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15. Training

Sparky p.o.v.

"Okay you guys, show me what you've got." Friend-Hiccup said, standing in line with the other older pups to observe us. I swallowed and looked down at Demon-Danny, who turned to me with a nervous sigh.

He held his hand at shoulder hight and made an exploding movement with his fingers, saying: "Sparky, zapper!" At this I gave a quick shiver to rattle my scales and create some electricity. The next second everyones hair was up. "For now it is just a way to distract people, but maybe if it gets stronger later on it might even stun smaller dragons." Danny explained. "Aha, very useful." Fishlegs complimented, smoothing his hair down. "That would help when we are ever going to study the Smothering Smokebreath or Fireworms again."

"What else do you got?" Staunch-Astrid challenged next. Demon-Danny turned to me once again, looking a little more relaxed now. "Sparky," he said, making a quick vertical cutting movement with his lower arm. "Fire!" I let my tail drop down in a way that the spikes lay flat on the ground. Next I scraped them ever the floor, scooping up the gravel and stones that lay there and swung my tail rapidly to launch those away like a catapult. Most of the pups ducked just in time to avoid the rocks. And with most of them, I mean accept for Ruffnut. When the pebble hit his head Tuffnut started laughing, causing another fight between the twin nestlings.

"It can also be used differently. If I say 'Tail down'," Danny made a jerking-pointing-down movement with his hand and I dropped my tail down with the spikes up in demonstration. "I can also pin or attach objects to his spikes for him to launch away."

"Nice, very creative." Staunch-Astrid praised "Anything else?" Demon-Danny turned to me with a smile and I grinned back, I had been waiting for this. "Sparky," Danny started before holding his fingers up as if he was holding an imaginary rectangle. "Say cheese!" At this I stood and pushed myself high up on my wings. I straightened out my back, held my head up high with pride and slowly, gracefully swung my tail behind me.

"It's a little something extra, but he likes doing that trick the most. He will also do the same when I tap on his nose two times." Demon-Danny explained. Loud-Snotlout looked thoughtful (gasp) and said: "I don't know, not very useful isn't it?" Friend-Hiccup simply shrugged. "If you want to teach your dragon some extra tricks that they like than that's okay. After all, I taught Toothless the 'smile' gesture too. And I don't know about you guys, but I feel humbled when he holds himself like that."

High-stung-Fishlegs nodded in agreement. "Yeah, seeing a usually hunched over dragon species holding itself proudly erect like that gives me chills." He emphasized this by rubbing his arms.

I gave a little toothy grin at the praise, but as I did I felt something irritating in my mouth. I lowered myself back again and started rubbing my yaw over the floor, hoping to get rid of the irritation. "Sparky? You okay?" Demon-Danny asked, crouching down in front of me. Behind him I heard an 'Oh O' We both looked up at Loud-Snotlout. "I might not be 'Mister Expert', but I recognize a dragon with a toothache anywhere."


A cord was tied around the snout of my upper yaw to keep my mouth open so a crazy viking with a hook for a hand could mess around with my fangs. But I didn't mind, after all my teeth were being indulged. "I got to say," I heard Half Limbless-Gobber's voice echo. "For a dragon that has never had a dental check before this one 's got a pretty clean mouth."

Demon-Danny looked up from where he had been quietly discussing things with Friend-Hiccup over the Dragon Book. "Yeah, when the weather is a little warmer he often naps with his mouth open. I take those opportunities to check if there aren't any annoying objects stuck between his teeth." The two other vikings gave him a strange look at that. "What, it's a small thing and it saves you a lot of dental visits."

"Yeah okay, but you didn't notice anything unusual last time you checked?" Half Limbless-Gobber asked. "No, not at all." The elder viking looked around some more before suddenly a "Aha, there's the problem!" was heard. I felt him grip one of my teeth and I once again felt that irritating sensation. Then there was a quick pull, and after a slight lingering pain it was gone.

