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(((I am a Pokédex))) = Pokédex speech

*BOOM* = Loud noises and other similar effects.

"I am your partner"= Destiny speaking with Ash telepathically. (Only Ash and Destiny can hear this)

PARA( 。◕‿‿◕。)DOX

Angry Birds...Pokéstyle - Part 2


The End Of An Era

Previously on Paradox

It was a race against time. He could not afford to fail!

Pallet town was counting on him.

Oh, he knew it would not last for long.

He knew it would only buy some time.

He knew it would fail in a prolonged battle...especially against such overwhelming odds.

But...it was all they had against almost certain doom. Against such overwhelming hate!

He had to get to and activate the towns shield.

It was their only hope.

If he did not...

Then all would be lost.

And then they would all surely die!

And now the continuation:

Professor Oaks Lab, Pallet Town

Professor Oak, many times winner of 'The Best Pokémon Professor Of The Year' award, could hardly believe the dire situation he currently found himself in.

Only a mere day ago he had been enjoying himself, giving out starter pokémon to the newest batch of trainers to graduate from pallet town. Just like he always did on the very same day, for years. A simple routine task which he had been enjoying for many years now, and a task which he seriously hoped to continue for many more years yet to come.

However, instead of enjoying the yearly rewards of said routine task, he was currently frantically rushing towards the towns shield generator, in a desperate race against time.

The price of failure...was almost unthinkable...

The price of failure... was the complete destruction of Pallet!

'How and things come to this?'

'How had things become so horribly bad...so quickly?' he asked himself, wondering where it had all gone wrong.

It had been such a nice day too. There had not even been a single cloud in the sky. A perfect day if ever there was one.

Then suddenly... it had changed.

Changed from a quiet calm summers slumber... into a free-for-all hectic nightmarish fight for survival, against all odds. Odds which were so heavily stacked against them it seemed almost ludicrous.

Nothing could have ever prepared him for... this! Nothing!

One minute... a fine day...



Gasping for air, holding his ribcage with his hands in between labored breaths, he finally reached the shields control station.

Quickly reaching out, quickly inserting the correct security codes when prompted, he slammed his hand down hard on the large red - 'only press in the case of an emergency'- button, of Pallet towns 'mark four' defense shield and defensive systems. Only then did he finally allow himself the luxury of a rest. If only for a short while.

'I'm really getting to old for this shit,' he mumbled to himself, slowly regaining his breath, while he wiped some sweat of his brow and listened to the satisfying sounds of the towns shields and other defenses activating.

Staying just long enough for his breath to settle into a more manageable level and to reassure himself that the shield was now active and working properly and that, yes, the automated defenses had indeed started to defend the town from the overwhelming spearow onslaught, he began to head back towards his personal office.

Briefly stopping to collect a few pokéballs from where he had placed them earlier on, he attached all but one of them to his belt, keeping the last, enlarged, in his hand.

Allowing himself one last wistful look around the room, remembering all the good times he had spent here in the past few decades, he turned around to leave the office for what he knew could very well be the last time.

For now he had a town to defend...and after that...

Well...hopefully he would see.

At that very moment with Arceus

Arceus, god of all Pokémon was worried.

'My twin is early,' Arceus mumbled to himself, as he looked down at the raging battle below.

'Much too early,' he mused with a sigh.

For some reason, the 'End' of the current cycle was approaching faster than before. The war had already started...and his chosen were not yet ready.

No where near ready if he was honest with himself.

How could they be. They had only just met.

Already the attacks which announced the coming end of each age were beginning. The current Fearow and Spearow attacks were only the beginning to what would soon get worse. A lot worse. Before the end.

It always started the same way: First came the random attacks from the local wild pokémon...then an all out war between pokémon and humans...until 'he' himself comes, to end it all in a blaze of world ending, tectonic plate moving, lakes of lava flowing, level of destruction.

And just like that...just like before, there would be nothing he could do to stop it.

He could only delay it.

As always!

Oh, he had hoped that there would be more time to prepare his chosen ones for the upcoming confrontation.

In fact, he had based all his plans on it.

However, it was not to be.

Releasing a rather irked sigh at yet another set back,maybe even another failure, he knew. Just like the last time...and the many countless times before it, he just knew the world would soon be destroyed...and then, just like before, he would be forced to start all over again!

Like a phoenix from the ash's of the previous era... and the other era's before it.

Just like every other time.

Of course, Arceus had tried to stop it from happening before. Of course he had.

He had tried to stop his twin from destroying his creation - 'The Pokémon World' - so many times now, that he had stopped counting the attempts.

But just like each time before it, he had never succeed.

If anything, Arceus mused, 'they' - meaning his twin and his unwilling minions - had only become better at destroying it each time.

It really irked Arceus that all he had ever been able to do was to delay the inevitable...


So much for being a god and having the powers of one.

Being a god didn't mean much if your opponent just happened to be one as well.

Being a god didn't mean much when the other also was a god and just as powerful as you.

And worst of all...what good was it being a god when you needed that very same 'other' to survive...

...just to exist yourself.

Now THAT was the true problem.

He could not kill his twin...he could only stop him...and imprison him.

For a short while that is.

It took a while, a few thousand years or so, but then, then he would find a way to break out and start it all over again.

Still...not all was lost. Not yet.

He still had a few 'Aces' left to play.

For instance...an interesting fact which no one but he, his twin and the other legendaries knew about was that, the legendaries, those few pokémon that survived each 'Purge', were actually the strongest pokémon of each respective 'last world'

The survivors of each respective era.

And while even they didn't survive some times, to be replaced by those who did. Those that did survive, grew stronger... strong enough to eventually join him in the fight against his twin.

And as such, with each era came a new chance.

This time, Arceus swore to himself. This time would be different.

With the others help...and that of his chosen - or so he hoped - they could...No!... they would, finally win.

Come what may, this time, unlike the last time, he had decided to add something...or rather someone extra -someone new, to the never ending game of chess he played against his twin.

An extra queen!

An extra queen to help his King!

One which he hoped would be enough to give him that desperately needed edge during their usual final battle.

True, adding that extra queen, in turn, may have weakened him. It was a gamble. Indeed it was. However, he was tired...

Tired of constant failure.

One way or another...this time it would be enough.

Unfortunately...with the first attacks already starting, Arceus doubted his chosen would have enough time to get strong enough to make a difference.

That was unacceptable.

Annoyed, Arceus cursed the fates and realised that, he would, once again, have to find another way to even the odds back into his favor.

Even if it meant sacrificing others.

Even if it meant letting the enemy win a few battles.

Indeed...even if it meant losing Pallet to the fearows.

Arceus growled angrily.

'Why did it always have to be like this,' he grumbled, already planning the next move, wondering which 'pawn' he would have to sacrifice this time, so that another pawn may yet have a chance to live.

He needed more time. Or rather...his chosen needed more time.

Hmm...maybe if...

No..that won't work...

But how about...

No...that won't work either...

Then how about...


Yes!...Yes, that would do...

That could work...

No! That 'will' work!

They needed to get stronger...fast!

One way to do that would be...

Yes! Arceus decided. There was no choice. Not anymore. Not if he wanted his chosen to have even a ghost of a chance to succeed. Not if he finally wanted to end this ever repeating cycle.

As much as he hated doing so, he would allow his twin this victory. He would sacrifice the many...so that two others can gain the chance to ultimately win.

Maybe then there might finally be an end.

It was gamble...maybe even just a fools hope. But maybe...just maybe it would be enough.

Besides, if he failed was difference would it make.

If he failed they would all soon die any way, only for him to start all over again.

He would just have to make sure that this sacrifice would not be in vain.

If they did 'die', he'd just make sure that they'd all be reborn in the next era.

Having decided what needed to be done, Arceus prepared to act.

He had a certain 'Legend' to contact...

And then...

Then they would see.

Not too far away from Pallet, at that very moment.

Misty Waterflower, 'Cerulean City Gym Leader' and future - or so she hoped - 'Water Pokémon Champion' was enjoying herself, fishing for water pokémon, when she suddenly heard a loud clap of thunder.

Startled out of her day dream - one of her catching...and taming the legendary fierce red gyarados - she looked up at the steadily darkening sky and flinched suddenly when she heard another sudden clap of thunder and felt a drop of water land on her face.

'Strange...I could have sworn the weather forecast was good for today,' she thought with a frown. That frown was soon followed by a curse word, which then in turn turned into a full barrage of swearing when the drop was soon followed by even more drops, which in turn soon escalated into a heavy downpour.

Realising with increasing dismay that it was getting darker and windier by the minute, she instantly decided to stop fishing and quickly pack up her fishing equipment.

"Oh well, the pokémon were not co-operating today anyway," she grumbled to herself, far more annoyed at that moment with the rain, than about the illusive water pokémon.

