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In our world a girl dies tragically, in another world a new pokémon species is born. Oh, did I mention that she has all the her former memories?


They say when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. Some say that you'll get rewarded for every good action you take during your life... and punished for every bad…

To live your life, then to fall at your preordained fate.

Maybe they are right…maybe they are wrong. Who cares...

I know I sure don't.

All I know is that we are put here for a reason. We have to be. Why else do we exist otherwise?

I mean...surely there has to be a purpose.

Maybe it's just to enjoy ourselves… or maybe it's simply so that we can eventually die. That is a purpose after all; a destiny, all by itself.

My own life? Well, I'm actually on my second life right now...

In fact, I'm currently several hundred years old. I could be wrong though, time, as such, has no real meaning to me. Not anymore.

My first life was not very spectacular to say the least…and quite short too. You know: Normal boring childhood, normal boring job, and…


I'm sorry….how rude of me…


Let me introduce myself: My name is… or rather was: Diana Destiny Smith; a fairly common gal in a fairly common world. Of course, that was back then. Now! Now I'm only called Destiny. Destiny to a select few... A level three evolution named Paradeon to everybody else.

Yes…. that's right, I am what is known as a pokémon. I am a beast that has the ability to control and use dangerous elemental powers.

Officially... I am a pseudo legendary, one of the 'Legendary Ketchum Six,' once owned by the late legendary Champion and Aura Guardian; Ash Ketchum, now owned by his great granddaughter; Clare 'Electra' Ketchum.

Unofficially however... I am a high tier Legendary juggernaut, on par with the Deity Three, Dialga, Palkia and Giratina.

I am only a pseudo because of a mere... technicality...

But enough of that for now.

What you need to know is that I was not always a pokémon.

At one stage, I was just your everyday common female city girl, age 26, and a secretary in a local bookstore.

I'd tell you more, for example how I used to look, but then again…why bother. It's not as if it were exactly important anyway. Not anymore.

No, I'm not going to tell you much about 'that' life. It's much too depressing anyway.

What I will tell you, however, is that I was a lonely person. A loner if ever there was one.

My parents; may they rest in peace, died in a car accident a few years before my own death and I had no other relatives...not since old grandma had passed away when I was six.

Lucky me!

That was me being sarcastic by the way in case you hadn't noticed.

So!... Where was I?.. Ah!...yes!... What you need to know is that I was also a large pokémon fan back then, still am in fact, just differently now. Well... being one myself can do that to you. As it was, the knowledge I was allowed to keep from my first life really helped me out a lot later on.

Anyway, enough about little old former me, let's talk about the new…err…I mean the newer me. I am after all several centuries old right now…not exactly 'new' if you think about it. Well,... Not by human standards at least.

As I was saying, I died. I was pushing up daisies, six feet under…

Well, perhaps not exactly six feet under as that would have been impossible. I doubt there was much left of me back then to scrape of a wall, lets not even talk about putting into a grave, but I digress… I died, it's not really important how, but I died, all because some idiot woke up cranky that day and thought being a terrorist would be fun.

So! There I was…

Ah…well…talk is cheep I always say. Actions make things so much clearer. Why don't I just show you what happened. I'll even go a bit further and tell you what happened afterwards…

So! Here it is... This is the story of the end of my first life…and the start of my second life.

It all started when…

CH1 Death is only the beginning

Several centuries ago, in a different world; one frighteningly familiar to us.

"Hi John," said a girl with long black wavy hair as she walked up to a small kiosk to buy her daily train ticket. It was morning time, during the morning rush hour, and like many others she was on her way to work.

"Good morning Anna, the same as usual I presume?" a man named John replied kindly, already handing out the ticket to her.

"The same as every other day John, " said the girl as she handed the man the usual dollar.

"You might have to wait a while, trains a little late today, I'm afraid,' John added as he put the dollar away.

"Oh! Why's that?" asked the girl looking up from her newly purchased ticket. She hoped she wouldn't be late today. Being late for work was, after all, never good. It made the boss cranky... and a cranky boss was...well... not good.

"Don't really know. Something about somebody protesting at the station; Said there was an anonymous tip off about a bomb on board if you would believe it," John said laughing slightly. It was pretty clear he didn't really believe it.

"Oh! That doesn't sound good," the girl said, suddenly anxious. Who could blame her, she was about to use the same train, after all.

"Don't worry, it's perfectly safe. They checked the train, twice. Didn't find anything," John said waving her on so that he could serve the next person in the queue.

