Moose's Pov

I was sleeping for what seemed a couple of minutes but actually it was almost the afternoon when the sudden ring of my cellphone woke me up. I made my way to my desk trying to find my cellphone in the mix of papers while yawning, honestly I would much rather keep sleeping but maybe is something important. Finally I found it and before was flashing the smiling picture of Luke!.

"Hey Man!" I said the second I press the screen I miss him so much, I always felt understand by him and with everything that was going on with my life now I really needed to talk to him more than ever. "Took you long enough, I thought I was going to have to leave a voice mail and I hate doing that" Luke sounded so awkward in those voice mails, I remember the twins blasting one recorded message he left them once in the speaker room, we all laugh for weeks after that. "I'm sorry I was sleeping". Just then I notice the clock on my laptop it was 1pm I had slept all threw my morning classes it was probably because of all the nightmares I was having.

"Are you there?" I realize that I must have space out thinking about my nightmare while talking to Luke. "Yeah sorry so you were saying?" I try really hard to stay focus the entire conversation but my mind kept wondering back and I just couldn't stop myself spacing out again. "So that's pretty much it." That was the only thing I actually heard him say of the entire conversation and that ladies and gentleman is way I suck sometimes. "Oh, I'm sorry dude I'm just feeling down what did you say?" . I heard Luke sighed " Dude, just come to the pirate house ok?" "Why?" Luke started laughing "Because I just told you I'm in town dude! I'm waiting for you" He hung up and I just stay looking at the phone with my eyes wide open. I run out of my room to then walk back in again and actually get dress up because even if the pirates are my friends I know that going to their houses only wearing boxes wouldn't settle well with them.

After changing I run to meet Luke, we hug and before I could ask him anything about him or what was he doing in NY he sat me down and ask what was wrong with me. Have you ever see does movies were two girls seat around with a huge ice cream and started sobbing about their lives well pretty much that but without the ice cream, which sucks because it always seems like that is the best part. Once I finish telling him everything he just stay quite looking at me, "Well say something? You are freaking me out here".

"You love Cam but you are dating Sophie" Luke said tilting his head to the side.

"What?. No I'm not dating Sophie. Why does everyone thinks that?!" I said throwing my hands to the air.

"Ok, Well we are having a little get together today invite Sophie. I'll call the rest of the gang and we all get to know her."

That was the last thing he said before giving me hard look and walking away from the room, I was about to follow him and asking why was he doing that but I decided against it. It was almost 5 and if I wanted to make at least one of my classes for the day I needed to run. I said bye to the pirates that were talking near the door and texted something asking her if she wanted to come to the party. It was her night out so I really didn't see any reason why would she said no, I went to class and the to pick up Sophie.

"Hey Alexander" She said as she open the door to her apartment, she was dress in pretty dress.

"Hi, Ready?" I said while offering my arm to her.

"Sure, but I was thinking that maybe we could go to see some of my friends first".

I had a terrible flashback of the times in MSA when she would say things like that and we ended up not going to any of my friends parties, I even miss Cam's birthday party one year luckily I had seen her early that day still I didn't like that Sophie was trying to pull a fast one on me.

"Of course Soph, right after we get to the pirates, ok? Great" I gently pull her into a taxi, she seemed surprise and little angry but like always she cover it but talking about another subject, she never like loosing.

We arrive to the pirates house and everyone was there, I found Jhon with K and Duff talking to the Jacob near the entrance, I wonder where Cam was. I approach them with Sophie following me close behind.

"Hey guys, I'm glad you are all here" I smile at them but feel suddenly very awkward when all of them turned and look at me with stone cold faces. Jacob was the first to talk but his greetings were directed at Sophie follow by John and K.

"So where is Cam?" I decided that even though they were acting weird they still were my best chance to know about her.

"She went to the bathroom, she should be right back." Just as K was finish saying this I saw Cam laughing with Luke at the other side of the room.

I found myself smiling at them and I start to walking there way.

"Hey" They both turned to look at me with a surprise look on their face and I felt awkward again like I just interrupted a private moment between them but I really don't understand why, he is my best friend and she is my girlfriend and they were just talking in the middle of the party still awkward.

" Hello Cam, Alexander please don't just leave standing there alone I don't know this people" I turned and look at a very angry Sophie standing next to me.

Exactly when did she walk my way? I was about to say I'm sorry when look decided to introduce himself to her.

"Hi I'm Luke, you must be Sophie" He extended his hand to her and give a shy smile.

"Nice to meet you, yes I'm Sophie". She shook his hand but remain serious.

"Well I'm glad to meet another dancer, we love to see different styles here and Moose tells me that you extremely good."

"Oh thanks, I am classically train and I graduate top of my class. I always told Alexander that is important to take one very serious when dancing is involve."

"Yeah sure" Luke seemed a little disturbed but the mm let's call it passion Sophie show when talking about dancing but hey we are all passion about it.

"So, you all study together?" Luke try to kept to conversation going.

"Well actually Sophie graduated before us, we graduate a semester after she did. But we share some classes together although we did see each other on regular basis." Cam said with a smile on her face I never like when she gave those fake smiles, sure some people wouldn't notice that they are fake but you could see that they never reach her eyes.

We made small talk for a while mostly answering questions from Luke when suddenly he ask about Cam something about Logan and I saw red, I swear I dislike that guy so much is not even funny. She started to talk about him trying to dance the other day in the speaker room and falling and she was laughing, I miss being the one that makes her laugh like that.

"So is he your boyfriend?" The three of us turned to see Sophie after she ask that. I think my eyes were practically falling out of my face.

"What?!" I didn't mean to yell at her but how can she think that guy was Cam's boyfriend? Is obvious he is not her boyfriend come on, he is not even a dancer!. At the same time Cam said something.

"No, he is not" Her eyes were directed at me fill with disappointment.

"Oh ok, there was no need to shout at me Alexander it was just a question."

"Well there is some reason Sophie, I'm Cam's boyfriend"

I felt myself like being in a movie were they shoot those 360º angles and I just wonder how could I saw everything at the same time. First it was the look of total shock on Sophie's face, then Cam smiling at me while biting her lip to the left Luke smirking at the situation. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jhon, K and Jacob with a look of shock that could mirror Sophie's but I could tell they well also smiling at me and it felt great. Now I said I could see 360º and the last part wasn't intentional but once I felt Sophie's hand slapping me so hard that made my head turn completely and I saw the look of shock in all the pirates in the room.