Doing her best to ignore the rapidly cascading rain, or the fact that her clothes were already sticking to her like a layer of second skin, she started to leisurely walk back up a nearby path to get back to her bicycle.

No reason to hurry, she thought unhappily, annoyed at her plight. She would be wet no matter what she did now anyway.

Never the less...that did not mean she wanted to catch a cold if she could avoid it. The sooner she got out of the rain, the better.

She would have set up her tent...but with the current wind, which was now a strong gust...well, let's just say, she did not feel like buying a new one just yet.

Pallet town and professor Oaks lab would be closest, she mused. Hopefully she would be lucky enough to get to some shelter in time before she got ill.

Alas, it seemed fate...or a certain boy...not to mention a flock of angry birds had other ideas.

Imagine her surprise...then horror, when suddenly a young boy cycled past her on a very familiar bike.

Not just any bike...


Her bike!

It took her a few seconds to realise that, yes, the bicycle, just happened to have the same make and colour... not to mention the rest of her supplies, before it was already too late to stop him.

Eyes widening in alarm, then anger, as realism set in, she screamed in rage and ordered the boy to return immediately and give her back her bike. To no effect! Obviously! It was not like a thief would return with the stolen goods. Not that she had expected it, but still...it would have been nice. She may even have been willing to forgive the thief. After hitting him a few times with her trusty mallet, of course.

Incensed that anybody would even dare to steal her bike, feeling a great desire to use said large mallet on a certain thief's head, she started to run after him.

Or rather, she would have, if at that moment she had not suddenly received another huge shock, much to her increasing horror, in the form of a huge flock of birds.

Understanding at that moment the true meaning behind the boys act of thievery she let out another scream. This time however it was not one of fury, but rather one of fright and panic. Bike forgotten - at least for now - she turned and ran.

At Pallet town.

The defense of Pallet town was going... badly.

Several birds had already made it passed the shield before it had even been raised and while those birds were, at the time, quickly defeated by the towns many defenders, it was now becoming increasingly clear to the town's inhabitants that it was now, not a matter of 'if', but rather a matter of 'when' the shield would fall and the huge army of thousands outside would break through.

Outside the shield thousands of angry spearows and fearows of all shapes and sizes continued to gather and join the attack on the shield, blasting at it with whatever attacks each bird knew. Already the shield was beginning to show signs of strain.

Pallet town may have been one of the few towns to boast a state of the art defense shield, - which it only had due to the fact that Pallet just happened to be the home of the famous pokémon researcher; Professor Samual Oak - but the shields purpose was and had always been to protect against bad weather...and from small attacks...not from an all out attack from every single bird pokémon of the area.

While the shield did indeed provide a decent amount of protection from incoming attacks - even allowing outgoing attacks from the towns trainers and their pokémon - it was simply not designed to protect against such an overwhelming onslaught.

Professor Oak was extremely worried. He had hoped the towns shield, along with the towns trainers, would have been enough to solve their problems. He had hoped that the birds would soon get tired and give up, especially once they received a few casualties and noticed that their attacks were not doing anything. However, that was before he realised just what they were facing. This was not just a small attack of a few unruly pokémon, but an all out attack from probably every single spearow and fearow in the forest.

If anything, their failure to get through the shield only seemed to rile them up even more. The birds seemed to have lost all sense of self preservation and were hell bent on bringing down the shield, no matter the cost.

Having identified the situation for what it was, he had quickly issued orders to get the 'defenseless citizens' into the cellars, emergency bunkers - if they had them - or straight into the tunnels beneath Pallet - if they did not. From there they would then follow the tunnels which would then lead them to Viridian City.

Realising that the shield would break long before they could hope to get everybody to safety, he had ordered every available trainer and pokémon on to the walls to help buy the 'civilians' more time to escape to safety.

As for actually defeating the invaders?

That was impossible! There were simply too many of them.

All round him trainers of all ages were gathered. Nearly all were pale faced, some were crying. Everybody knew that, when, not if the birds got through, then Pallet would surely be lost...and the casualty count would be, at best, horrendous. At worst... total.

None of them believed that they could possibly win and nobody had any hope that the spearows and fearows knew the meaning of the word mercy...nor indeed surrender.

No! Everybody knew...when they broke through...young or old, it would not matter. It would be a fight to the death.

"If this continues they will break through the shield before they can get to safety," One depressed trainer said to another beside him, mirroring his thoughts.

Said trainer, nodded worriedly.

"What can we do? We already have the emergency Pika's adding their power to keep the shield up a little longer but it isn't helping," another asked, panic already clear in his voice as the shield briefly flickered, allowing a single bird to break through the shield. Said bird was quickly defeated seconds later, but it had made it's point loud and clear.

The shield was failing.

"The only thing we can do...we fight...and we continue to fight until we can fight no more," said another gravely, only to receive incredulous stares from others nearby.

"How can we possibly hope to win against something like that...against such overwhelming odds...against such reckless hate," a third asked, the hopelessness clear in his voice.

"Why is this even happened?" yet another asked, angrily, glaring at the professor, clearly expecting an answer from the old man.

The professor sighed, "I have no idea why. This is not normal fearow behavior," he answered.

He decided to explain: "While spearows and fearows have always been known to be aggressive and territorial, they have always stayed in their territories and have never made any attempts to outright attack a large human settlement. It is simply not their way..."

The professor paused and sighed before continued to speak.

"Or at least is was not... until now. For the past few months, the whole spearow and fearow population have become more and more aggressive and have started to attack trainers on sight," he finished, earning grumbles from the trainers around him.

"We should have taken care of them ages ago," another trainer muttered, earning mixed responses from the others around her. The professor shook his head sadly in response, doing his best to ignore the many agreeing nods and cries for revenge coming from the trainers near by.

However, for once he could not bring himself to argue. It was an expected response in these difficult times. No trainer liked the troublesome spearows and even fiercer fearows. They were the bane of many trainers lives. Fact was, many of the trainers around him had at one time or another had a run in with a flock of spearows and have had to run away in terror and fear for their lives. It was only natural to hate what you feared after all. Even he himself had at one time or another wished those birds ill after they had chased him from the forest - thereby ruining a weeks worth of important study on forest pokémon -, however...he like every pokémon professor knew that they were -usually- only doing what came natural to them. He knew, they were only protecting what they thought was theirs; their breeding grounds, or what they needed to survive. And while he wished they were not as aggressive about it, he understood that it was necessary to keep the natural balance of life.

This however...changed everything. This insane attack had no purpose. He could not understand why the fearows and spearows would suddenly attack Pallet like this. It made no sense.

At least not to him.

They had never done so before and as far as he knew, the towns residents had given them no reason to attack. So why now?

What happened to cause such reckless hate and willingness to destroy? His musing were broken by another trainer.

"Well...I don't know about you, but I have no intention of dying today," the trainer said.

"I'm hear you...however, I see no way of winning against that," the next trainer answered hopelessly, gesturing towards the massive flock of birds above with tears in his eyes.

"Get ready, here they come again!," came the shout of one of the towns guard.

Suddenly the shield flicked again. This time it was enough to allow a few dozen birds to break through, before it reestablished itself.

Seeing the incoming treat the trainers reacted instantly.

"ATTACK AT WILL! Squirtle! Water gun attack, now!...Weedle, wait for them to come close, then use string shot. Slow it down! ...Charizard, you know what to do. Flamethrower!" were only some of the shouts of the trainers, which were quickly followed by many other attacks.

Once again victory went to the defenders, but this time it took some time, luckily they had only managed to do a little superficial damage to a few houses and some other infrastructure near by before they were finally defeated.

Seeing the newest wave of spearows had been subdued, the professor allowed himself a breif sigh of relief. However, even so, he was becoming increasingly worried.

It was getting worse. The shield was breaking more frequently now. More and more birds were getting through.

Still, as long as only small groups of spearows and maybe a few lone fearows broke through, they had a chance.

Once the shield fell however...well...even now the professor could see the vast army waiting outside not to mention 'that' other Fearow which was much larger than the rest.

He couldn't believe the size of that bird. It was much much larger and much stronger than any other bird he had ever seen before, save perhaps a legendary... and those he had only seen in pictures. Obviously it was the leader of the flock.

If that bird got through... well...he wasn't sure it could be defeated. Or if, then not without a lot of casualties.

Luckily the shield had held 'it' out so far... but it had been close. Very close!

"Get ready, everybody. It won't hold much longer!" one of the town guard sudeenly roared again.

Alas, it seemed that moment had finally come!

Hearing a steadily decreasing whine coming from the shield generator, everybody got into position.

Then a loud 'bang of doom' later, the defenders could only watch, and listen in horror as the shield suddenly fizzled and died.

Almost instantly, the shield came cascading down and waves upon waves of birds came flying in.

"BRACE FOR IMPACT!" came the roar of one of the town guard.

"FIRE AT WILL!" came a second.

The final last stand of Pallet had begone!

Somewhere nearby, in the forest near Pallet.

