The bands members were sent into a room with two securities standing outside to stop the crazy students. But it wasn't better being inside of that room. The awkwardness surrounded the five of them. No one was speaking a word until Quinn suddenly threw the magazine in her hand across the room.

"What is wrong with you?" Finn asked as he walked there and picked up the magazine.

"Look at those people! We're gonna have to stay here with those people!"

"We are tired enough, Quinn!" Santana yelled and pointed at the door, "if you want to leave, just go!"

"If I could I wouldn't be here in this stupid school! I think Sam and Finn are enjoying this because they caused this whole problem!"

"That's enough! Why are you blaming me everything? I said I'm sorry and everyone is okay with this, why can't you?" Sam was so mad and he didn't realize that he was yelling at Quinn. The others were so shocked and they didn't even know how to react.

"So you're yelling at me because of what you did!" Quinn yelled back as she pushed him hard and he almost fell.

"It's not my fault that you're so mean!"

"Yes, I'm mean! I have to be like this so no one will hurt my feelings again!"

Quinn's sentence did shut Sam up. He knew what she was talking about and so did the others. They felt bad for Sam but also for Quinn, too. She had told them that it was all her fault that he broke up with her but they knew she said that just because she didn't want anyone to think bad about Sam. He broke up with her because he didn't want anything to get in his way of being famous. She was hurt so much and she wanted to forget him but it was so impossible, because it even made her loved him more.

"Hi, how are my superst…What's going on here? Why are you looking so angry at each other?"

"Ryan!" Quinn said as she pushed Sam aside and walked to their manger. "How long are we gonna be in this school?"

"Until the end of this year. When you all graduate."

"WHAT?" Sam, Finn, Quinn, Santana and Brittany all said at the same time. Ryan just smiled, like he didn't care about the looks on the kids' faces and stepped aside for the principal to walk inside.

"This is Mr. Figgins – your principal."

"Hello, kids. Welcome to Los Angeles Art School," the man said with a friendly smile. Without waiting for the kids to say anything, Ryan quickly continued, "Mr. Figgins will show you to your classes and your rooms at the school's dorms."

"WHAT?" The kids said again at the same time but even louder.

"Can we just stay in our hotels?" Sam asked.

"No, Sam, no. If you want to plent in you have to live here with the students. They are your family now." Ryan answered calmly.

"Wait! What about my movie? I'm shooting a movie and I cannot…"

"There is no movie."

Quinn almost slumped onto to floor when she heard that sentence.

"What?" she asked quietly.

"You are out of that movie," the manager smiled like there wasn't any surprised, "they have found a new person to replace you."

"Replace me? Who?"

"Dianna Agron."

"Dianna Agron…that actress?"

Ryan answered the girl with a nod and gave her a crooked smile. Without saying anything, Quinn stormed outside of the room, ignoring the crazy fans outside. She just couldn't be in the same room with those people anymore.

"Sam, go after her," Ryan said when he heard the door slam.

"Why me?" Sam asked, pointing at himself.

"She only listens to you. She doesn't care what we say," Santana sighed.

"Um…okay," the blonde boy said and quickly ran outside.

Rachel was trying to get through the crowd to come closer to the door of that room. The celebrities were all in there and she just had to see them. She believed that Sam Evans still remembered her. He slammed into her the last time and they took a picture so he couldn't forget.

The brunette just almost reached the door and suddenly she felt someone grabbing her shoulder and pull her back.

"Where have you been?" the boy asked. Rachel could figure out who it was. She pushed his hand away and turned around, "it's none of your business, Puck."

"Whatever," Puck shrugged and slowly shook his head, "look at these teenagers. Going crazy just because of some stupid bands."

The screaming stopped and the students all turned around, giving Puck some crazy looks. Rachel quickly stepped in front of him.

"He was kidding! He's a really big fan! He's just kidding!" she laughed nervously and slightly elbowed him to tell him to say something.

"Um…yeah…I'm a huge fan," Puck nodded his head but the people just kept looking angrier. They would have killed him already but luckily the door of the room suddenly opened and Quinn Fabray stepped outside! The crowd didn't care about Puck anymore. All the attentions were now on Quinn. The securities had to stop them for Quinn to walk away. They were all disappointed but once again the door opened, and this time, Sam Evans ran outside!