Walking towards the usual platform, Diana couldn't lose the sudden feeling of dread she now felt. She suddenly had a very strong urge to go back home.

'Maybe I should call in sick and skip work today,' she wondered as she waited. However, she quickly changed her mind when she thought of the multiple bills that were waiting on her kitchen table, back home.

'Too late now, if I don't take the train now I'll be late… besides… they did search the train…right?' she reminded herself. 'Surely they would have found something,' she thought as she saw the train arrive.

Sighing to herself, slightly cursing John for scaring her like that, she soon pushed aside her fear and boarded the train.

'At least if I die I won't have to pay the bills,' she thought, a small half smile forming on her lips as she took a seat near to the door.

'I swear those darn things multiply faster than paperwork,' she thought, her smile changing to a full one, just before the doors closed.

Several stops later she soon put John's warning out of her head. 'Only a few more stops then I'll be at work,' she thought to herself as the train started moving off again for the umpteenth time that morning.

Then it happened.

Suddenly a man got down onto his knees, put his hands together as if to pray and started to loudly call out, asking God - or a god - for forgiveness. He looked normal enough, but that act alone made Diana feel very nervous and made her heart play a tango inside her chest.

Another person soon got up and went over to the praying man.

"Are you ok?" he asked, cautiously.

The man stopped praying and looked up, a smile on his face..

"Yes, my good man… I'm fine. More than fine. Rejoice, for now we rejoin the maker of all and dine at his table."

That was the last thing anybody on the train ever heard, for a second later, the man's smile changed into a fanatic grin, then he pulled something from inside his coat.

Diana didn't even have time to blink. A loud quick explosion, a huge fireball and a massive shockwave later, everything went black.

Well…there you have it...I'm dead. Or rather, I died. And all because of a fanatic who took the meaning of his faith a bit too seriously.

Well,... at least I didn't feel any pain in my last few moments. It all happened so quickly, I didn't have time to feel pain as my body was torn into multiple pieces; burnt into fine dust, before it was then then blown all over the place by the resulting shockwave.

I guess I should be thankful for that.

Seriously though... First my grandfather dies in a plane crash before I was born. Then my grandmother dies in that house fire when I was six….

My parents soon followed, both died in a car crash just two years ago…and now... now it was simply my turn. Only in my case it was due to a fanatical madman who thought it was the right time to feast with the maker…. oh what fun.

Life's a peace of shit when you look at it…and sometimes you really wonder why.

That was definitely true for me and my family…I mean come on…my family had to have been under a curse…that's just not normal.

So… here I was dead, surrounded by quiet pitch-black darkness, waiting for the grim reaper - or whoever it is that comes when you kick the final bucket - to pick me up.

Amazing just how much time a person…or rather a soul has; to think about their former life, while they wait for the ferryman of the Styx, to take them on his little boat to… wherever it is you go when you die. It didn't help that there was no ferry in sight, let's not even talk about the so-called legendary ferryman. Hell I didn't even have the dime I would have needed to pay him...

Not that I really cared about that at that moment.

So! Here I was…waiting in pitch-black darkness of death. I couldn't see a single atom of light, nothing, no light, no sound, no taste, no smell… nothing to do but think...

No real way to decrease my ever-increasing boredom… Oh what joy!

By the way that was me being sarcastic again... but I'm sure you knew that.

Anyway, let's continue…

Time has no meaning when you're dead. It's not like a soul has any appointments when their dead…well, except the one with the grim reaper perhaps…and even then they are not exactly expected to be on time for that either. It's the reaper who has to be on time for that special occasion. Of course, Deaths never late. It comes directly when it means to. Not a moment too soon... not a moment too late... In fact, one could argue, that there is no such thing as being late when your dead.

And this is where the soul of the girl who had just died...'me'... could now be found.

Diana didn't know just how long she had been in the darkness. With nothing to do but wait, time seemed to crawl. It could have been hours, or years. It didn't matter. So it was for that reason why she was very startled when….suddenly...

"Good, your still here, looks like she kept her promise after all."

….a voice rang out of the darkness,

Had Diana still been alive she probably would have had a heart attack. Luckily she was already dead, so it didn't matter anymore.

The voice had, after all, originated from right beside her ear.

"Aaah!" she screamed, something, which she had been incapable of doing mere moments ago, since mere moments ago sound and therefore speech had seemingly not existed.