Half Limbless-Gobber cut the rope and walked ever to the boys. "He just had a loose tooth." He exclaimed, holding up said tooth. "A loose tooth?" Demon-Danny asked in surprise. Gobber nodded and held it out for Danny to see. "Dragons have milk teeth?" The boy wondered next. "Uhu, two sets of them." Demon-Danny's eyebrows went up to hide behind his black bangs at that.

"Dragons have five states of maturity," Friend-Hiccup started explaining. "The egg, the tinny-tooth, the short-wing, broad-wing and eventually the titan-wing. As the name of tinny-tooth suggests, that's when they have their first set of short, stubby teeth. That way they can't hurt each other while playing. Between tinny-tooth and short-wing they trade those for their first set of hunting teeth and between short-wing and broad-wing those will make place for adult teeth."

"Aha, so then what is the titan-wing?" Demon-Danny wondered. This time Gobber answered. "Those are the dragon elders, not manny dragons that are that old come close to humans. However, the fact that Sparky just started losing his first hunter teeth means that he is entering puberty, making him about 9 years old." "Nine years!" Danny cried out in surprise. "Yes, and after about 5 years more he will have matured."

Danny gave me a nervous glance before asking: "How old do dragons get?" "We have no idea, usually they were killed instead of dying from old age. But there have been rumors of titan-wings that were over 80 years old." The old viking answered. Danny gave a little sigh in relief. The next few minutes were spent talking about 'dragon puberty' and a few minutes later we were on our way again.

Experimentally I swiped my tongue over the spot where my tooth had been. 'Wow, there is really nothing there!' The sensation was a little weird, but kinda cool.

"Wait a second," Friend-Hiccup suddenly said. "If Sparky is 9 years old he can officially compete on the Thor'sday Thursday Festival!" "The what?" Danny-wonders, also voicing my question.

"Thors'day Thursday is the day we celebrate the defeat of the Red Death and our peace with the dragons. This is the first time we will officially do this, but I heard my dad talk about the organizations. There will be little stalls with food and snacks, games to play, trader Johan and of course everyone will be looking out toward the Dragon Games. It's still very small, but we hope that one day the other tribes might come around and join in."

"Dragon Games?" Was my human's next question.

"The dragon games are divided into 5 categories: Speed, agility, fire, obedience and hunting. The festival will last for a week and except for the first day there will be an event every day, first for Terrible Terrors and baby dragons and then the bigger ones. On the last day there will also be a big series of wrestling matches, but those are exclusively for dragons ever the age of nine with trainers over the age of 12. And with your knowledge of fighting," He started whispering that last part "Also against thing that are not human, you have a pretty good chance to win."

Demon-Danny frowned. "Yeah, maybe. I fought at the side of a dragon before, but never from her back, that was Sam. But I guess I could learn." I saw Friend-Hiccup fidgeting and nudged my human to point this out to him. "Got a problem?" He asked as soon as he saw. Friend-Hiccup looked up. "It's just... I have fought with Toothless before, but that was always in the open sky and it was mostly just dodging and breathing fire. And the matches will be performed in the ring of the Dragon Academy. So I hoped you could help me a little thinking of techniques that could be useful on the ground."

Demon-Danny blinked in surprise at Friend-Hiccup's request, then he frowned and started thinking out loud. "Well, I guess I could do that. But first I'll have to get used to moving around with Sparky on the ground first. Though right now I could help you already by figuring out Sparky's and Toothless' strengths and weaknesses."

I was listening to his musing, until the most delicious aroma curled into my nostrils. My head shot up and without thinking I went after it. I had to know what that was!

I came to a halt at the harbor where Perplexed-Bucket and Decent-Mulch where shooing the other dragons away from the fish. Now and then there was a series of shrieks from dragons that dodged flying eels. In the air was the mouthwatering smell of fish mixed with the revolting stench of eel and a little twinge of something else, something special. I linked my lips and walked a little closer. When I reached the front line of distressed dragons I lowered my nose to the ground and started sniffing.