"What is going on? I think they just fought in there or something," Puck mumbled, looking at the member of the famous boyband getting surrounded by a crowd of teenage girls.

"I don't know…I don't even know why they are here but isn't it excited?" Rachel said, smiling widely.

The securities had finally got the crazy girls away from Sam and he quickly ran off to find Quinn. The school was huge and it was so difficult to find her but gladly that wasn't the first time he had been to this school. It was a long story though.

After a while running around, Sam found Quinn. She was sitting in the astronomy room, looking at the planets hanging on the ceiling.

"Hey," Sam knocked on the door to tell Quinn he was there.

"Why are you here? I told you never to go after me," Quinn sighed, resting her chin on her hand.

"Sorry, I'm not a very good listener," Sam smiled as he walked into the room and sat down next to her.

"I really need some time alone so please go," Quinn said but it didn't make him leave.

"Look, I'm sorry that Finn and I are the reason that you and the girls are here but I can't do anything to fix it. Once Ryan has spoken there will be no way to change his mind."

"Then why would you make a mess at the first place! You already knew that it would get us all involved!" Quinn said loudly.

"I didn't come here to fight with you, Quinn!" Sam said angrily. It was so hard to talk with her for a minute without them yelling at each other.

"If we just be nice and stay here until the end of this year…"

"Okay! Fine! I'll try to live with these people!" Quinn said, standing up. "But…"

"But what?" Sam raised his eyebrow.

"This is still your fault," Quinn shot the blonde boy a scary glare and walked away with her hands on her hips like she always did.

"Attention all students!" the voice of the principal caught the teenager's attention. They all stopped screaming and turned to the speaker. The voice continued, "I need you all to come to the main hall. Mr. Ryan Danson has something to speak to you all."

The voice just went off and hundreds of students ran as fast as they could to the school's main hall, well...except for one actually.

"Puck! Hurry up! Let's go!" Mercedes called her friend.

"Go ahead. I'm not interested," the boy said as he walked calmly behind the crowd. Mercedes just ignored him and followed the other students.

In the middle of the hall was a big screen. The students were now gathering in front of it and waiting for the announcement. Suddenly, Ryan Danson showed up on the screen and he got some screaming and cheering from the crowd of teenagers in the hall.

"Hello, students of Los Angeles Art School," the man spoke when the crowd went back to silence, "as you all know, SNF and Trouble Makers' members have been sent into this school for some reasons…"

"Can you believe they're gonna be our classmates and roommates!" Rachel squealed excitedly.

"Shhh, be quiet, Rach!" Mercedes said with a serious look on her face and turned back at the screen.

At that time, Puck just arrived at the hall. He found his friends in the crowd and walked to where they were standing.

"What is wrong with you people, those bands are just…"

A hand quickly covered Puck's mouth before he could finish the sentence. The boy was shocked and he immediately pulled away, "what the heck, Mike?"

The Asian boy said quietly, "I just saved your life, man! If you want the whole school to attack you then say it out loud!"

"Whatever!" Puck spat and turned back at the screen.

"…so as to protect the young celebrities, we are putting out some new rules. Just a few. These rules are very important and I need you all to follow them..."

"A few rules aren't so bad," Puck mumbled.

As Ryan just finished, the screen went off and then turned on again, this time with a long list of new rules.

"No phone, no camera, no dating in school, no having food in lockers, no staying up until midnight, no making stupid rumors,…What the hell? It's like they're telling us not to do anything!" Puck yelled as his eyes scanned through the list.

"But this is totally worth it," Rachel stepped up with a smile to cheer up the other students, "atleast we're in the same school with SNF and Trouble Makers!"

The sighs were replaced by laughs and cheers of the crowd. Puck rolled his eyes tiredly, "Come on, people! What are your problems?"

"Dude," Artie rolled the wheelchair to his friend, "what is your problem?"

Everyone laughed as Puck just stood there with his mouth hung opened. Rachel giggled at her friend as she wrapped her arm around his shoulder and pulled him with her, "c'mon, let's go say hi to our new friends!"