Moose's POV

What the hell just happened? I turned to see Sophie and if I wasn't a fully grown man I would have run for my life by now because oh my god she seems sooo mad. I mean mad like I'm going to kill you mad.

"What was that for?" I said rubbing my cheek and checking for any sings of blood.

"What do you mean she is your girlfriend?" She pretty much spat at me.

"He means that we are in a relationship like an exclusive relationship for several months now," I could swear Camille was smirking right now but the hit was so hard that my vision is a little blurry.

"What? But we've being dating for months now!"

It was my time to be shock what did she mean by that? Was this all a joke the guys prepared? Why would she think we were dating? Come on does everybody thinks that?!.

"Say something Alexander!"

"Yeah Moose say something" I'm sure Luke is smirking he even seem please with this situation I turn to see John, K and Jacob approaching us with satisfied looks on their faces and moving there heads like telling me to go on with my explanation so I turned to Sophie.

"Sophie, look I don't know why you thought that but we weren't dating. I just went out with you as a friend nothing less and nothing more. I love Cam and she is my girlfriend."

"Are you kidding me? How can you say something like that. You look for me you were the one asking me out and inviting me to eat..."

" a friend Sophie, I ask you out as a friend" I try to look at the rest of them as to signal them to leave us. Yes we were in the middle of a party but I was sure there was no way I could ask Sophie to talk in private.

From the corner of my eyes I saw the rest of the pirates leaving the room some by own choice and some being drag out by other members but John, K, Jacob, Cam and Luke, remind still watching the scene. I wasn't surprise to see K giggling a little but what really shock me was that Cam was suppressing a smile too. The urge to tell them that this wasn't funny grew on me but I had to take care of the Sophie situation first.

"Look Alexander, I had a really hard time giving you a second chance after all that happened between us at MSA. Really I was hoping you were a little more mature now but the fact that you think you can do this to me is sick. And you Camille what is wrong with you?"

"I never meant to do anything to you Soph ok? I just look for you because I missed having you as a friend"

"We were never friends!"

That actually hurt me, what did she mean by that? Of course we were friends, we dated for almost the entire time I was at MSA. Sure maybe she wasn't my best friend because once I met Cam she became my best friend but before she arrived well yeah before she arrived Andie was my best friend. My mind started to review all my relationship with Sophie and oh my god she was right, we were never friends. Why did I look for her? It was like my entire relationship was passing in front of me and I dislike it, all of it.

"Sophie look I know this must be hard for you but I'm sure Moose here didn't mean any harm, you know how..."

"Excuse me, I just met you ok? So how about you do not intervene in my conversations, got it Tod?"

"My name is Luke no Tod and I was just trying to stated a very obvious point here"

" Again I don't care what you have to say, ok? Camille explain yourself." I turned and saw a shock Cam looking at Sophie.

"Me? Explain what?" Cam seemed mad but I could tell she was trying her best not to show it.

"Are you so desperate to have Moose like you that you don't care he cheats on you?" Oh no, she didn't just said that did she?

"Sophie! Don't talk to her like that. I never cheated on her, I would never cheat on you Cam I promise. Look I get I miss handle the situation but I want to make one thing perfectly clear to you. I love Cam, she loves me and I never wanted more from you than to be your friend." And again she slap me, really what did I ever like her? Ballerinas are suppose to be delicate little creatures not a wannabe WWF fighter?

"You all are crazy I don't even want to be near you. When you realize the huge mistake that you made forget about me because I'm done with you, with all of you!"

With that she walked out of the party, the pirate house and luckily my life.

"That was awkward" Luke said while laughing and we all join in because the entire situation was so out of this world.

I just couldn't believe everything that had happened since the start of the party. Jacob said he was going to see where the other pirates went, I'm pretty sure they are close because nobody wants to miss a fight. John, Luke and K decided to join Jacob in his search and I guess that meant they wanted to give Cam and me a chance to talk things out.

"I'm sorry" Cam look at me with a small smile playing on her lips.