"Hey hey hey, shoo dragon, shoo!" I looked up and saw Decent-Mulch waving an eel in my direction. Surprised I jumped back, but then the new smell hit my nose again. I walked around the viking and ignored all the fish, looking for whatever smelled so nice. "Uhm..." I could hear the viking behind me mumble as I made my way over to a basket that smelled horrible. But there was no mistaking, that's where the alluring aroma was coming from. With the tip of my nose I pushed the lid off and gave another yelp in disgust. It was filled up completely with eels. 'Okay,' I told myself. 'You're rider is half demon, you got used to him so you can do this!' I tipped the basket, making it's content spill out. I took a deep breath, braced myself and dug my nose in.

I heard some of the dragons make sounds of disgust and disbelief, but I just kept on looking. When I found what I wanted, I pulled it out of the pile. To my surprise I was looking down at an eel. A big, lumpy, gray, ugly eel. I took a deep sniff and was immediately entranced by it's mouthwatering, spicy aroma. "Hey! Don't! Let go of that!" I immediately hissed at the owner of the voice to see Perplexed-Bucket take a fearful step back and that some of the other dragons had become a little braver and were now stealing fish. Stealing?

'And pleas, don't ever steal something. If you do that not only you but also I will get into trouble.'

Demon-Danny's voice echoed through me head and guilt came directly after. I looked back down at the strange eel. I couldn't eat it, no mater how good it might taste, it would be wrong. These two humans probably worked hard to catch all these, the humans needed to eat too. I looked back up to see Decent-Mulch trying to wrestle a rather big fish from a Spikelauncher.

Making up my mind I ran towards them and rammed into the dragon, forcing him to let go of the fish. Standing between them, I yelled out: "Back off, this fish isn't yours!" Immediately I heard yells of anger and protest coming from most of the dragons. "What? You guys get fish at your homes AND you can fish yourselves! The humans need this food too, a lot more than most of you!" When another dragon tried to slip past, I jumped in front of him with a hiss. "No!" For the next minute I kept doing that, giving the two older vikings time to gather up some of the fish.

"Sparks! What are you doing?!" I Looked up as I heard Demon-Danny's voice to see him, Friend-Hiccup and Loyal-Toothless coming. "Don't worry kids, he's just helping!"

I heard Decent-Mulch yell behind me. "Oh." I immediately felt relief and a little hurt as I saw Demon-Danny's look shift into surprise. But maybe I deserved it, after all I did want too steal a fish too at first.

I saw movement from the corner of my eye. A gray Firecoat was trying to slip past to get to a pile of fish that hadn't been put in a basket yet. "HEY!" I roared at him and did a little trick I had trained to perfection as a kid. I swung my tail at his legs but stopped the base just at the right moment. The rest if the tail however I allowed to keep moving, the momentum making it move faster than I could have made it go with muscle alone. The tip gave a loud SNAP and curled around the dragons leg, causing him to give a yelp in surprise and pain. Next I gave it a hard pull and dragged his paws from underneath him, making him fall over.

Startled the dragon jumped up and ran off. "Nice! Well done Sparky!" I looked up to see demon-Danny, who had praised me, shooing some dragons away on the other side of where Perplexed-Bucket and Decent-Mulch where cleaning up fish. Friend-Hiccup was helping the duo and Loyal-Toothless...

"Toothless!" I snarled warningly. The Windwalker ripped his eyes away from a fat cod and stood next to me. He smiled sheepishly. "Yeah, it's sometimes hard to get rid of old habits." He straightened his back and turned to the other dragons. "Okay guys, nothing to see here. Off you go." There was some grumbling, but some of the dragons actually started to leave this time. I guess they just respected Loyal-Toothless more then me.