"He he he…gets them every time," The voice said, clear amusement in its voice.

"Who are you? Where am I? What do you want?" Diana asked, loudly at first, but then with a more normal tone of voice, quickly recovering from her shock.

"Quick to the point, eh! I like that…however, before I can answer any of your questions, I'm afraid I have one for you first," the voice answered.

"Err…ok," said Diana.

"Was it worth it?" the voice asked.

"Eh?…what do you mean?" Diana asked.

"Your life…was it worth it?" the voice clarified.

"Erm… Not really, so no!" Diana answered, somewhat confused with where this was going, but deciding it was a death thing, she decided to humor the voice and answer.

"If you could, would you live it again?"

She thought for a brief second but then answered; "Err…no…not really."

"Oh…Why not?" asked the voice.

"Well…it wasn't a very good life now, was it?...erm...why are you asking me these questions?" Diana asked. The voice however ignored her.

"I see…what if I allowed you to live it again with the full knowledge of your life so far? Would you do it then?" the voice asked.

Diana was shocked. "You can do that?" she asked.

"Please answer the question," the voice ordered.

Diana thought for a while, weighing the good and bad and was about to say yes, but then changed her mind and finally, sadly, shook her head…

"No thanks…once is more than enough."

"Oh!" said the voice. "Why not? Wouldn't you like to be able to change all the bad things in your life? Wouldn't you like to see your family again? Wouldn't you like to save them?" the voice asked, kindly.

"Well…I agree, it would be tempting," Diana agreed. "However, I would probably go crazy trying to change things…you see…I only see two outcomes, none of which interest me really," Diana said, then paused.

"Go on," the voice said, still kindly.

"I mean…in one case I'd try to change the past…or is that the future? Anyway…I'd change the past…no doubt I'd become famous and rich…and while I would, no doubt, enjoy that for a while…it would also mean I'd have no real freedoms anymore either. I might even have to hire bodyguards once people found out I could accurately foretell the future…, which is something I really don't want and something which I'm pretty sure will happen if I went back.

Oh the other hand… I could try to only change a few things, but otherwise keep the original timeline intact. I'd probably slip up somewhere…or get bored. And the fact that I could change something would continuously nag me too…so…no…I really don't want to do it again. Thanks, but no thanks," Diana answered.

"Is that your final answer?" the voice asked.

"Yes!" Diana answered, though slightly unsure.

"Are you sure?" the voice asked again.

"YES!" Diana said, this time with conviction.

"Hmm…interesting…all right, then so be it! I think you will do," the voice replied happily. "In that case I have an alternate offer for you. What would you say if I told you I could give you another life…one with your current knowledge intact, however this time you would be in a different world, different to your own, yet still similar; one which deals with certain creatures I believe you are very familiar with…"

It might have taken a few seconds for her brain to fully understand, but at that moment, had Diana still had her old eyes, they would now have been wide open in shock. "You mean…" she said, hopefully.

"Yes! That's right…the world of pokémon.

"You can do that?" Diana asked, hope, but also disbelief present in her voice.

"I wouldn't offer it to you if I couldn't," the voice answered back, amused by her disbelief.

Diana was shocked. Here she was…in a black void or nothingness, talking to a mysterious voice…a voice, which was offering her one of her largest wishes…one of her largest fantasies. It was all too good to be true. She really would not have been surprised if this was all just a large dream and she would suddenly wake up again in her bed…

"That sounds great…I'd love to…but wait…what's the catch? There is always a catch. What is it?" Diana asked, suddenly very weary and afraid again. What would the infamous catch be? she asked herself. Her soul?

"Ah yes…the infamous catch," the voice chuckled.

"Well…your right….there is a catch, two in fact…but it's not something you'll be unhappy about…I think," the voice said.

"Yes?" Diana asked fearfully. What would she have to do in return to be able to live her fantasy?

"I want you to help the hero…my chosen one…you know who he is… I want you to find him… help him in his future endeavours…help him save my world… that's all," the voice answered.

"What? That's it?…I mean sure… I'd love to…I would have done that anyway…but…

Suddenly she paused.

Wait a second!…does that mean that you're….

The voice chuckled. "That was fast…yes…I am Arceus…the god of all pokémon, the original one…though not the creator of all I'm afraid…that honour goes to somebody else," Arceus said, and suddenly a bright light appeared around him, showing him in all of his white godliness.

Diana was so shocked that all she could say at that moment was one word:


The now named Arceus chuckled. "I'm glad you agree… now then, can I please continue?"

