A/N: Hi guys. I haven't been writing since I ended my story. It makes me want to cry. But I have this. It's really short, but it's something. And maybe it'll make me want to write more. So, enjoy.

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Stealing Lassie's Heart. ~

Shawn pranced into the police station, Gus following suit, with a wide smile consuming his face. He had a plan. And this time, it would work. After all these years of trying to seduce Lassiter, today would be the day. Because he would ham it up so badly that Lassie would be able to do nothing but melt.


Shawn spoke in a sing-song voice.

"What do you want, Spencer?"

Apparently, Lassie was tense today. But that didn't matter. Shawn magically pulled a marker out of his pocket.

"I have a very important question for you that involves me drawing on your hand."

Shawn drew a black line across Lassie's hand, and a bunny on one side of it.

"Now, it's a very, very long river. How does the bunny get across?"

"Well, he could just jump in and swim."

Lassiter's voice was dripping in sarcasm.

"No he can't, Lassie! He'd go glub-glub-glub-glub and he'd drown!"

"I don't know then! He could jump across rocks?"

"No, they'd be wet. He'd slip, fall in and be dead."

After a few more ridiculous ideas, Lassie caved.

"Then how in the world does the bunny get across, Spencer?"

Shawn was pretty certain that the entire building heard that. Mainly because they were all staring.

"I don't know. I just wanted an excuse to hold your hand."

Lassie wanted to yell at Shawn so bad, but he couldn't do it. The look on Shawn's face was too-fucking-adorable. So he did the only other thing he knew to do. He pulled Shawn closer and kissed him. When they pulled away, Shawn had a smirk across his face.

"Wow, Lassie. If I knew that actually would've worked I would have done it a long time ago."

"Oh, shut up Spencer."

"Only if you kiss me again."

And how could Lassie say no to that? The two kissed again as they completely ignored the rest of the building.

They noticed a few things, though. Like Jules jumping up and down in excitement. Like Gus trying to act as if he didn't know either of them. They noticed Henry's face turn white as a ghost. And they definitely noticed everyone who dropped their coffee in shock.

But they didn't care. Because they could finally just be happy.