Somewhere nearby, hidden in a secret burrow beneath the earth, a legend was sleeping peacefully.

This particular legend...a huge Marowak... was old... very old and known by the forests inhabitants simply by the name;

'Old Bones'!

Now, before we continue, here are a few key facts about Old Bones which everyone should know.

First of all, he isn't just old...but very old. In fact, one could even get away with saying that he was absolutely ancient.

When asked by other pokémon just how old he was, Old Bones would simply laugh in his grandfatherly voice and say..."Older than your grandpa!"... and that was all you needed to know.

Fact was, nobody in the forest knew just how old he was.

Only one individual in the whole world knew his true age...

And he wasn't telling.

Second thing you needed to know about Old Bones is that he is powerful...


Fearsome!... Especially in battle...

The victor of countless battles, far too many to count.

A true proven champion.

And most importantly... undefeated for as long as any of the forests inhabitants could remember!

Finally, it is very important to note that Old Bones, really liked sleeping. Having lived for as long as he had, Bones thought he fully deserved some rest...

A lot of rest.

And very few..if any, had the right to disturb him.

Everybody knew that you did NOT wake up Old Bones...

To do so was considered suicide.

Everybody in the forest knew that...if you annoyed old bones...you may just as well have annoyed the devil himself.

It just wasn't done.

At least not if you valued your life... and possibly even your soul.

Indeed, Old Bones was absolutely brutal to anyone foolish enough who wake him up from his well earned sleep.

So, when his borrow was sudden shaken by a rather loud blast from an attack...

Well...Old Bones woke up...

...Old Bones was not happy.

...And when Old Bones was unhappy...

...Bad things happened!

"Who ever is making that racket, better stop soon...or else..." he grumbled to himself, trying to go back to sleep.


"Don't make me get up...you won't like it if I have to get up," he growled.


"No...honestly...you really won't like it if I have to get up," he growled again.

*BOOOOOM!* *(The whole burrow shook and dirt fell onto Old Bones, covering him in a thick layer of dirt, causing him to sneeze. )*

"Right!... That's it! You asked for it!" he said, getting up slowly, ignoring his creaking bones, his eyes turning yellow in his annoyance.

Stopping only briefly to stretch his muscles, ignoring the pain, he soon grabbed hold of a huge half club - half boomerang bone, twice the size of himself and lifted it up as if it didn't weigh a gram.

"Time to remind them just what these old bones can do..." he growled to himself.

Those words said, 'Old Battle Bones' headed for the exit of his burrow.

Every forest, mountain has it's old legends...and old bones was one of these legends.

Yes!... An old legend had woken up again.

And this old legend...was not happy!

Oh..those poor foolish little birds!

Back at the battle for Pallet.

The battle for Pallet was raging on.

The pungent smell of smoke and blood filled the air, lessened only by the strong gusts of wind from the unnatural storm.

Deafening bangs of thunder, blinding flashes of lightning, heavy lashings of rain and the strong gales of wind seemed to shake the ground.

Scared, white faced, trembling in fear, and yet... somehow still surviving against all odds, the defenders of Pallet fought on.

There was no plan. No controlled defense of the town. Not anymore. Like every good plan, it had quickly fallen apart after the first few minutes of battle.

The few defenders, at least those few still able to fight, were now simply trying to stay alive, simply trying to delay the seemingly endless cloud of spearows and fearows surrounding them, just long enough for the last few unharmed civilians to get to safety.

Hell had come to Pallet and the overwhelmed defenders had no illusions of winning. Not against such overwhelming numbers.

Tearful trainers of all ages watched with ever increasing horror as other trainers retreated as their last pokémon were defeated.

Attacks were incoming from all sides, adding even more confusion to the already existing mayhem of battle and the randomness of the storms strong winds.

The defenders, those still able and willing to fight, were now battling from behind their meager crumbling cover, or from the inside of the ruins of open buildings. The roofs having been destroyed and then subsequently blown away by several attacks of the fearows, or the strong winds of the storm itself.

The town guard, those few left, in a final act of desperation, had long since brought out their guns and countless spearows now littered the ground around them.

One trainer only just managed to recall his pokémon in time, before an attack could 'finish' said pokémon off for good. Said trainer then, in turn, only had enough time to jump, screaming wildly, through the broken remains of a previously shattered window to get away from the approaching birds, trusting that his comrades would somehow hold back the rampaging birds, just long enough for him to retreat.

All around them trainers were shouting orders as the blood of the fallen, pokémon and human alike, from both sides, lay inside puddles of their own blood and dirty rain water, dying...or maybe already dead. A severed hand of a trainer here...a leg or wing of a pokémon over there...

If was a truly gruesome sight.

And yet... they fought on!

What else could they do? What other option did they have?

Surrender, as such...was not an option.

None was asked for, offered, nor indeed given.

Where once stood a house, now remained a ruin.

Few houses remained intact.

Where once stood a tall wall, rubble remained.

Such is the destructive powers of pokémon.

Trees, once proud and tall, lay discarded, sliced in two by the attacks of the angry birds, or uprooted by the strong gusts of the storm and pokémon attacks... and Professor Oaks lab... the once proud famous landmark of Pallet...now lay crumbling and fallen, as waves of attacks relentlessly continued to pound it into dust.

Yes, it seemed hell itself had come to Pallet and was there to stay, held back, if only briefly by the courageous efforts of a select few.

Professor Oak, former champion of both the Indigo and Hoenn leagues was one of those few.

The former champion turned pokémon professor, once one the the very best, while clearly out of practice, was still showing just what this old timer could do.

It was a side to the professor few could remember.

Gone was the kind old man, lover of all pokémon great and small. Replaced by a grim general of old, Pokéball in one hand, an imaginary sword in the other.

Oak was now shouting out orders to nearby trainers and rallying fleeing trainers around him. His timely encouragements were just barely enough to keep intact what little moral remained, while near by a trio of pokémon; a Blastoise, a Venusaur...and his starter, a huge black shiny Charizard, twice the others size, ran interference, battling and keeping a few fearows away.

But even the professor knew it was now only a matter of time.

Pallets defenses were crumbling... it's defenders overwhelmed, tired and losing.

The end, it seemed, was near...

He knew, without a doubt, Pallet needed a miracle to survive.

Pallet needed it fast...

But in his weary heart he knew...it was a miracle Pallet would not receive.

Oh, how he wished Red was here. The legendary master champion would have been able to stop the attack.

He would have been strong enough to do the impossible.

But alas, he was not there.

And so, no help came and trainers fought and lost...

The spearows and fearows followed.

And for a while all seemed lost.

But then...suddenly...unexpectedly...

Help arrived! From an unexpected source.

It came, incredulously, in the ironic form of...

Even more birds!

The first few moments were filled with shock and despair and for a minute or two, even the professor's words of encouragement failed to rally the few remaining defenders.

Thinking that reinforcements had indeed arrived...though not for them, but for the birds, hope seemed extinguished.

Like a candle flame surrounded by a lake of water, it drowned in misery and hopelessness.

Many turned and ran. Others simply lay down to die and waited for the end. Defeated, dread filled countless hearts as another huge flock of even more birds arrived, and for a second or two even Oak himself lowered his head and closed his eyes in defeat.

It seemed it could not get any worse.

Then, suddenly, answering all of their prayers, the shouts came:

"The newcomers are Pidgey's!"

"It's OK...They are on our side!"

"The pidgey's have come to help us!"

Those were just some of the cries which filled his tired weary ears.

Then, as if that wasn't enough...these cries were then miraculously followed by:

'It's old bones...oh Arceus...Old Bones has come. He's fighting the spearows...'

And just like that...hope was restored once again.

Like a great tide of water crashing against a large cliff, pidgy's and spearows clashed together.

Two great armies made of feather engaged each other, and once again, a massive battle ensued.

The pidgeys were aided by the fierceness of the legend that was Old Bones.

The fearows, in turn, were commanded by the massive form of a Fearow, turned harbinger.

Suddenly the spearows seemed to forget about the fleeing humans, choosing to concentrate fully on the newly arriving pidgey's.

Spearow after spearow fell, defeated by the claws of a pidgey or by the massive bone from the legendary Old Bones.

Pidgey after pidgey was torn apart, by the fierceness of the spearows, aided by the might of the harbinger.

Neither side was willing to show any mercy or weakness to the other.

It took a while. Long moments of doubt and disbelief, but soon the defenders, those few left, started to believe and fight back once more with renewed faith.

Professor Oak, for his part, sighed with relief. For a few seconds he too had lost all hope. This was just the miracle he had been hoping for. But would it last?

Glad for the new found breathing space, he quickly took a moment to look around and study his home for over thirty years. It was in ruins. Ultimately...no matter the outcome...they had already lost.

They had lost everything. Everything but the lives of the few defenders still fighting and the civilians lucky enough to have made it to the bunkers and tunnels below.