"Um…sure," Diana answered, slightly embarrassed.

"Thank you… As I was saying, I will send you to my world…but…and here is the interesting part and the other catch…not as a human.

"You don't mean!" Diana asked, shocked, yet excited.

"Yes, I am the god of pokémon after all… so obviously your going to be a pokémon…but, not just any pokémon…oh no… your going to be a new breed, something entirely different, something never seen before… something unique…something which will, no doubt, amuse me to no end…and I so love to be amused…" At this moment Arceus began to laugh. "… You my friend…will be a… Paradox," Arceus said and smiled, laughing loudly before stopping suddenly, eyeing Diana with mirth.

"Really? What type will I be? Or is that the type?" Diana asked, now very excited. She didn't care what she was about to become. At this moment she wouldn't have cared if she became a Magikarp….or something similar. Not that there was anything wrong with being a Magikarp…they did after all evolve into a fearsome Gyarados, even if they are very weak at first. She wondered what a Paradox would be though.

"Ah…but that would be telling now, wouldn't it, and I really don't want to ruin the surprise," Arceus said happily, amused by Diana's thoughts.

Diana pouted but finally nodded and agreed as well.

"So…does that mean you accept? Be careful! There won't be any turning back once you say yes," Arceus said, but didn't really expect an answer. Well…not a negative answer.

"Of course...there is no way I would say no to this," Diana answered, excitedly.

"In that case…I won't keep you much longer. Just keep in mind that you will be the first of your kind. So don't expect much help along the way. You will have to find out everything there is to know about your species by yourself. You will also appear in my world inside this unhatched egg," he said. Suddenly a large egg could be seen floating in front of her. ".…so don't be surprised if you have to hatch first…I'm told it can be a bit disorienting at first…but other than that I'm sure you will be just fine," Arceus said, his eyes twinkling in amusement.

Diana could only stare at the egg.

Her egg.

If what Arceus had told her was true. And she had no reason not to believe him. Curious about the egg, realizing she could now move, she floated forward to study it. It was nearly all black, with just a few white spots and stripes in key places along the shell. It also seemed to be shining slightly as if made out of some sort of hard shiny metal.

"I'll let you find out the rest by yourself. Consider it a surprise. I will however tell you one last very important thing before I let you go," Arceus spoke again, several seconds later.

"Oh!,' was Dianas eloquent reply. "What's that?" she asked.

"Your life will not be easy at first. Far from it. So! To help you along...and as a sort of an apology for what will come... I have taken the liberty to link you telepathically to Ash, as well as give you some unique abilities, which I hope will be useful to you as you fulfill your task.

"Now, please note, most of your abilities won't be active at first... and I hope, in the case of one, you will never need it. Your telepathic link will also not be active, at first. It will however automatically activate as soon as you become one of Ash's pokémon. Not before hand. That means; you have to be officially captured by him and have been in one of 'his' pokéballs before they will activate. This is to stop others from fully realising your potential - thereby keeping you from him-...and of course to allow you some time to get used to your body and other abilities first. Now, once it activates you will be able to speak with Ash, but nobody else. Use this to your advantage to...shall we say, steer him on the right path. I hate to say it, but the way he is now...well... we both know he is... well..."

Arceus paused.

"...let's just say he could use really some improvement," Arceus finished saying, with a small embarrassed smile.

Remembering the Ash of the show Diana sweat-dropped and nodded. Canon Ash really wasn't that bright...hopefully she could change that.

"Anyway... Until that time comes, I want you to get used to your new body...and find him. Consider finding him your first task and the telepathic ability your reward," Arceus continued after another few seconds of silence.

"Now! I'll see you…on the other side. Enjoy your new life," he said and with s brief flash of light, Arceus was gone, leaving Diana and the egg behind.

Seeing that she was alone and the only thing of interest near by was the egg, Diana reached out to touch it. The moment she touched it, Diana's world, or rather the way she perceived it, suddenly started to turn and twist. A multicolored flash of bright light later, she was sucked and squeezed right into the egg. Then, another flash of light and the egg was gone.

Believe me when I say…and take this as the gospel truth from someone who had to go through it not just once, but twice… Being born is not a nice experience. Thankfully, I don't remember my first time. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the second.

Being reborn was quite an experience for me. A nasty experience. Indeed, I'm pretty sure it would be quite a horrifying experience for anybody, unless perhaps you were into masochism, and even then I'd doubt it. No wonder why most babies come out kicking and screaming.

