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Since JJ's awakening she had been gradually getting healthier. Her wounds healing well and her complexion was almost back to its original shade. She'd been doing well enough that she had been allowed to be released from the hospital. The biggest concern for her now was her mental health. The trauma she had endured no doubt would leave a mental scar on her. She had nightmares each night. She had expected that. Thankfully she had her loving fiance to sooth her when she woke screaming. JJ most certainly wasn't allowed to go back to work for a while, which she declared as 'unfair' and pouted childishly at Hotch when he told her this.

Specking of Hotch. He was currently making coffee. He and Jack had come by to see her since the team weren't on a case. Jack had greeted JJ with a cheerful hello and hug before disappearing to play with Henry.

Hotch came into the lounge carrying two steaming mugs of coffee.

"Ah thank you" she grinned, taking her mug "but you didn't have to"

Hotch merely shrugged "how are you doing?" he asked, sipping at his coffee.

"Better I suppose, still hurts to put to much pressure on my leg sometimes but other then that I'm doing pretty well" JJ admitted "I even start therapy tomorrow" she smiled.

"That's good" Hotch nodded "fair warning that the therapist will have been informed that you work for the BAU and will frequently remind you not to 'analyse' what they say or yourself "because that is their job"" he warned.

"I'll keep that in mind" JJ laughed "did you really analyse your therapist?" she questioned curiously.

"A little" he admitted "don't laugh! I didn't agree with being given mandated therapy!" he said defensively.

"Uh ha" JJ grinned "well I'll do my best not to copy my boss"

The two then sat in a comfortable silence as they sipped at their coffee. Since it was still fairly early on a Saturday morning there wasn't anything interesting on the television.

"Why must daytime tv suck so much?" she pondered out loud.

"Don't even get e started on daytime tv" Hotch groaned.

"Garcia promised she would stop by later baring some dvd's to entertain me" she sighed "bit worried really"

"You should be" Hotch joked "knowing Garcia"

"Alright!" Garcia announced cheerfully "I have for you various movies and a bunch of Doctor Who series because both Reid and I think you should watch them" she giggled excitedly.

"I knew you were going to say that" JJ informed "going to watch some with me?" she asked innocently.

"That's the plan sweetie" Garcia exclaimed as she put in the first disk of Series 1 Doctor Who "Reid might be joining us soon" she added.

"You know you don't have to spend your off time with me right?" JJ spoke "you should be out on some romantic date with Kevin"

Garcia laughed "oh I have a romantic date with said Kevin planned for tonight, don't you worry" she laughed again "and of course I'm going to spend most of my off time with you! Nothing I would rather be doing" she smiled "it really is fantastic to have you home again" she added as she snuggled into JJ's side.

"Its great to be home" JJ agreed.

"Now shush my sweet!" Garcia demanded "time to get you obsessed with Who"

Reid did indeed end up joining the two women 2 hours later. Garcia let him in and excitedly informed the lanky male that JJ was a whovian in the making. The two then returned to where JJ resided on the couch and they snuggled down to watch tv.

Then Garcia reluctantly had to leave so she could begin getting ready for her super romantic date with Kevin. Leaving JJ and Reid curled up on the couch.

"Who's been by so far today?" he asked.

"Hotch and Jack came by this morning" JJ told him "then Garcia and you"

"Morgan and Rossi plan to come around tomorrow" Reid informed her "and Rossi will insist to cook you a special dinner so don't even bother saying no to him" he advised "Rossi wont be taking a no for an answer"

"Noted" JJ laughed.

"Where is Will?" Reid suddenly asked.

"Hes out of town for the night for work" JJ explained sadly.

"So its just you and Henry tonight?" Reid asked worriedly.

"Yeah, he wasn't going to go but I insisted that I would be fine" she spoke "which I am and still will be" she added weakly.

"Would you like me to stay?" Reid asked.

"Would you?" Not for the first time JJ was amazed at just how amazing her friends were and how great was to have FBI friends.

"Of course!" Reid grinned "I'm guessing Henry is already in bed?" noticing that he couldn't hear the boy.

"Yeah, playing with Jack for most of the morning wore him out quite a bit" she hummed.

"That's fortunate" Reid joked.

"You have no idea" JJ laughed.

Sure enough the next night both Morgan and Rossi had turned up at JJ's door.

"Now before you say anything, I am cooking you something special and that's that" Rossi declared and headed into the kitchen.

"Go right ahead" JJ grinned. Taking Reid's advice.

Reid himself had left only an hour ago. When Will had gotten home. He had planned on leaving earlier but when JJ had awoken from her sleep screaming, he had decided that he would wait till Will got home till he left.

"When you say 'special'... ?" she trailed off.

"Its a surprise" Morgan insisted and lead her to the lounge "better leave the man to it"

Rossi's surprise dinner had been most amazing thing JJ had eaten all year. Which probably didn't really count for much considering the year she had had.

By the time both Morgan and Rossi said their farewells and we're on their way home for the night. JJ was beyond tired. Which wasn't unusual since she often got tired quite early these days.

She snuggled into the bed and it wasn't long before Henry was demanding to join her parents in bed for the night.

JJ comfortably lay with Henry clinging to her and with Will's arms around her and Henry. As she started to drift of to sleep she smiled at how she was one of the luckiest people alive. Because she was alive. She had an amazing family and friends. Both of which loved and whom she loved right back. JJ couldn't help but be happy about her life at that moment. Sure she still had nightmares each night and had a long way to go before she would be anything close to 100% but the fact that she would get there in time. With help from her family and her friends of course. She would be her again. She'd be Jennifer Jareau again.

The end

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