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Author's Note: This takes place the day before Harry's 2nd year, outside of Hogwarts. Not an AU, and NOT a slash. Luna and Giny are friends. Also, this Fic is dedictaed to one of my best friends, PhoenixFlameGinny67, who I'm sure can understand the feeling of a cool, calm happiness. So, enjoy, and please review. Don't be afraid to set my hair on fire with rage, as long as it's important and helpful. You suck doesn't count as helpfull or important, nor do variations.

Thunder rolled.

Pale clouds sat.

Mist hovered.

The dark of the trees covered all. Muffling sounds from without, cradling those within, sharpening them to the sound of nature, everything felt in unison here. Things wove together into the backdrop for thought.

As Luna walked, her bare feet padded onto moist ground, chilling her heel and toes in a satisfactory way. She stared a yard ahead of them, her vision stopping before the parted curtain of kinky blond hair, allowing her sight to turn inward for examination.

Crack. Crunch. Wheuw...

Words came without acknowledgement, referencing to things she fundementally knew: Tomorrow was the first of September. Tomorrow she would leave home. Tomorrow she would leave her she would leave Daddy.

And some things she'd been wondering on: Tomorrow she might make a friend. Tomorrow she might be in Ravenclaw. Tomorrow she might find a thestral. Tomorrow she might lose Mum again.

Though she lived with her father, and her mother had died almost three years ago, she felt that she still was with her. Not in the sentimental, corny way, but in a true, comforting way, that you can only accept if you've lost someone dear. Now that she was leaving, she was worried. Daddy would still be home, physical in existence. But Mum was a free spirit. What if Luna's leaving meant they lost each other, both wandering off in search of the others comfort? What if Mum tried to watch her, follow her mind, and got confused with all the students? What if she never felt that cool, calm she had right now, knowing that she was followed, watched every day, by someone who loved her?


A twig broke somewhere. Looking around, Luna found not the being who created the sound, but instead a flourishing bush, adorned with small pink berries.

"Fairy's Current..." she whispered to herself, bending down and plucking off a round fruit. Rolling out her her tongue, she took the berry between two fingers and squeezed, letting a dribble of purple juice fall into her mouth.

Her mother had shown her a bush when she was six, and ever since, Luna had recognized the plant, delighting as they spread around the woods behind the Rook, as Daddy called their house.

Pondering it, Luna realized how common Fairy's Current was, and that it would probably be growing somewhere near the Castle. Perhaps even in the green houses, which she'd heard were extensive.

Rap, rap, rap.

Luna heard a gentle knocking on a tree. This time when her head twirled around, she spotted the flow of auburn red hair.

"Hi, Luna."

"Hello, Ginny."

Peeking from behind the tree, Luna's only childhood friend stepped forward, wearing pale green capris and a periwinkle t-shirt. She was also barefoot.

"Looking forward to tomorrow?" Luna asked, gazing at Ginny, but plopping berries into a tiny hand basket distractedly.

Tucking back a flame of hair, Ginny's chocolate eyes met the steely blue of Luna's as she bit her lip and replied. "Yeah, I am."

Smiling, Luna's face darted up again. "Coincidentally, so am I."