The more fish was picked up and put in baskets, the more dragons left. Eventually the baskets were filled, but the last few dragons still stood there grumbling anyway. "This fish is the humans', so stop complaining." Toothless growled out at them. They had given up trying to steal anything and were instead just arguing with us.

"Hey, it ain't the humans' fish, the fish is everyone's." A Clubtail argued. "As long as fish is in the sea and apples on the tree, non may cry out free: 'This belongs to me'." I retorted. Who knew my mother's rede about human greed would also apply to dragon? The Clubtail just grumbled at that. "You guys don't like it when another animal takes the kill you caught, these humans caught these fish fair and square so it's theirs." Toothless agreed.

"Yeah, but still humans share their fish with each other, so what is the bad in us taking some too?" "Are you stupid or something?" Toothless wondered, making the Clubtail growl. "The humans caught it so they can choose who to share it with. And we dragons get some of it too." I said. "Actually," Toothless interrupted me. "Humans have a complex social system, each has a talent or job and they will exchange those so everyone has a bit of everything. You know, trading metal weapons and tools for the repairing of a cart or food for clothing. It's like a well organized big nest."

"Okay, that's the last one!" I heard Friend-Hiccup yell behind me. At this Loyal-Toothless and I relaxed and joined the humans over at the baskets. Friend-Hiccup walked over Loyal-Toothless and started patting him. "Good job buddy, thanks a lot." "Oh, was nothin'." The dragon cooed happily. I looked up at my own humans, who was strangely quit. He walked towards me and shuffled his feet slightly, as if ashamed. I nudged him with my nose and made a soft noise in the back of my throat to get him to talk.

He bit his lip before answering. "It's just...I'm sorry I yelled at you earlier. I thought you were here to try and snatch some fish just like the other dragons." At this a little reptilian smile appeared on my snout and I nuzzled the human playfully. Looks like we both didn't like disappointing each other.

"Okay, looks like there are a few rewards in order here." My head shot up as I heard Decent-Mulch say this. He opened one of the baskets and put a few fish inside a bag. He handed it to Friend-Hiccup. "These are for you guys for dinner." Friend-Hiccup took them with a smile and a 'thanks'. The older viking turned back to the basket and took out a fat cod. "One for Toothless." He said, throwing it at said dragon who caught it out of the air. "And," My spikes went up in surprise as the viking started rumbling around in another basket. I was getting a reward too? "I think you were after this before, weren't you?" He wondered, holding up the gray eel I found earlier. I perked up with a cry of joy. But next to me I heard Danny make a panicked sound. "Be very careful with that, that's an electric eel!"

Now everyone was looking at him, confused. Eels could be electric too? Seeing how everyone was looking at him strangely Demon-Danny started explaining: "Electric eels can feel and kill pray by using the electricity it makes. They are deadly, even to humans. Though...they do normally live in warmer water." "Well, we did catch a few fish further west, were there are slightly warmer currents." Decent-Mulch mused. I gave Demon-Danny an inpatient nudge and wined. He looked between me and the strange fish. "You actually like to eat those?" I excitedly started hopping from one claw onto the other. "Okay, I guess since you are an electric dragon it makes sense." Decent-Mulch threw the fish at me and I plucked it right out of the air.

It was the most delicious thing I ever ate. It was slimy but tasted rich and sweet. I also found that what Demon-Danny had just said to be true, though it had been dead for a while now I could feel a light lingering electric current running over my tongue. Deciding I wanted to enjoy this a little bit longer, I settled for sucking it's skin for a bit before eating it.

"Hm, maybe..." I looked at Demon-Danny, just in time to see his face light up with a idea. "Hiccup, get the gang. I want to try something."

Danny p.o.v.

We were now at the academy again. I had scattered the teens and dragons around the arena and was now walking towards Sparky again. "So, why are we here again?" Snotlout wondered. I turned to him for a second. "To test if Sparky possesses electro-location." "Electro-whatywhatnow?" Ruffnut wondered.