The fearows were now concentrating more and more on the pidgeys, giving Pallets, exhausted defenders a chance to regroup.

However, unlike the citizens of Pallet, he soon realised, with sinking feeling, even with the pigey's...even with the incredible might of Red's old champion level Marowak, it would not be enough.

There were simply too many of the enemy.

Old bones might have been strong enough, back in his prime to make a true difference...but he was old now.

Only a shadow of his former self.

No! Even with the Pidgey's...even with Old Bones...

While the numbers of the new arrivals were indeed large... it still was no where near enough to effectively rival that of the enemy. The pidgey's were simply too weak to fight on equal terms against the superior spearows.

Victory...even now...seemed impossible.

Fact was, If they fought on, he knew they would fail...and ultimately they would die.

He quickly realised, if they wanted to survive, then they had but one other choice.

The pidgey's, for reasons he could not understand, had chosen to sacrifice themselves and given them time to retreat.

Old Bones himself had come to aid them in their moment of great need... but still, even with his legendary might, he just knew it would not be enough.

Realising this, Professor Oak made a quick decision.

Knowing that anything else would be suicide, he quickly decided to abandon the battle and get everybody else into the safety of the bunkers instead.

They had a chance now...but only while the spearows and fearows were otherwise engaged. So it was either now or never.

He chose now to never!

For a moment he felt bad leaving the pidgey's to fight the spearows on their own. Indeed, he hated himself for it. However, he quickly buried those feelings.

Now was just not the time.

He had civilians to get to safety and wounded to take care of...and while he knew that Pallet would fall today, he would at least make sure that its citizens...or at least the majority of them, would not.

And so he quickly gave the order to sound the general retreat.

"Get to the bunkers! Get to the Tunnels!... Don't stay and fight! They win this battle, don't be stupid...I know...I know! I don't like it either but just leave the dead, use this moment and get to safety."

Those were his words.



Maybe even unforgivable...

But necessary!

Oh how he hated giving them. He hated himself for leaving the bodies of loved ones behind to the mercy of the birds. He hated having to flee, to give up his home. He hated knowing, that he was sacrificing the Pidgey's, to get 'his own' to safety.

It seemed cowardly, cruel even... but he knew... he knew the defenders, those few left, were in no condition to continue the fight. If they did, then all of them would surely die.

He had to save whoever he could. There was no other way.

And so it was, that, on a stormy mid summers day...the survivors of the town of Pallet gave up and retreated to their bunkers, to the safety of the towns underground tunnels, while above them a flock of pidgey's and an old legend selflessly fought and died...

For them!

Oh, he swore he'd find a way to thank them...return the favour... someday...


He didn't know...but somehow he would...

But for now...

For now, broken, defeated...wondering how he would ever be able to look Red into the eye when they met again... he would retreat.

Meanwhile in the forest

The citizens of Pallet were retreating, there was no doubt about it. They were retreating and leaving the pidgeys to die in their place.

Meanwhile, Destiny, the newly caught pokémon of a rookie trainer named Ash Ketshum, knew nothing of this.

Destiny would have been horrified had she known what was happening, however she did not. She, was currently blissfully unaware, hovering as fast as she could through the forest, battling a battle of a different kind.

It was a battle, though not against spearows and fearows, but one against far easier and far safer opponents.

Her enemy...if they could be called that...

...were trees.

Trees, lashing rain and strong gusts of wind.

Instead of fierce fearows trying the tear her up, she had trees blocked her path. Instead of overwhelming numbers of spearows blocking her path, it was the rain which made it nearly impossible for her to see. Rain and gusts of wind which made travelling difficult and sometimes even dangerous as she sped through, looking for help for her injured trainer.

An injured trainer who was paralyzed and whose only protection against the dangers of the forest, just happened to be an injured electric rodent.

And yet... in a ridiculous, unfair twist of faith, it would be her failure, not the destruction of Pallet, which would have the greater consequence on the fate of the world. Far more than the battle and ultimate destruction of Pallet ever could.

Yes, as unfair as it seemed, should Pallet fall, it would only be a disaster...

However, if Destiny failed... it would mean the end of the world... again.

Sometimes, life was a joke... a bad joke and fate was a cranky little bitch.

But that was just the way it was.

Pallet would be sacrificed...so that two others...could 'possibly' survive.

Yes, sometimes life just wasn't fair at all.

With Misty...

It was official! Misty was having the worst day of her life!

Sweat was pouring down her face like a miniature river. Her legs, angrily complaining about the sudden unexpected exercise, were burning from over use. Her mouth, was dry from her continuous gasps for air and her thirst, was quenched only by the readily available rain water, which continuously lashed at her face, like a whip from a cruel master.

Finally, as if that wasn't enough, all around her, the ever present wind was constantly blowing at her, against her, hindering her escape... while a large flock of spearows were steadily gaining on her by the second.

What had started as a wonderful summers morning of fishing for water pokémon, had turned into a wet windy nightmarish battle for survival.

'Why did I leave the Gym again?' she asked herself again, as she tried to find what few leftover energy reserves she had left in her body, reserves which she now oh so desperately needed, to flee from the flock of relentless angry murderous birds behind her.

It was difficult to imagine that her day could somehow become any worse, barring getting caught by the spearows of course!

She really did not want to know what would happen to her if they caught up to her.

No!...she really did not!


Sadly, it seemed she would soon find out.

Every second, she was becoming more and more tired.

Any second now they would catch up...and then...

She felt like crying just thinking about it, but just couldn't spare the energy to do so.

Oh, how she now wished she had taken the physical education classes more seriously, instead of studying more for her gym leaders license.

It may have felt like a really good idea at the time... but what good would being the gym leader of cerulean city be if the angry flock of spearows behind her caught up to her.

Nothing, that's what.

All she had ever wanted to be, was to 'be better' than her sisters and show them what a real gym leader was like.

Was that really too much to ask for? Was that really too much to hope for?

It seems it was.

Sadly, it was now more and more likely that she would soon be spearow food instead.

Misty, was getting desperate.

She really didn't want to die.

But then again...who did?

Was this how a tired fawn felt just before it was caught by the hungry tiger?

This hopelessness, knowing that there was no escape, no matter what you did...and that you would soon be dead?

This overwhelming fear and desire for a miracle... a miracle she was now so desperately praying for?

Luckily, unknown to her...her destined time had not yet come and this miracle was about to happen.

Sometimes help comes in the strangest, most unexpected of ways. And for once, unknown to Misty...her prayers were about to be answered.

Misty Waterflower, rising gym leader of cerulean city, was about to experience a 'one in a million', once in a life time rescue.

It all was so fast, before she knew it, it had already happened.

One second she was running for her life, wheezing for air, her over-stressed body just about ready to collapse...

The next, completely out of the blue... or rather out of the green of a forest bush, a pokémon suddenly emerged from the bush and hovered right into her.

Crashing into her at a speed of over 50km per hour, Misty was taken completely by surprise.

Blinded by a sudden feeling of great pain, the likes she never imagined possible, Misty, felt her arm break like a matchstick at the impact, then, with a sudden sense of weightlessness and vertigo, which no human body was never supposed to experience, she was suddenly swept right of her feet and hurled into the air... only to bang her head of a near by tree and then land head first into a near by bush.

She only had enough time for a quick shriek of surprise and pain, before darkness overtook her. Her last few memories were of a shiny black snake like pokémon fleeing from the flock of spearows.

Yes Misty may have been knocked out...yes she would awake with a massive headache...but at least she was still alive.

What more could she possibly want?

Ah, yes...her bike.

Alas, that was long gone.

Destiny, for her troubles, never felt the impact. Her steel body armor made sure of that. She never even noticed the girl which she had just catapulted into the air, though she did hear her sudden scream.

However she never had time to wonder about said scream. Instead, she suddenly found herself facing another flock of...yes, you guessed it... angry spearows.

The spearows, having lost sight of their previous target, promptly decided to follow her instead.

Sometimes she really cursed her luck.

A few choice curse words later, words which could have made some water pokémon blush, she was now once again hovering, fleeing from the flock of spearows.

The never ending story of her life. Or at least that was what it seemed like to her.

Those birds never seemed to give her any peace. It was as if some higher power didn't like her...or maybe said higher power just kept sending spearows after her for his or her amusement.

Whatever the case, now she had to, once again, find a way to get rid of the blasted birds.


Sometimes being a pokémon just wasn't easy.

Oh well, at least she could teleport.

Concentrating to do just that, a second later she was gone once more.

Meanwhile back at Pallet Town

The battle had finally reached its climax and old Bones was having the time of his life.

"One hundred sixty-seven," he roared. A spearows face was hit by a full force seriously overpowered strike of a huge bone, removing its head from its shoulders. The head then proceeded to fly into another near by fearow knocking it unconscious.

