~Away With Love~*

Hermione was busy packing her bags. She wiped a hand across her face catching the stray tears that were still falling. The battle with Voldemort was over and done but even her parents knew of the threats that were to come. The death eaters were on a rise to avenge their dead leader. Lucius Malfoy had taken charge in Voldemort's place. They were not going to fall that easily. After the war, the Malfoy family had fled and looked like cowards. They weren't anymore.

Hermione sighed and sat down on the edge of her bed. She let the shirt that she had been holding fall to the floor. Because of the mayhem that was going on her parents feared sending her back to Hogwarts. Instead, they transferred her to a school as far away as she could possibly get. Hermione had been fortunate enough in her previous years to take several classes of Japanese. She had become quite fluent in it during her studies and this is why her parents decided to send her to Japan. They had done their research and had chosen to enroll her in a quaint little school located on Astrea Hill. The area was made up of three separate schools. St. Lulim, St. Spica, and St. Miator. All three were all girls' schools.

She threw the last bit of clothing in her suitcase and zipped it shut. Her parents weren't allowing her to bring anything from home; none of her books, not even her wand. She would be without magic for a full year. It would be hard but she could handle it.

"Hermione! Are you ready? We have to get to the airport!" Her mother called from downstairs.

"Coming mum!" Hermione called back. She pulled her suitcase from the bed and left her room. She took one last glance into her bedroom and then shut the door behind her and headed down the stairs. Her mother and father were waiting for her in the entryway and smiled at her as she came down.

"Are you ready dear?" Her mother asked. Hermione sighed but smiled.

"As ready as I'll ever be I guess." She said. Her mother smiled and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"It'll be fine." She said comfortingly. Hermione smiled at her.

"I know mum." She hugged her tightly. Her mother pulled away and gazed into her eyes.

"You'll be fine. Now come on. We have to get to the airport." She pulled away from Hermione and they left the house. Hermione sighed in the back seat of the car as she watched her house growing smaller and smaller in the distance. Normally she would've been excited knowing she was going back to school. Not this time however. She would probably never see Hogwarts again.