"About what?" She said raising an eyebrow I think she is actually testing me to see if I finally realize what I did wrong"

"Everything. I actually get it now and really there is only one thing I don't understand?"


Everybody decided that it was time for them to come back to the party and our conversation was cut short, I just whisper to her that I'll talk to her later and we join the celebration.

Cam's POV

Aside of the Sophie incident I think the party was a success we were all glad Luke was back even though it was only for a couple of weeks. We spend most of the time talking and yes there was dancing but the best thing of the night for me was that Moose never left my side although he seemed to be thinking about something because he space out a lot.

I yawn for the third time when Moose grab my hand and told everybody we were leaving because I was tired, I was about to say something but he wrapped one arm around my waist and gave me a kiss on the head. We walk in comfortable silence all the way back to my apartment sometimes he would pull me to him a little tighter but said nothing. Once we got there I invited him to stay and although he seemed hesitant he agree, I changed into my Pj's and went I got back to my room he was laying on my bed looking at the celling.

"Ok, just tell me why are you acting all weird?" He look at me surprise for a moment before sitting up.

"I was thinking about this past weeks, how I acted towards you andI'm sorry Cam I really am". I could hear the sadness in his voice and it made me feel love? Yeah love like he sincerely felt awful about what happened between us.

"I'm just glad you finally understand why I wasn't happy about you being near her"

Moose took my hand and made sit in the bed beside him, I felt bad for him he seemed so sad.

"I do, I think it all comes back to me being afraid of us. I'm sure I Iove you Cam but is like part of me is afraid of know" He look into my eyes like trying to convey something.

"Nope" I shake my head because actually I didn't understand what he was talking about.

He sighed and smile a little bit. "Remember how I'm always telling you that you are "it" for me?"...I nod and he continue.. "Well I mean it, like I don't want to loose you and part of me was trying to see what went wrong with Sophie when I was with her, because I don't want anything to go bad with you. We were happy or at least I thought so and when she broke up with me I was left with nothing not even an explanation, I wanted her to like me again, to see if she regrets leaving me, not because I want to be with her but if she did I knew I was a better version of myself and I want to be the best for you. And if being with her it was less pressure for me because if things went wrong well I was ok with that."

He smile and I was sure he said something important for us but for the life of me I just couldn't understand and I was scare because come on, he is Moose and if he is being the philosophical in the relationship then things are weird. I'm sure in Moose's universe he made sense but come on it was the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. He pull my face to his and start to stroke my cheeks with his thumbs and whisper something in my ear but feeling his hot breath so near make me dizzy and didn't understand what he said.

"What?" I whisper while getting lost in his eyes.

Moose started to chuckle and I couldn't help but to smile.

"Cam I want you be my last. I love you, I want you and me to be each other last. Maybe I wasn't your first kiss but I want to be your last kiss, your last boyfriend and the last person you are going to fall in love with."

He leaned in and we kiss and for the first time I felt like we were talking threw the kiss, he was trying to convey how he felt about us and I try my best to respond. I could have been a very passionate kiss for everything that was in it, but it ended up being very sweet and chaste.

"Cam, I know we are young and we don't know what live is going to put us threw but I want to promise to you here and now that you are the only thing that I would never let go. Maybe in a couple of years I'll stop dancing or change majors, I don't know but I can promise you that I'm always going to love you. And yes I wasn't your first boyfriend but I'm planing to be your only husband"

The sincerity of his words just made tear up a little, he kiss the tears off me and smile. I smile up to him and give him a soft kiss. "I want that too and I think we are going to make, but please stop trying to be a better version of yourself by going out with your exes."

He and pull me into a tight hug. " I promise Cam, and you know what we still have first times to share with each other and I'm ready for all of them" He started to wiggle his eyebrows and couldn't help but laugh and playfully slap him in the arm.

I love him and sure we have plenty to live together but I think everything is going to be ok as long as we listen to each other and not just try to do what each other think is best for the other.

The END.

Yeah that was the end of the story I really didn't like it but I think is because is hard to say goodbye to them, I think I'm going to write another story about them but I'm not sure about what is going to be about yet but I already miss them so expect it soon.

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