"One hundred sixty-eight..." Another Spearow was clobbered into the crumbling wall of a collapsing building. A second later the remains crumbled on top of it.

"Is that all you weaklings got?" he cried...

"One hundred seventy!"

A hastily fleeing spearow squawked in terror just before it was hit by an especially vicious strike.

"And we have a home run... One hundred and seventy-one!" Old Bones roared as he clobbered another near by Fearow, striking it high into the air, high into a cloud far above, where it then proceeded to fall, unconsciously, down to the earth mere seconds later.

Yes, Old Bones, master pokémon first class, former champion and all around badass was indeed having the time of his long life.

Unfortunately his easy 'play time' was about to come to a sudden stop.

"Seventy-two... Next!," he roared.

Old Bones only had a split seconds warning to dodge, roll away from and survive an overpowered Drill Peck from a certain overgrown Fearow, before it could spear him like a freshly caught fish on a pike. Alas, the pavement he was standing on did not. It now boasted a two meter large crater in the form of a birds beak.

Quickly recovering from the roll, old Bones turned to face his newest opponent.

"Ah! a worthy challeng...er... Oh!" he started to say, only to stop when he fully realised just who it was he was facing.

Towering over him him, like a giant glaring down at a dwarf, with an angry glare cold enough to freeze those with lesser hearts, was a massive Fearow. Not just any fearow, but one ten times the size of a normal fearow. This fearow was the harbinger. Suecra's Harbinger.

From the looks on its face it was very clear that this fearow...this harbinger of destruction, was not happy. Not happy at all.

"Oh...kay...," Old Bones mumbled slowly to himself. He had to really stretch his head and look upwards towards the sky just to be able to look the bird into the eye.

"Em...you do realise...don't you...that size ain't everything... right?" he asked with a questioning look on his face.

"I mean...you're not overcompensating for something...are you?" he added, a question which earned him a rather vicious growl from the Fearow.

"No...I guess your not...," he added with weary sigh, realizing that this one might very well prove to be a real challenge. Maybe even more than even 'he' could handle.

"Damn it!" he cursed.

"I'm too old for this shit," he grumbled quietly to himself. Then, slowly a smile began to form on his face.

"Oh Well...it never has been easy before so far...so why should it be easy now? he reminded himself. Then he shrugged.

'Besides...if this is to be it, then so be it...Tis' a good day to die anyway...' he thought, the smile turning into a full grin. 'Finally! It's been ages since I had a serious fight. Red was right...the stronger they are...the more rewarding the fall,' he thought. Then, steeling his resolve, he prepared himself for the battle to come.

'For glory, for honour...for master Red...and one last hurrah!' he cried out mentally, then, putting all of his considerable power behind it, he brought his massive bone right down onto the Fearow claw, causing the fearows eyes to open wide in unimaginable pain.

A loud high pitched shrill squawk, more like squeek from the fearow later, the massive bird, now hoping on its one good claw, retaliated in kind, firing an overpowered Razor Wind at the marowak.

Humans and pokémon alike dodged, jumped and swerved to get to safety as half of the street and one unlucky house blew up around them.

Meanwhile, sacrificing a few hairs and an ear to the attack, Old Bones, jumped back, then racing forward, he brought his bone down once more, with a shattering crash...right on to the other claw and for a second the world seemed to hold it's breath.

"Now he has no claws left to stand on at all," Old bones said, his grin widening even more by the second.

One massive furious pain filled shrill squawk from the fearow later, both pokémon attacked once more.

With Mew,

Old Bones was having fun with the harbinger and Pallet was evacuating. Meanwhile, Mew, still in her Pidgeot form, was doing her best to hold the remnants of the Pidgeys together.

Unfortunately there really wasn't that much she could do to win against the overwhelming spearow force. There were simply too many of them for her to do much good.

All around her pidgeys and pidgeotto's fought and lost against spearows and fearows.

The only place and time, where and when the pidgeys had constant victory, was whenever Mew was near and joining them in the battle. Sadly even that was becoming increasingly uncertain by the minute as their numbers dwindled.

Mew knew it was only a matter of time before she too would be overwhelmed.

Mew knew something had to happen fast if they wanted to survive into the next day.

She needed something drastic...something which could turn the tide of the battle to the pidgys favour.

But what?

Looking around she studied the battle field she realised that humans were retreating...and those few still fighting were seriously out numbered. Sadly she realised, she would not be receiving help from them any time soon. They could barely help themselves as it was.

It was at that moment that she saw an old Marowak fighting the massive form of a super large Fearow, ten times the size of a normal fearow...which unfortunately also meant that it probably also had ten times the power.

'The Harbinger!' she thought, immediately recognizing it for what it was.

''It's' starting again,' she realised with a pang of horror.

'I have to help him. No non legendary can hope to win against the super powered form of a harbinger,' she thought.

Mew was just about to lead a small flock of pidgey's to aid the marowak when she suddenly heard the voice of her father in her mind.

'Leave them!'

Surprised Mew paused.


'Father?' she asked, even though she already knew it was him.

'You are needed elsewhere,' the voice of Arceus came again.

'But!..' Mew started to say but was interrupted.

'He can handle himself...you have a more important mission,' the voice continued.

'But... Mew tried again.

'The chosen ones are in extreme danger. Protect Ash... Return Destiny to him... I'll do the rest. Remember your primary mission... if they are lost...all is lost.' the voice continued again.

'But...,' Mew tried again...

Suddenly her vision briefly grew hazy and a vision of Ash, being defended by a Pikachu while also being under attack from a flock of spearow appeared. Then a second vision of Destiny, also under attack but teleporting away from another flock.

Seeing this mew sighed and nodded.

'On my way,' she said quietly, bitterly, clearly annoyed, with defeat evident in her voice.

She realised she really did not have a choice. She hated what she was about to do... but she also realized it had to be done.

A small tear falling from her eye at the immense loss of life, loss of life which she would now be indirectly responsible for, she gave the dying pidgey's and the battling Marowak one last fleeting look of regret. Then, turning around, she began to leave the battle, ignoring the cries of the surprised many pidgey's around her.

She knew she was leaving the pidgey's and the Marowak to the mercy of the spearows and fearows. She knew without her they could not win. There were simply too many of them to fight.

But...she also knew... she had no choice.

For the greater good she was needed elsewhere.

And so...she left.

The loss of Mew was felt almost instantly.

Seeing their leader flee from the battle broke the last of the pidgey's already low moral.

Up until that moment, Mew and her commanding influence had been the only thing still keeping the already demoralized flock together.

Without a leader strong enough to lead them, other Pidgey's and Pidgottos, in turn, also began to flee and fly away from the battle.

A few remaining Pidgottos tried to rally around the Marowak and fight on, but it soon became increasingly evident that there was simply no hope of victory. Even simple survival was becoming increasingly unlikely by the second.

Then, like water rushing through a crack in a damn as it burst, the last shred of moral broke...and the rout began.

Like headless chickens, unmindful of what was happening around them, discipline collapsed. Driven by shear panic, everybody still able to fly, began to flee.

Chaos reigned.

Old Bones stumbled...but still he fought on.

Like a titan of old, surrounded by enemies on all sides, the legend continued to fight on against all odds.

But even he knew he was weakening.

Even the strongest warrior of all times can only fight for so long against so much.

Sooner or later he would make a mistake or grow tired.

Once again he stumbled and once again he was hit by another attack, but still he fought on.

All around him the few allies that remained died or fled until finally he was the last one left standing.

He had long since lost sight of his opponent the harbinger fearow.

The coward had decided to withdraw from the battle soon after he had lost a wing, cut away by Old Bones's massive bone.

Choosing instead to let his minions finish the battle for him, the harbinger had retreated like a coward to lick his wounds, instead of finishing the fight.

However, even so, Old Bones had still had the last laugh.

With the last of his strength, he had thrown his bone and in doing so, he had removed the fearows last remaining wing.

It was then, and only then, knowing that the blasted bird would never fly again, that Old Bones finally fell.

Covered in cuts, his right arm already broken by one of the harbingers attacks, surrounded on all sides by hundreds of angry spearow and fearows...




But not defeated!

Never defeated!

For even in death he would be victorious.

The battle...was lost. Yes!

He knew this was it... he knew he was dying...probably already dead...

And with him...died the remaining hope for Pallet.

But old Bones didn't care.

Old Bones continued to smile as the last light finally left his eyes.

He had defeated over three hundred of the birds all by himself.

He had lasted longer than anybody else...

He had bought the citizens of Pallet time to retreat.

He had even bought the pidgey's - those few that remained - time to retreat.

He had even defeated the harbinger... - he sure would never fly again.

He had lived a long and fruitful life...filled with numerous challenges, defeats and victories alike...




And...he had died with honor, as a hero in battle...a legend...to the very end.

What more could an old hero like him possibly want?

With Gary.

The battle for Pallet might have been over and the Harbinger defeated.

But Gary knew none of it.

