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I am restarting this fic from scratch. The reason for this is because I have become a much more mature writer and have become stuck on the silly errors or unlikely occurences in my previous fic and have run dry of inspiration.

I hope that by restarting this fic I can write it much better and it will become more gripping. The original fic has been empty of reviews for 2 chapters.

If you want to see the Legend of the Super Saiyans in Chapter 1, I am rewriting that as a new, separate fanfiction.

This chapter takes place directly after Episode 288, 'He's Always Late'.

The Son family walked through the lust forests of Mount Paozu, returning from Bulma's party. Chi-Chi walked in front. Goku hung back with his sons, sensing that Chi-Chi was still a little mad about his lateness for the sake of a group of Pterodactyl eggs.

"Mom was an... interesting dancer," Gohan said, telling Goku of the events of the party. "She has this Martial-arts style. Floored us all!"

"Really?" Goku said. Chi-Chi looked back for a moment. "Uhh... What am I saying? Of course she has!" he said nervously.

"At least I don't think the Tango is a fruit" she said.

The three males laughed and Chi-Chi looked forward again.

"Daddy?" Goku looked down to his youngest son, Goten, who was staring at his forhead. "Did you get that bump on your head by that fish?"

"No, Goten! I got it from your mom for ruining my suit!"

They laughed again.

As they walked onwards, Goku couldn't help but notice his son's penetrating gaze remain on him. A few minutes later, he looked at his youngest son again.

"What's the matter?" said Goku. "You got something to say, Goten?"

Goten nodded, and looked down. "Dad... Now you've defeated Buu, does this mean you are the Legendary Super Saiyan?"

The group abruptly stopped walking. Goku looked upwards whilst Gohan and Chi-Chi stared at Goten. Goku crouched down next to Goten.

"Now, son," he said softly. "I may be pretty strong, but I've not been stronger than anyone else."

"Yes you are! You defeated Buu, Daddy! He killed me, Trunks, Mr Vegeta and even Gohan!"

"But I wasn't stronger than Gohan. And besides, Broly beat me to a pulp! The question you have to ask yourself is, is there a Legendary Super Saiyan?" He winked, and stood.
"C'mon, Son!" Goku lifted Goten onto his back. "Nearly there! What'cha say we eat when we go home?"

Goten brightened immediately. "Will there be cake?"

Chi-Chi sighed. "Haven't you both just eaten?"

The three Saiyans looked at each other nervously, before Gohan said "This is Dad and his kids you're talking about, Mother!"

Everyone laughed and Chi-Chi chuckled. "Cake is a possibility, Goten. If Gohan does his homework."

"Aww, c'mon Mom!"

They walked off into the distance, the echoes of laughter bouncing behind them.

Meanwhile, Goten came to a conclusion:

He was going to prove that Son Goku was the Legendary Super Saiyan.