"Some animals, like Skrills, can make electricity to use as a weapon, but something that is more common is animals that use it as a way of communication and orientation. Every living thing creates a slight electric current when they move, unnoticeable as it usually is. By creating electric fields some creatures can pick up those currents and orientate themselves when vision is poor. It's somewhat similar to echo-location, which is based on sounds and echoes."

"Oh!" I heard Hiccup exclaim behind me, as if he just had a revelation. I ignored it and took out a blindfold. "Okay then Sparky, zapper." Immediately everyones hair was up. "Now there should be an electric field hanging in the arena, I want you to try if you can feel it." The dragon closed his eyes and concentrated. I took this moment to put the blindfold over his eyes. "Now, everyone, move around. Just randomly move your arms or jog in place. Sparky, you are going to try if you can find us." With that I took a few steps back and started walking in small circles.

Awkwardly everyone started moving. At first Sparky seemed very confused, he was turning his head this way and that, raising and flattening the spikes on his head and chin. Eventually he started moving around a little. He was moving in the general directions a dragon or small groups of teens stood, before doubting and turning somewhere else.

Hiccup, who was next to me and had been waving one arm wildly, leaned closer and whispered: "Maybe he can't do it." "Or he doesn't know how and what to focus on." I replied. "If you start feeling weird or something painful, yelp." I added as I started activating me electric powers. Immediately Sparky's head shot in out direction, before he started walking towards us. He hesitated for a second before lightly bumping his nose against my chest.

"Good job Sparky!" I praised, patting his nose to let him know who he had found. The dragon made a happy murmuring sound and licked my face. With renewed confidence he turned towards Hiccup and bumped his arm. "You found me." The boy exclaimed, making the dragon bounce joyfully. With that he turned around and went looking for the others.

In the end he had found only Hiccup, me and the majority of the other dragons. After that it had become to unclear for him and after half an hour I called it a day. We spent the next two hours training and flying until it had gotten dark. And now, with the moon high in the sky...

"Uhm, when can I move?" "Just a few more seconds..." Hiccup answered, his eyes flickering between his notes and the tiny, red-hot dragons that had snuggled against me wherever they could. A few days ago, after I told Hiccup that my ghost powers caused the dragons' strange behavior, he wanted to find out exactly what dragons liked ghosts, which didn't mind and which were afraid. And he also wanted to use that knowledge to figure more stuff out about dragons without them attacking him.

Turns out majority of the larger dragons naturally feared me, with the exception of Boneknappers and Changewings. Smaller dragons were more likely to like me, Smothering Smokebreaths even to the point where they ignored Hiccups metal leg entirely. And as it turned out, Fireworms were indifferent. They did however enjoy the fact that I was like a never-melting ice cube. As soon as they found out how cold I was they had come swarming around and snuggled against me, their flaming bodies hissing and smoking like hot metal in ice cold water where they touched my skin.

I chuckled as one turned a little in my neck to cool down it's other side too. These little things tickled unbearably, tinny claws, scaled and spikes brushing against my skin.

I was however a little nervous about the giant Fireworm-queen that was watching the affair with gleaming eyes. Also our own dragons sat at the entrance of the cave, just behind Hiccup, huffing and snorting in discomfort. "Okay, got it." I suddenly heard the boy exclaim, slamming his book shut "Now we just need a way to get them off of you." "Don't worry, I got this!" I yelled back at him.

I quickly turned myself intangible, making all the dragons tumble down with surprised shrieks, and stood. As soon as I turned tangible however, I felt hundreds of tiny claws clung to my legs again. "What the?!" I looked down as saw the tiny dragons giving me frustrated hisses. I looked up at a nervous half-roar from Toothless and a whine from Sparky. "Uh o, this is not good." I heard Hiccup mumble. "We gotta get out of here, quick!"

