Hi guys, you probably already guessed this, but I love dragons and Danny Phantom. But, when I wanted to read a HTTYD and DP X-over, I couldn't find any D8!

In the DP world this is after PP and in HTTYD it's after How to be a Pirate. I know this isn't a movie yet but I am going to base it on the movie version and a few little facts from the second book witch could easily happen in the second movie.

I do not own either "How to train your dragon" or "Danny Phantom' ... though I would like to.

PS: May contain spelling and grammar errors, sorry about that but I am dies..., dikles..., dyslec..., (OK forget about it, let's just I can't spell), from Belgium and constantly throwing British and American English together.

Why am I still talking? Let's get started!

Chapter 1: It had to be me again, didn't it?

Danny p.o.v.

The sunlight woke me up. One of the first things I noticed when I awoke was the fact that the air was cold –very cold. Yet it didn't bother me because of my ice core; I could feel it but it didn't feel uncomfortable. Another thing that I noticed was the fact that I lay on leaves –probably on a slightly frozen forest floor.

Slowly, I sat up and covered my eyes, opening them to look at my surroundings. I was indeed in a forest. As I looked around, I started to remember what had happened to me: My dad wanted to know more about the possibilities of natural portals, exploring the ghost zone, entering the umpteenth portal, and then... nothing.

Wait a second!... The portal!

I got to my feet quickly and started looking around. I automatically checked my core for any sign of spectral energy, but I found none. I started panicking. Where was I? What year was it? Would I ever get back to my time? Would I ever see my friends and family again? 'Okay Fenton,' I told myself 'Stop acting like a headless chicken, and think' I started taking deep breaths to calm myself and noticed the air was very clean. So I must pretty far back in the past, I thought, taking another sniff of crisp and clean oxygen. I studied my surroundings once again.

I looked for something that might hint at where I was. From the number of pine trees I could tell it wasn't just early winter; I was up north. But which continent was I on? My eye fell on a single vast tree; I picked up one of the leaves and studied it for a moment. It looked like an oak, but the leaves were smaller and rounded instead of pointed. European white oak I remembered, and for a second I wondered how on earth I remembered that. So I was in North-Europe somewhere, most likely in the past. But my biggest question was, how far in the past?

I dropped the leaf and picked up one of the thicker branches; maybe I would need it. Old Europeans forests were full of wild wolves. Slowly, started walking; hoping to find other humans.

A friendly beam of sunlight broke through the leaves. Yellow-green spots appeared on the forest floor, making some small spots of lingering frost sparkle slightly in the light. Moss covered rocks and trees were all around. Birds were singing and some mushrooms peered out from a fallen tree. A normal human would probably think it was freezing (especially in my kind of clothing), but I thought everything was perfect. I stopped for a second, lingering at the side of a lake, and looked at the mirror image of my black-haired and blue-eyed face. The situation reminded me if the camping trip with my family that we had taken, shortly after they found out my secret.

To bond a little with me and my ghost half, (and to dodge the media for a while) my parents had taken my two closest friends (Sam and Tucker) and me camping. The air hadn't been as fresh as it was here, but it looked just as beautiful. Sam had loved the trip. Tucker, not so much; He had constantly been whining because his cellphone wouldn't work. And, Jazz insisted on bringing real tents; my dad had been tangled up in one of them for almost half an hour. I chucked at the memory of myself trying to phase my father out of the mess.

Suddenly I went silent, hearing a twig snap behind me. I swirled around, gripping the branch with both hands, just in time to block a sword from cleaving me in half. It dug deeply into the wood, but not enough to break it. I swung the stick quickly, sending the sword away from its owner, who looked at me with astonishment; not only had I heard him coming, but I had also blocked his attack, without collapsing under the blow.

I jumped back to get some space between us and looked around as more men came from between the trees and bushes. I studied the seven enormous, muscular men. They had bristly beards and were wearing thick furry vests and horned helmets. Awesome, just what I needed: Vikings! I considered going ghost, but then I remembered tales of the vikings' behavior towards the supernatural –ghosts in particular. And besides, in the last few months, my ghost half had made also my human half faster and stronger. And let's not forget my already improved senses.

One of the vikings yelled something (which I couldn't understand; but he sounded demanding). I didn't respond because I didn't know what he said, and of course I didn't know what to say anyway. He repeated his question, now more urgent and hostile. I gripped my stick and got ready, expecting an attack. I didn't have to wait long.