Just a few mere kilometers away from Pallet, cycling on the road to Viridian, Gary only had one thought in his mind: To stay ahead of the spearows and to get to the safety of the next town.

Nothing else mattered. Not even the fact that the wind had suddenly disappeared...just like that a few seconds ago. Not that he was about to complain about that...but still...

It was strange. Very strange!

Chancing a quick look behind him, Gary sighed in relief. It seemed he had managed to escape.

Continuing to cycle for a another few kilometers, it was only then that Gary allowed himself a moment to relax.

'That had been way to close,' he mused.

Suddenly he was momentarily blinded by a bright flash of light.

Thinking it was a flash of lightening from the passing storm Gary screamed in alarm and nearly crashed the bike in surprise. Eyes widening he suddenly found himself face to face with a very familiar black dragon.

It took a moment for Gary to make sense of what had happened.

"YOU!" he cried out. He had been trying to catch that blasted dragon for months now. Each time without success. Deciding that this time would be different he immediately pressed down hard on to the brakes and stopped the bicycle. "You won't get away from me this time," he exclaimed and grabbed a Pokéball, only to be suddenly surprised by another, second flash of light.

This time it was pink.

Blinking Gary suddenly found himself face to face with a second pokémon... a very familiar pink pokémon. One with cat like ears.

'MEW!" he screamed. Quickly he threw the Pokéball, hoping to catch it by surprise, however, just like the black dragon had so many times before it, Mew escaped in another flash of light... taking the black dragon with her.

"At least have the decency to fight me," Gary roared. Too late, they were already gone.

Grumbling, once again returning the ball back to his belt, Gary continued his journey towards Viridian. This was simply just not his day, he mused.

Then, half a minute later, he was suddenly covered by another shadow.

'Oh no!' Fearing the worst...that the spearows had returned, he was almost too afraid to look up, but in the end he did it anyway. Only to gasp in surprise when he suddenly saw a large phoenix like bird in the sky flying at a very fast speed towards Pallet.

'What's happening today?' he wondered. 'First the spearows...then the black dragon...then Mew..and now Ho-Oh?'

'Has the world gone completely crazy?' he wondered.

'Honestly...once was luck... two was a coincidence...but three had to be a conspiracy.'

Minutes later Ho-Oh too had gone, leaving a large colourful rainbow behind it.

It would be a moment he would never forget. The beginning of the end... A day of many surprises.

It was the day he started as a pokémon trainer, saw his first legendaries...not one, but two... the first of many to come...

Unfortunately...it was the day Pallet was lost.

Life, as he once knew it, would never be the same again.

Ho-oh looked at the newest rainbow she had created with a satisfied smile on her beak.

Several minutes ago she had felt an unnatural storm in the area of Pallet in Kanto. Having felt it, she had immediately set out to pacify it, as was her duty as a legendary pokémon.

Now, normally a storm as such was no big deal. Indeed, normally a natural storm was important and needed, however in this case, this storm, was larger, much larger and much more violent than it should have been.

In short it was unnatural.

Unnatural meant it was usually caused by another pokémon.

Like Lugia...who's domian it was to 'control' the seas and the sky of the oceans...her domain was the land...and the sky's above 'it'.

It was her and Lugia's task as the legendary weather pokémon, to calm any unnatural storms or other significant weather issues which might appear above their respective domains.

And so, here she was...

Her task completed, Ho-oh was just about to fly back to her home in Hoenn, when her vision suddenly turned hazy.

Alarmed, thinking she had been attacked by a psychic pokémon or similar, Ho-oh prepared to defend herself, but then she suddenly heard a voice in her head.

'Iris...I require your assistance.'

'Father?' Ho-oh, asked.

'Be warned, the storm you experienced was, as you no doubt expected, not natural. My chosen ones are near by and in danger. I need you to help Mew and protect them' the voice continued.

'Where are they?' Ho-oh asked. Then her eyes widened. 'It's him Isn't it...it's starting again,' Ho-Oh added, alarmed, fear appearing in her eyes. It had to be 'him'. It always was.

'It is... I fear our time is short. Even shorter than before,' the voice of Arceus said.

'As you know I can't interfere until the time is right...as such only one hope remains...' Arceus continued.

Ho-Oh eyes widened. 'You mean...'

'Yes...'He' will help if my chosen are to succeed. It's the only way... our only hope.'

'But will 'he' agree?' Oh-oh asked. 'I mean...well..you know...he swore never to...'

'If it were anybody else...then yes, I would agree with you...however...Ash is not just anybody else...he's...well...Ash. He WILL help Ash... if only because he owes 'her'. I am certain of it,' Arceus said, interrupting Ho-Oh.

'Ho-oh sighed but then agreed. 'Ok...I'll do it.'

'Thank you Iris...' Arceus said and almost instantly Ho-oh saw a few visions, the same Mew had seen moments before.

'Please hurry...time is short,' Arceus said and with that he was gone once again.

Ho-oh sighed. 'So much for an easy lazy afternoon,' she thought.

A quick 90 degree turn she was on her way once more.

Destiny, a few minutes ago.

Destiny was getting desperate.

She still had not found anybody and she was getting more and more worried by each passing second.

Every second she spent looking for help was one second Ash was alone and in danger of being attacked.

In his current injured not to mention paralyzed state, there was no way he could defend himself, let's not even talk about running away from said danger.

If Pikachu failed...then it would all be over faster than she could say 'Pika-No!'..

The more Destiny thought about it, the more worried she became.

'I should be by his side, not looking for help' she thought, as she teleported again.

True, he had Pikachu looking after him - at least she hoped that was still the case - but Pikachu was injured as well.

There was also only so much that Pikachu could do.

Preparing to jump again she did so a few seconds later...and suddenly found herself face to face with perhaps the only trainer in the whole world who she did NOT want to see.

Gary! she thought, alarmed.

Of all the trainers to find. Why did it have to be him?

Gary had been the bane of her existence for the past few months.

He never stopped to talk.

He only stopped to battle...and catch her.

Oh well. Now was not the time to look a gifted horse...er...trainer into the Pokéball. He was someone who could help her. Besides...it was not like she could be caught again...

'YOU!' she heard him scream.

'On second thoughts' Destiny thought. 'He has that crazed look in his eyes again.'

"You won't get away this time," Gary exclaimed and grabbed one of his Pokéballs.

Destiny sighed and was just about to let him try and fail to capture her...again, only to gasp in surprise when she was suddenly surprised by a flash of...pink light.

She blinked when she realised who it was that had just appeared.


'What the...'

She never had enough time to finish her thought. She only had enough time to blink in surprise before her world suddenly turned pink as she teleported away once more.

And now... back to Ash and Pikachu

Pikachu was in deep trouble and he knew it.

In normal circumstances, being surrounded by several angry Spearows and a few Fearows was in no way a place any pokémon, even an electric type like a Pikachu, would ever want to find themselves in.

Unfortunately, this was the situation he was currently facing. Add to that the fact that he was currently rat...er...rodent tired and well... Pikachu was indeed not having a good day. Not at all.

Now, normally he would simply have fled, like any sane pokémon would have done, if they were surrounded and outnumbered like he currently was. Pikachu however, due to rather unique circumstances, no longer had that privilege.

Already numerous cuts covered his body from the spearows and fearows attacks and he was losing blood fast. In short... if he did not find a quiet place to heal...or better yet medical attention soon... he knew he would die.

The spearows may have been kept away from Ash so far...but Pikachu knew, once he was defeated that would quickly change. The human as such, was in no shape to defend himself.

Releasing another thundershock at another spearow he cringed when he noticed it was now barely enough to shock the advancing bird. He was now weak, far too weak to do any lasting damage. Even worse...any second now and he knew he would faint.

Had this been an official pokémon battle, he would have been automatically disqualified by now. It was after all deemed a severe case of pokémon cruelty, for an extremely injured pokémon to continue fighting, especially as injured and cut up as he currently was.

This was the main reason why some pokémon allowed themselves to be captured. They usually did so, not because they likes battling, but simply because, once caught, they usually did not have to worry about being killed. Add to that the fact that being caught usually meant you were also fed by your trainer on a daily basis, then being captured was not actually that bad. This was especially the case for weak pokémon or defeated former alphas, those former leaders who lost against the stronger pokémon of their packs, colonies, schools or other equivalent groups.

Unfortunately the rules of the wild were not so forgiving. A weak, defeated and rejected pokémon did not usually last long in the wild.

The birds for one, sure did not care about any league rules.

Suddenly Pikachu had to quickly jump to the side to avoid a sneaky attack coming from behind. Unfortunately, he was a tad too slow to avoid it completely.

Clenching his teeth, ignoring the agony of the pain of the latest attack as much as he could, Pikachu retaliated in kind with one final thundershock.

It barely managed to halt the spearow.

Panting heavily from the exertion of his last attack, Pikachu stumbled and tried to attack again.