"Wait, give me just a sec!" Nervously I turned one of my feet intangible again so the Fireworms fell off and drawing a circle with it on the floor. Immediately a part of the floor froze. I closed my eyes and concentrated, forming a clear picture in my head of that I wanted to make, and let my ice-powers do the work. When I opened my eyes again, a small frozen fortress with hundreds of little tunnels and caverns stood in front of me.

One curious little Fireworm jumped off of my other leg and tiptoed over to it. Carefully it stretched out one little paw and joyfully called out when he found it didn't melt, before slipping into one of the holes. In a matter of seconds they had all gotten off of me and crawled into their new snow fortress.

Finally free I quickly tiptoed over to Hiccup and jumped onto Sparky's back. "Come on, let's go." "Right!" In a mater of seconds we were back out into the open air. As soon as the island was out of view Hiccup let out a sigh. "Few, that went rather well. Usually it isn't this easy." I laughed at this, though I myself was quit relieved\. Two of the most problem attracting kids in the Archipelago had a little luck for once. "Usually? And people call you the Dragon Conqueror?" Now Hiccup started laughing too. "Hey, don't you use that on me Inviso-Bill." "Oh come on, I told you that in confidence!" After that we just kept laughing and teasing each other all the way back home.

Hiccup p.o.v.

We had planned to train in private this afternoon. Danny and Sparky had already left earlier in the morning since the overexcited Skrill couldn't wait to learn more from his trainer. So now my own dragon and I were waiting on the plains just behind Raven Point.

"Do you think they forgot?" I wondered, turning to my friend Night Furry. The large black creature just shrugged and lay back down, enjoying the sun. It was a rather nice day, it was pretty warm and there was a slight breeze that pushed the few fluffy clouds forward through the sky.

Well, there was no sense in getting angry or upset about my friend being late. So I settled down against Toothless' side and relaxed. I immediately felt the sun shining onto my face. Contently I closed my eyes and let my mind drift a little. It really was a nice day. Sun not to hot, wind not to cold. Really nic-.

My head shot up at a sudden cheering. Did I just dose of? Toothless and I exchanged looks before looking up and ducking away when a black form came flying over us. It crash-landed in front of us in a whirl of wings, tail and claws. The mess untangled, revealing itself to be Sparky with Danny in ghost form clinging to his snout.

"Sorry Sparks, but you're gonna have to try harder than that!" The boy exclaimed. At this the dragon let out a snarl and started smashing his head against the ground. I flinched every time Danny was smacked between the ground and the dragons head, an action that might have broken a normal person's bones. But since he didn't let go I guessed he was all right.

The Skrill gave up on trying to knock the ghost boy out and instead started rolling and spinning around in the grass. After a few seconds of this he stopped dead in his tracks and swung his head in the complete other direction, sending his rider flying. Danny pulled himself upright in the air, though he did look a little green.

"Okay, that's better. Though you have to keep in mind that your opponents will be bigger then me." I felt a little relieved at his statement. They were just practicing.

Sparky proceeded to growl and jump up, trying to snatch Danny out of the air. The boy pulled his legs out of the dragons reach and soared through the air to land a little ways away. Sparky quickly turned towards him, opened his mouth and shot 4 short bursts of fire at him. Danny avoided all of them narrowly and proceeded to fling several spikes of ice back at the dragon, simulating a Nadder's spine shot.

Sparky quickly pressed himself against the ground and rapidly swung his tail up and down, mowing most of the spikes out of the air before they hit him. "You're still swinging your tail to much. Try to time it, that way you'll waste less energy."

Sparky gave a quick nod in understanding before he had to dodge a wave of green blasts, shooting a few fireballs of his own that colliding with them in midair. Before he even properly finished up that move Danny was already flying at the giant reptile, covered in what seemed to be bright green flames.

I could only sit there with Toothless and watch as dragon and rider kept throwing attacks at each other. Danny was rapidly switching between attack styles, also mimicking the trademark attacks of various dragons with his powers.