The person who had talked to me yelled something else at his comrades. Two of them lunged at me from behind, and I spun the stick, hitting one of them in the head. The other made a move, and I flipped the stick to bat away a punch to my face. They stumbled for a second, but before I could use that to my advantage, the third one charged with a hammer. I dodged by stepping to the side and jumping over his back, causing the heavy weapon to hit the ground. I lunged and hit him in the ribs with the stick, using it like a spear.

As he gasped and dropped his hammer to grasp his lower torso, I said, "I used to use force too, when I first started fighting. Believe me, skill and martial arts work a lot better!"

Very soon, another one of them lunged forward.

The fight went in to a sort of rhythm; every now and then another viking would join in. Very soon I was fighting six of them at once. The seventh one was off to the side, his mouth wide open in disbelieve and unable to move. Meanwhile I was blocking swords, dodging axes, and throwing a punch or two myself sometimes. My stick had broken after the forth viking's hammer smashed it, and now I had to use my hands. These vikings where even worse than some of the ghosts I usually had to fight, no matter how many times I punched them, they just got up and started fighting again. I dodged, jumped, and blocked as fast as I could, but my human body tired a lot faster than my ghost part. My brain was overwhelmed from the information overload. Then, the fight took a turn for the worst.

I made a slip- literally! I was trying to land, after yet another jump, and slipped on a frosty puddle. I landed on my belly, and three of the vikings landed in top of me! I was pinned to the ground. I groaned under the weight of the three vikings. I tried to struggle a little more, but soon found it useless and lay still, hoping they would get off of me soon. I was yanked up again, and the three vikings who had pushed me down, tied my hands up and grabbed various spots on my arms. I considered phasing through their grip, but decided not to.

Since they now had me captive, it meant they didn't want to kill me –yet. I could always use my powers as a last resort, but for now I decided to keep them as they once were: a secret. If I stayed calm they might prefer keeping me alive to learn about my origin and fighting skills. I might get some food and shelter. But if something were to go wrong, I had to get out of there before one of their 'silly' tricks actually worked. The last time I underestimated superstition, Tucker had to save me from the pain of having my cells blowing up one by one just because of some flowers! So I stood still, showing I was giving in –for now.

As the vikings realized this, and saw me wobbling a little, (in exhaustion) they started cheering and patting each other's shoulders, or in the case of the immobile viking, hitting the back of their heads (pun intended to everyone who knows the Mobile Vikings). After their short celebration, they turned to the more important matter at hand. Namely, me. They started talking and debating over what to do with me. Eventually the one who had spoken to me before, (who I assumed was the leader of this team) stepped forward and demanded something again.

I responded with, "Sorry dude, but I can't understand a word you are saying."

Hearing the weird language I spoke and seeing the confused look on my face he frowned. The leader seemed to make his decision, said something to his companions, and led me away from the small battle field. I stayed silent and didn't struggle as we walked through the woods. They gave me wary glances, probably still impressed by my ferocity earlier, and confused about why I was so calm right now. When I noticed the petrified viking staring at me, I gave him an evil grin –causing him to turn a little pale and look away. Eventually we got out of the woods and walked into a small village.

Small wooden houses stood to the sides of a sandy path. People who were doing something outside or looking outside, watched curiously as we walked by. It must have been a ridiculous sight, four adult males, holding the arms and shoulders of a skinny teenager. A small girl walked a little closer and looked up at me. Seeing the childish, innocent curiosity, I smiled at her, causing her to giggle and run back to her mother. Seeing the friendly gesture the older vikings exchange glances.

We must have been heading to the large building that had just come into view; It was probably the gathering hall. The leader of the team opened the doors and walked in getting everyone's attention. Two men stood in the middle with two younger boys by their sides. One of the older men had a black beard, an eye-patch and lots of battle scars, while the other one had a beard like a red firework explosion and hardly any visible scars at all. Next to the black haired man stood a buff, mean looking boy, who as he had studied me, went back to glaring at the boy next to the orange haired man. And that boy was unlike anyone in the room. He was small and skinny with bright, orange-brown hair, with a slight scattering of freckles. As I looked him from head to toe, I noticed, with a shock, that instead of a lower left leg, he had a metal and wooden construction below his knee. What in Clockwork's name did this boy do to lose his leg? I looked back up again and I saw he was the only one who gave me a genuinely interested and friendly look. I looked into his eyes, sky blue meeting forest green.

Yes, I did it; I finally started my story, and I am not planning on giving up now. I got half the story (and the end ) in my head, so just feed me comments. I will need them to keep the mood on track. If you can see any mayor mistakes, please tell me. If you have funny ideas, just tell me (I might be able to use them).

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