However, this time it failed.

Quickly he tried again...but just like before it failed again.

Then, defeated, he sighed.

That was it...

It was all over.

He was all out of juice.

Realising that he had fired his last electric attack and that he could attack no more, he lowered his head in defeat. There was simply nothing more he could do.

Slowly he turned and stumbled towards Ash. Wanting to at least die beside the one he had sworn to protect with his life, he finally allowed himself to collapse beside him.

Ash for his part reached out to hold Pikachu and held him close to his body. Like Pikachu he knew the end was near. He had watched Pikachu defend him valiantly to the very bitter end and he felt it was the least he could do for the little rodent. He couldn't have been prouder of the little yellow electric rodent if he tried.

At that moment he decided that, if he were to die - and he had no reason to believe he would not - then die he would... but he would do it with dignity. He would do so with showing no fear. He would stare the enemy into it's cold merciless eyes and wait for the final blow like a man.

Too bad he would never actually have the chance to actually become one.

Still, he felt, to do any less was to somehow dishonor the Pikachu and his efforts to protect him.

He felt that Pikachu deserved at least that much... to die in the arms of a fearless trainer, not in the arms of a sobbing coward.

As such, accepting his fate, he watched as one of the larger fearows moved closer.

He could clearly see the cocky gleam in its eyes. He knew, that it knew, that he knew, that it had won. However, he would not give it the satisfaction of seeing him defeated. He would not give it the satisfaction of how afraid he currently felt...and damn it, he was afraid. He was very afraid. He really did not want to die.

Slowly, as if savoring the moment, the Fearow moved closer. Step by step he watched as the bird took it's time. Even now it was clear it was playing with them.

Slowly, weakened as he was, Pikachu tried to move and get up again, shocking Ash to his core. He couldn't believe it. Pikachu still wanted to fight. Even now, after all the punishment the little rodent had received, he still wanted to fight. At that moment he couldn't help but respect the Pikachu.

Body of a large rodent... courage and willpower of a fierce saber tooth tiger.


Slowly, multiple times Pikachu tried to get up, but each time he collapsed seconds later. He was simply too weak to continue the fight.

The bird was now a mere meter away.

Soon it started to power up one of its attacks. Even now, at the end, Pikachu tried to get up.

Ash watched as its wings started to glow, then steadily gain in brightness.

He watched as one wing was lifted into the air, readying itself for the final attack.

Ash watched as Pikachu glared up at the bird and watched as the wing began to move downwards, towards Pikachu's head. Mentally he thanked and wishing him all the best in his next great adventure...and mentally told him he'd be seeing him soon.

He refused to look away as the wing, this glowing guillotine of pure power, descended towards his protector... his friend.

He blinked and watched surprised as the bird was suddenly flattened by a very familiar black dragon, which suddenly seemed to appear out of nowhere in a bright flash of pink light... and couldn't believe his eyes when the blade, halted and redirected by the weight of said dragon, suddenly cut through the fearows own head instead.

Destiny and her pink minion, had arrived...in the last nick of time...to save the day once more.

Everybody was silent!

Nobody said a word.

Ash and Pikachu could only gape in astonishment at what had just happened. Even the other remaining sprearows and fearows could only gape in complete astonishment at what had just happened.

They just couldn't believe the sudden change of fate.

One second ago Ash had fully expected to see Pikachu die, his head cut off by the fearows overpowered attack...and then to have the same happen to him.

Death, after all, was becoming distressingly common as of late.

However...instead of dying as he had expected, they were suddenly rescued instead. By a very familiar dragon no less.

Ash was never happier to see the black dragon than at that moment.

Up to that moment he had not been entirely sure of what to think of the black dragon and had been unsure about whether he could trust the black dragon or not.

That belief had now changed.

As for Pikachu, he too was now a believer and glad, very glad now that he had defended Ash as he had promised.

Up to that moment he too had not fully trusted Destiny but had agreed, reluctantly so, to protect Ash on blind fate alone, hoping that the dragon really was a 'chosen one' as she had claimed and not a charlatan who had decided to lie just to get him to help her.

The arrival of Mew of all pokémon had changed all that instantly.

There was simply no way a legendary like Mew would help a fraud.

The next few seconds were a rush of utmost lethal activity. Mew, quickly recognizing the situation for what it was, easily defeated the remaining spearows and fearows.

The demolished, not to mention shocked birds were simply no match for the power of a legendary. At least not without a huge flock to back them up. A flock like the one at the battle of Pallet.

It was only then that Mew, and Destiny for that matter, turned their full attentions towards Ash and Pikachu.

At first Destiny wanted to know what Mew, a legendary was doing, but soon stopped when she realised where she was and that Mew was trying to help Ash.

Mew for her part, not knowing that Ash was paralyzed, immediately tried to get Ash and Destiny to follow her. Destiny however quickly refused and told Mew that they could not do so.

Surprised, Mew then asked why.

What followed for the next few minutes was Destiny informing Mew about Ash's injury.

Destiny feared that Ash might have some spine damage. In short, she knew it was a very bad idea to move a person with a spine injury, especially if not done correctly. Even if they were to teleport him. In the worst situation, if done incorrectly, it could lead to permanent paralysis...or even death.

This, obviously, was something Destiny wanted to avoid, if at all possible.

This in turn, however, caused Mew to become very frustrated. While she did understand Destiny's worries, she began to argue that they had no choice. If they wanted to survive they had to teleport away as soon as physically possible. More birds were still out there and to stay where they were was just as good as a death sentence anyway. In Mews opinion it was better to be paralyzed with a chance to get better later, than dead. As such they had no choice but to try. Destiny, however, did not agree. She did not want to risk hurting Ash more unless there absolutely was no other choice.

It took Ash having to get their attention, for them to quieten down again.

The quartet - pikachu had joined in half way though the discussion - spent the next few minutes quietly deciding what to do. In the end it all came down to Ash. It was he after all who would be the most affected if it failed.

However, before Ash could decide, the sky began to darken once more.

Started, they looked up and saw a large flock of fleeing pidgeys -those few which had been lucky enough to flee the battle - fly above them, followed closely by a much larger flock of fearows.

Cursing loudly Mew began to get desperate. If they stayed much longer there would be nothing she could do to protect Ash and Destiny and that was something she simply could not allow.

Luckily for all of them the decision was about to be made for them.

Already a few spearows had seen them and already they were altering their course to attack.

As if realising their plight, It was at that moment that a higher power decided to intervene once more and that Mew and Destiny suddenly began to see another vision.

Arceus cursed as he once again realised that he had to interact with the outside world directly if he wanted his chosen duo to survive.

'Do I have to do everything by myself,' he grumbled, annoyed, as he started to contact Mew and Destiny.

He did not want to know what Suecra would do while he was otherwise occupied once again saving his chosen from almost definite death.

Seeing no alternative, he sighed and began to act once more.

The moment Ash decided to attempt Mews plan and allow them to move him, no matter the circumstances, Mew and Destinys sight suddenly became fuzzy and they were bombarded by various visions.

In her vision Destiny saw herself touching Ash while Mew touched her. Suddenly she saw herself glow. Then, suddenly, she and Ash disappeared.

While Destiny was having her vision Mew was also having a vision of her own.

She suddenly saw herself cast a special paralysis move on Ash, before she then moved to touch Destiny, who in turn touched Ash.

Suddenly Mew and Destiny began to glow. After a while Mews glow began to glow less while Destiny's glow continued to become brighter.

Then, suddenly Mew suddenly stopped glowing altogether, while her glow spread to cover Ash.

The next second Ash and Destiny disappeared leaving Mew alone before all went black and her vision returned.

Both pokémon, realising that both had just received a vision, looked at each others and nodded. No words needed to be spoken. Each knew directly what they needed to do.

Choosing to waste no more time, Destiny immediately started to grab hold of Ash, who yelped and asked what she was doing.

Destiny however ignored him and nodded for Mew to proceed.

Mew complied and stepping forward she instinctively started to cast a move she had not known moments before on Ash.

Alarmed Ash suddenly found himself compelled to not move. Indeed at that moment, no matter what what he did, he was suddenly completely unable to move at all. Even the parts which he had been able to move mere seconds ago. It was as if he had suddenly turned to stone, but was still able to perceive what was happening around him.

Almost immediately Destiny started to glow a bright white just like in the vision. This bright glow soon enveloped Mew and then continued to grow until it started to cover Pikachu as well.

Pikachu, unable to move due to his current weakness just watched in amazement as the glow surrounded him. In his current state he was in no shape to resist. Besides, he had a feeling that he should just let it happen. Having learned to trust his feeling long ago, he did just that.

The white glow continued to grow. Meanwhile, unwilling to attack, in case it too was an attack of its own, the spearows had stopped advancing and after retreating to what they deemed was a safe distance, had decided to opt for wait and see tactic instead.