But after a while I noticed that both their attacks were getting sloppier until instead of training they were now just rolling around in a play fight that ended with a laughing Danny under Sparky's claws and a long, wet tongue in his face. "Hahaha, okay! Down boy, down boy!" Danny was wheezing out as Sparky kept mercilessly attacking him with affectionate licks.

Next to me Toothless seemed to have decided that they had played long enough and gave a roar to get their attention. Both swiftly lifted their heads in our direction, Sparky's tongue still lulling out of his mouth. "Oh hey there guys!" Danny called as he fazed out of the dragons grasp. "Sorry, but Sparky and I just got into it."

"That was amazing!" I cried out, startling the duo a little. "I-I mean, wow! Just, you were moving so fast! And yet Sparky was keeping up with you and then you made an ice club and swung it as if it was, wow!" I just couldn't form any decent sentence anymore. Those powers were amazing. And all the creativity and potential. And to think all of that was (luckily) at our side.

The two got slightly smug looks on their faces as they puffed out their chest and Danny leaned against his dragon, examining his nails in mock vain. "Well it has taken me quit some time to train them to perfection, and I still keep discovering new powers. As for my speed: If you had need to fight enemies that were sometimes stronger then you, you're forced to learn quickly."

Toothless and I walked towards our friends with a huge smile and by the time we reached them they had adopted their usual layed back demeanor again. I threw my hands into the air and cried dramatically, "Teach me, master!" Danny gave a laugh at this and put his hands together in front of his chest as he replied in an 'old man voice'. "As you wish, my student. First lesson of battle is-" He threw a punch at me and my hands quickly came back up to block it, something that had become almost like a second nature after all of Danny's 'martial art' training. "Blocking and dodging." He finished.

"If you want to have a chance to throw a punch at your foes, you first need to be conscious enough to do so." I nodded slowly as Danny turned around and climbed onto Sparky's back. "I know you already know how to block attacks. And now it is your turn to teach that to Toothless."

The boy reached down to scratch his dragon's lower jaw. "Plus, Sparky has been waiting all day to fight a dragons sized opponent. And we also still need to learn how to read each other and work as a team."

I grinned and climbed on Toothless' back. "And luckily I'm just the person to teach you that." Danny's smile widened to form a grin of his own, Sparky's own lips pulling back into a playful snarl to match. "Teach me, master." Danny repeated my words, before they shot forward with the speed of a snake.

By the time we had to return home we were both battered and bruised, but laughing all the same. Turns out our problems were the complete opposite. Danny sometimes had trouble reading Sparky's body language and judging the movement of a body that was bigger than his own, while I had yet to figure out how a dragon could defend itself from a dragon's attacks. And we were just the people to teach those to each other.

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Me: He's freakin' adorable, he's smart, he's an interesting character, he can turn into a sly, manipulative psycho if he needs to and he's badass, even though he's just a human and hasn't killed a titan up 'till now.

Hiccup: YES! Another normal human!

Me: Actually, we can start making different teams. *Drags Hiccup and Armin together and pushes the others somewhere else together* Humans, half-humans. *Pushes Eren and Danny away from Inuyasha, Rin and Vesper* Half-demons and aaah…Glowing green eyes in not human form. *Pairs up Armin, Rin and Danny* Big baby bleu eyes. *Drags Eren and Inuyasha together* Short temper and murderous tendencies.

Both: Oi!

Me: *Giggles slightly and hides behind computer* Oh, did you guys know I'm writing another story?

Eren: *BOOM!* *Titan form*

Everyone: *Staaaaaaaare*

Rin: …Well, let's cook! *Withdraws into kitchen, followed by ferocious chopping sounds*

Inuyasha: Ho-lyshit…

Armin: Eren! You didn't even hurt yourself! How did this happen?

Me: Writer powers!

But anyways, now that I think about it, next chapter will be better and longer…much longer.