I'm not going to go through all the facts, that would be torture, but I'm pretty sure the real reason why new-borns don't remember their births is because the brain protects them from the horrifying experience.

No new-born should be put through such torture…and I'm not talking about what happens during the period of labor, which by itself is already bad enough. I'd bet, what the woman goes though is nothing compared to what the newborn has to cope with. At least I had the luck to be reborn inside an egg and not out of a woman's... um…. I think I'll stop there…

No matter… I'm not sure how I managed to stay sane throughout it all, but after several days…or was it weeks…of being forced to experience my young body growing from a simple zygote into an embryo and from an embryo into my infant pokémon body, I was more than ready to hatch…in fact I was practically begging for it.

It was finally time to hatch! It took a while but Diana finally was able to regain some movement into her, now young, feeble limbs. It was slow at first…agonizingly slow and the nightmares didn't help much either.

First she noticed a finger and from the finger, a hand. Though it didn't feel much like a hand anymore. More like a claw. Well, that was to be expected. She wasn't human anymore after all.

The next thing she noticed was the entirely different shape her new body now had. She was especially exited about her new tail. She now had a tail…cool…and…no fur? How interesting!

Soon after that she noticed that she was missing legs. Now that was the greatest surprise of all.

At first she panicked and wondered how she would be able to move, but then realized that she somehow was able to slither around on the ground, like a snake, or even float and hover above the ground, if she put her mind to it. That, she decided, would become really useful in the future.

Relearning how to use all of her new and different body parts was really annoying at first, to say the least, and really took quite a while and a lot of effort on her part. They simply did not what to obey her brains commands. It didn't help that her new body parts were so different to that of her old body. Nevertheless, she persevered until she finally felt fairly comfortable with her new body. Finally, after what felt like weeks, but was probably less, Diana finally felt she was ready to brave the new world she had been reborn into.

Eating the last of the nice tasting fluid which she had found inside her egg - fluid which Diana had quickly realized, out of pure poke-animalistic basic instinct, was the natural food found inside every pokémon egg, and which was meant for the pokémon trapped inside, so that they could get strong enough and not starve – (not breast milk but the same purpose) she gathered all the courage she had and pushed against the inner wall, which she knew was her egg's shell.

It wasn't easy, at first, being weak as only a newborn could be, but finally the relatively soft membrane that made up her shell, gave way and cracked, allowing the first few rays of light of her second life, to shine into the sanctuary which was her egg.

Suddenly Diana found she could hear sounds coming from the outside. Voices! Voices that sounded really exited. With a pang Diana realized that she was not alone.

'Who could it be? Could it be my new parents? She wondered.

'I wonder what they are. Didn't Arceus say that I was the first of my species? Do I even have parents?' she wondered.

'Well…of course I do…how else would I be born,' she argued with herself. 'Well…only one way to find out I guess.'

Her thirst for knowledge finally overwhelmed her natural fear of the waiting unknown dangers outside. Finding the courage to continue her very own Houdini act, she gave another push, then another... and another. Finally, one more push against the inner wall of her egg, she suddenly heard a loud (for her) crack as another part of the shell suddenly gave way and fell apart, allowing torrents of painfully bright light to sweep inside.

Gasping, Diana was forced to take a few moments to regain her energy and for her eyes to adapt, before she could even think to continue her exodus into freedom. Also, to complicate matters even more, the outside sounded much louder than before. Something her untrained ears were not yet accustomed to either. After several seconds of slight confusion, Diana could finally make out a few words that were being said from the outside of her egg.

"Look! It's finally hatching. Come quick! It's hatching…" said one excited voice. It sounded male.

"Oh this is so exiting. I wonder what it is…I bet it's a male," said a second voice, another male but younger.

"Nah, I bet it's female, yes definitely female. Females are always late," said a third lazy sounding voice, obviously a male.

"Hey…who are you calling late!" said a forth voice." From the pitch of the voice this one was female and sounded rather annoyed.

"Um…no one," the same voice said back, quickly.

"Shh…keep it down. You two can argue later," said a fifth voice. This one sounded older than the others, another female.

Immediately everybody quietened down. The last obviously held some form of control over the others.

Deciding that now was the right time to make her exit from the egg, or rather her entrance into the big bad world, Diana gathered a good portion of the rest of her energy and shoved. A great heave later, another loud crack and a mental cry of 'here I come,' she was free.