This idea is from a Korean drama Dream High 2 ^^ I just change it a bit to fit with the glee characters! Hope you'll like it! BTW, I know SNF and Trouble Makers are stupid names. I couldn't come up with better ones so =_=' Anyway, enjoy!

"John…please don't go…"

"You know I can't stay…I'm really sorry."

"Please don't leave me…Please."

"Cut! Cut! Cut!" the director yelled as he jumped down from his seat and walked straight to the couple in the middle of the set. The girl pulled away from the actor and looked at the director, "what's the problem? I thought we were doing great."

"He was. You were awful," the short man said with an annoyed voice, "there. Is. No. Feeling!"

The girl ran her fingers through her short blonde hair, sighing, "is crying necessary in this scene? I think people know how she's feeling already."

"Okay, so now you're questioning me? You want to be a director too?"

"No! No! That's not it! What I meant was…"

"Miss Fabray?"

"Yes?" the blonde quickly turned around at that girl. She just needed a random excuse to get away from the man.

"Your band members just called, they need to see you."

The director rolled his eyes and walked away angrily, "this is why I hate working with singers!"

The blonde dropped her jaw and watched him walking out of the set. She angrily threw her script onto the floor really hard, leaving the other girl speechless. The singer ignored the terrified look on that girl's face and asked, "so, why did they want to see me?"

"It's SNF…again."

"Oh my god. What did they do this time?"

The girl just answered her with a shrug then ran out of the set. Quinn Fabray quickly grabbed her bag and followed that girl.

"You two are acting like idiots! You guys supposed to be a team!"

"We were a team but he ruined everything!" the blonde boy pointed angrily at the brunette boy sitting beside him.

"I ruined everything? Your attitude is ruining SNF!"

"ENOUGH!" The man's voice silenced both of the boys. They slowly sat down quietly in their seats as they heard a heavy sigh from their manager.

"You two are so unbelievable! Both of you's attitudes are ruining this band!"

He slammed his desk and pointed at the blonde guy, "Sam, you didn't come to the concert the other night and Hudson had to perform on stage by himself! The fans came to see SNF not Finn Hudson!"

"I was drunk and we fought that night so…"

"And that's the reason why you didn't come? This is not about you, Evans!"

Once again, the manager put the boy to silence.

"And Hudson!" he quickly turned to the other boy, "you fighting with some guys in the club are a great way to bring this band down! Thank you!"

"Those dudes started it! I just…"

"That's enough of your excuses! I'm so disappointed!" the man said as he stood up and walked in front of the boys, crossing his arms, "I would be okay if this was the first time but it's not."

"What are you gonna do to us?" Hudson asked and he only got a smile from his manager as a reply.

Outside of the office, two girls were standing at the door, looking in. They couldn't hear anything but by the way the boys looked they could tell that everything was getting very serious.

"They will get us into trouble again!" the blonde said with a sigh.

"This girl band has enough problems," the Latina shook her head.

Suddenly, they heard someone running toward them while breathing heavily. It was their band mate – Quinn Fabray. She stopped in front of the office and gasped for air, "I'm here! What happened?"

"Sam and Puck fought again. Ryan was getting mad," the Latina replied.

"Santana and I think that they will get us into trouble again," the other girl sighed, "Trouble Makers will be over soon thank to those boys!"

"Brittany, I think it's not that horrible. They'll fix things out together," Quinn smiled, looking into the room.

"Please, you just said that 'cuz you and Sam used to date," Santana laughed.

"Santana, we are friends now. I just don't want to talk about what happened."

"Because he dumped you?"

Brittany quickly hit Santana on the arm and the Latina quickly jumped away, "ouch! He did break up with her first!"

"That's okay. It's all my fault," Quinn said, smiling, "I'm glad we're still friends."

Suddenly, the girls heard a loud cough from behind and they all turned around.

"What are you doing outside of Mr. Danson's office?" a beautiful women with a fancy dress asked, giving them a cold and unfriendly look. Alee Jones – their vocal and dance teacher. She's only 5 years older than them but they are all afraid of her, no one dared to do what she told them not to do.

"Alee!" Quinn faked a smile at Alee and looked at her two friends, "we were just um…waiting for Sam and Finn."

"What did they do this time?" Alee asked, looking through the glass into the room. Santana just opened her mouth and was about to answer but suddenly, the door of the office opened and the manager walked out with the members of SNF.

"Please tell me you two didn't do get us involve," Santana said but the boys just stayed quiet and stared at the ground.

"Oh no," Quinn mumbled like she knew where it was going and she got a nod from the manager in return.

"What do you mean you'll send us to a normal high school?" Quinn yelled, "that's all Sam and Finn's fault! Why do we have to go?"

"Because that's the only way for you to learn how to appreciate what you're having."

"We did nothing wrong! Trouble Makers just won favorite band and best album…"

"This is not about how successful you are!"

Quinn froze as the manager yelled at her and he didn't even let her finish what she was saying. She had never seen him so mad.

"This is a lesson for you all. You all have to learn to be appreciated for what you have. Besides, if you want to blame, blame these boys."

Quinn threw a death glare to Sam and Finn, who were sitting quietly in their seats. She knew she couldn't do anything to change her manager's mind so she just sat back down in her seat. Thanks to her ex boyfriend and his band mate, Quinn Fabray had to go to a normal high school like other normal people. She wished that it was just a nightmare and she couldn't wait to wake up, but it was like impossible.

"We should go back to our hotels to get our stuff. We'll start school tomorrow," Sam said, laughing nervously while they were heading to the parking lot.

"Are you guys excited or what?"

"Yes we totally are. Thanks to you dumbasses, we are all involved!" Quinn stopped walking and turned around to yell at Sam.

"Hey! You don't have the right to call me that!" Sam yelled back.

"Guys, please. This is the time to fight?" Brittany sighed as she grabbed Quinn hand and pulled her away but the blonde didn't move. She still stood their with a bitchy look on her face.

"You are not as successful as me so you're jealous, I understand. Trouble Makers got all the good awards when SNF is stuck in a big mess of scandals. That must be so sad to you and now you're trying to bring us down with you," Quinn said, laughing, "but you know what? No matter how much you try. Trouble Makers are still better."

"Quinn, that's enough," Santana said and pulled Quinn with her toward their car. Quinn felt awful for what she had said to Sam. She didn't mean it. That was just a cover to hide how she really felt about him. He had broken up with her because he said she had changed. She wanted him back so much but she couldn't. That's why she was acting like a fully bitch, just to show him she could still be strong without him. But, maybe, that cover was her biggest mistake ever.

"Let's go dude," Finn said as the girls were gone. Sam didn't say anything. He just returned his friend a small smile and walked back to their car.

Rachel and Puck will appear on the next chapter and so are the other glee characters! :) the idea of the story is from Dream High 2!