Soon the glow became so bright that only a mere outline of the three pokémon and one human could be seen in the glow.

Suddenly Mews glow began to decrease and flow over to Ash. Ash, who was still frozen, could do nothing but stare in fear and awe, as he was slowly surrounded by the mysterious white light.

Then it happened! Mew stopped glowing altogether and with a massive white flash of light which illuminated the whole area, Destiny, Ash...and Pikachu suddenly seemed to disperse, then disappear completely.

It took a few seconds for Mew and the remaining spearows - those that had not fled in far - to regain their sight before Mew, suddenly feeling powerless from over using her powers, suddenly felt dizzy and collapsed.

The Last thing Mew knew before Darkness claimed her was several angry spearows and even a fearow swoop in to attack...but by then she knew no more.

The underground tunnels of the ruins of Pallet, One day later.

Professor Oak, former professor of Pallet town, stared with teary bleary eyes at a few reports he was writing for the league.

Even now, with the destruction of Pallet, he had work to do...only...it was work of a different, far less enjoyable, kind.

He was currently reading and writing damage reports, approving aid packages for the homeless citizens of Pallet town...as well as writing death certs for the trainers and pokémon which had been lost during the recent battle.

It was very depressing work to say the least, but, it needed to be done. As the regional professor in charge of all trainers and pokémon in Kanto, it fell to him to do just that.

He sighed heavily. The heavy burdens of leadership indeed..

Sullenly he looked at a report on the few remaining civilians of Pallet which had yet to be evacuated and had stubbornly refused to leave their home for one reason or another.

Wearily shook his head.

Pallet...was gone.

'Damn it!' he screamed mentally in his head.

He had never felt so powerless before and he hated that feeling.

The once peaceful town was no more. Destroyed, by the fury of the spearows and fearows and all he could do was shake his head. How pathetic was that! he mentally raged.

Even now he had no idea why it had happened. Even now he had no idea why the birds had suddenly decided to attack them. No matter how he looked at it, he just couldn't figure out why it had happened. Was there even a reason? he asked himself.

He hoped so. He really did hope so. At least then future generations could learn from their pasts mistakes and hopefully prevent it from happening again.

Sighing deeply, Professor Oak looked around the room he currently found himself in. It was more like a small cavern than a room if he as truthful.

The 'room' as such, was one of many in a labyrinth of caverns or tunnels as they were called, underneath Pallet and all of Kanto. Going back hundreds of years, they were first found by the first settlers of Kanto and had always been there, long before the founding of Pallet.

Stretching all over Kanto...or rather stretching all underneath Kanto, nobody knew anything about them, though a lot of people had theories.

Some historians believed that they were made by an ancient prehistoric ground type pokémon, as it passed through Kanto long ago. Others, thought it was a collective of secret bunkers, with tunnels leading to all the major cities of Kanto, built as a last resort against pokémon like the spearows, while others again thought it was the remains of a long lost prehistoric civilization...and underground city of sorts.

Indeed, even now, centuries after first finding the caverns, archaeologists continued to constantly discover new secrets, hidden away in the depths of the mysterious Kanto underworld.

No matter, at that moment the professor was simply relieved that it existed at all. Had it not...well... he really did not want to think about it. It was currently the only place still safe from the angry spearows above.

Suddenly Professor Oak's musings of the past where interrupted by the voice of a women becoming louder.

"Let me though...I need to speak with the professor," said the voice.

Said voice was answered by another. "Sorry Delia, but the professor is busy right now and has asked not to be disturbed.

"But it's important," the voice belonging to Delia begged.

The professor sighed.

"It's OK Alex, let her though," he called out, thankful for the sudden interruption from his depressing work. A second later a teary eyed Delia stood before him.

"Oh, thank you professor, thank you, I don't know who else to talk to. Nobody else seems to be able to help me," she started to say in a very distraught voice.

Professor Oak nodded at her in an understand way. "Of course Delia. You know I'm always happy to help you," he said, trying his best to calm down the teary nearly hysterical woman before him.

"Now what's the matter?" he asked.

"It's Ash," Delia answered, a declaration which caused the Professor to flinch, though he hid it well. Just another of his many failures.

"What's wrong with Ash?" he asked, though in the back of his mind he already knew the answer.

"He's missing," Delia wailed. "I...I can't find him anywhere," she sobbed.

The professor closed his eyes for a second and counted to five. What could he possibly say to this? A lot of people had lost a loved one in the battle. Ash didn't even have a pokémon of his own. He would have been utterly defenseless.

Still...no body meant hope... as long as hope remained there was yet a chance.

"I'm sure he's ok," he answered a moment later.

"But what if he's not he..." Delia fretted.

"Delia!" The professor interrupted her. "Look at me... he's fine, I know it. Trust me. He's just like his father. No spearows or fearows will ever get the better of him," he said.

"Are you sure...are you absolutely sure?" Delia asked, a small spark of hope appearing in her voice.

The professor winced slightly, but once again he hid it well, enough that Delia did not notice it. "Yes, I'm sure," he answered a second later.

'You'll see, he probably took one of the first teleports to safety after I raised the alarm," he added. Delia simply nodded.

"Look, I'll keep both ears...and two eyes open for any sign of him. The moment I see or hear from him I'll contact you immediately and send him your way," he promised sincerely.

"You promise?" Delia asked. She had a very sorry look on her face. A very sad and sorry look indeed. It was the look of a woman who would break if she received any more bad news.

"I promise," he added.

Delia nodded, sadly.

"In the mean time I believe you have a teleport to catch," he said sneaking a quick glance at a report he had sighed an hour ago, before nodding.

"Alex!," the professor called out loudly.

The man who had stopped Delia from entering minutes before looked into the room.

"Yes Professor?"

"Please take good care of Delia for me and lead her to the Kedabra's. Make sure she catches her teleport to Breezecove. I believe she's staying with the Stone family," he said while gently steering Delia to his aid.

"Thank you professor," were Delias last words, before she was led away once more.

The Professor simply nodded and after making sure she was gone, he returned to his seat. With another weary sigh he sat back down and grabbed for another batch of papers. His heart fell at the sight of yet another death cert.

Sometimes he really hated his job.

'I really hope Gary and Ash were safe,' he thought as he checked, cross checked and then signed the cert before he put it aside to join the others he had already signed that day.

Just like Delia, he too had lost all contact with Gary during the attack.

'At least Daisy made it out during the first wave," he reminded himself.

Oh, he really hoped they were safe.

He couldn't bear it if he lost both of them.

Once this is all over and I have found Gary...and Ash again, I'll travel to Breezecove myself, he mused a second later. According to a few reports he had seen it would make a good sight for a new Lab.

'Yes, Breezecove will do," he thought nodding his head.

It was on the Pidgey side of the forest ...and therefore safe to use. Or at least as safe as any place could be at the moment. Trainers would of course be told to avoid the Pallet area. Instead, they would now have to take the route from Breezecove straight to Viridian and from there they would then go straight to Pewter city. Pallet would sadly receive the dreaded 'Red' symbol designating it as a hazardous no go zone. After that...


Life would go on.

Those thoughts in his mind, a lone tear trickling down his face, he went back to work.

A few hours later the professor decided to call it a day.

He got up and after putting away a few papers, he made his way towards the door.

Giving the room one last look, he paused, then switched off the lights.

'Last one turns off the lights,' he thought morosely, then shaking his head, he turned and left.

Far away, on a certain peak of a certain mountain.

A mysterious caped trainer looked out towards the setting sun in the distance. His cloak, billowing our behind him in the wind, was the only movement that could be seen.

Just moments ago the trainer had received an urge to leave his cave and go to the cliff where he now stood.

Allowing himself another look at his Pokédex, cracked and dirty with age from years of constant use, he released a small sad inaudible sigh as he stared at a small area on his dex, a picture of a Marowak, which had turned dark a day ago.

'Just another old friend lost to the depths of time,' he mused to himself before looking away again. He had long ago forgotten how to cry.

Silently turning the dex off again he turned to leave.

Just another lonely day on the loneliest place in the world becoming just that little bit lonelier, he thought as he began to walk away.

Suddenly he was startled by a sudden flash of light in the distance.

Frowning, the trainer decided to check it out.

'Maybe its another challenger! Good..It's been a while," he thought with a smile, one hand already on one of his Pokéballs as he walked.

'It's been a while since someone made it up here...

Oh how he missed a good fight!'

Destiny, Ash...and Pikachu reappeared in a flash of light.

Instantly Destiny felt the sheer cold of the place they had been teleported to.

Attempting a cautious look around, but seeing little else but snow and a few trees, Destiny suddenly felt tired and dizzy.

It seemed the last move had depleted her powers. Enough for her to faint.

Slowly her yes started to drop as exhaustion caught up with her.

The last thing she saw before loosing consciousness was a caped man with a red pokémon league cap...and two red eyes... before she fainted and all went dark.

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