big adventure to figure out what their main goals are in their warrior lives! In this story its set in medieval times. Also Frieza took over the sayain empire so he is making them do the things they do in this story. Goku is a runaway, Vegeta and Nappa both escape from Frieza and Chichi and Bulma are princesses!

Well here are the ages:

Chichi: 17

Bulma: 20

Goku: 18 ( Goku will sometimes be called Kakarot because of Friza

Vegeta: 20

Ox King: 41

Frieza: 36

Master Roshi: 75 ( In the story master roshi is going to be a big impact on Chichi's life so thats why I included him.)

Zarbon: 25

That's all the important people so far! During the next chapters if I add new people I will write their age at the beginning. I'll try to keep updating this story as much as I can! Hope, HOPE you guys and gals like the prologue! :D ( I forgot to include that this will also be Vegeta X Bulma in some parts.)


In the scrolls it was to say that a warrior princess would rise up to defeat the Sayains and bring peace and glory to her lands. Little did this girl knew that she would one day do great things for her people, other then just being a smug, lord's lowly wife.

In one part of the lands laid a beautiful kingdom that was over looked by mountains, forests and rivers. This kingdom is ruled by the mighty Ox King, the beautiful Lady Sakura and their two daughters. Lady Bulma is there oldest but not the bravest, but she is beautiful and really, REALLY smart. Lady Chichi is the brave youngest sister and she kicks butt when she needs to! She is also very beautiful and very helpful. Also a great cook.

Now the Sayains, people thought and knew they are roofless and very cold hearted. Their lands said to be the skies coloured of blood and the ground covered with different species bones, and it was just that! The leaders name is Frieza, a evil warlord that took over the Sayains and killed their king. He would stop at nothing, I MEAN NOTHING, to get to the flawless lands of Ox king's kingdom and just rip it from them.

Prince Vegeta and a loyal friend had escaped and fled to west kingdom as soon as this happened.

Well, as they say, or as I say...

The adventure begins were time has started...

Did you guys like this prologue! I'm sorry if I spelled things wrong, if I did, I'll fix it in chapter 1. PLEASE be nice! This is my first story on EVER! Well, PLEASE, PLEASE REVIEW! Also before I leave the chapters 1 is named

Bloody Discoveries