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The Solution

Chapter 97

"You'll see them in less than two weeks, Grandma. Relax." Damon teased and she shot him a look. It was two days later, the 12th of December and Damon and Caroline were about to go to the airport. Liz was sitting on the recliner with both of the twins and she was hugging and kissing them.

"We can talk every morning on Skype before you go to work." Caroline smiled at her mother who nodded.

"I need to ask something. It'll sound silly but I just need to ask." Liz said to Damon seriously and he nodded for her to continue. "You are actually going to Italy, right? You're not just going to… disappear, right?" Liz tested worriedly and he smiled at her fondly for worrying about that.

"I promise, we're going to Italy and we'll be back living here in February. We both have the Skype app thingy on our phones, so whenever you want to talk to them or see them, just send a message on it and we'll take them to the computer. I'm not kidnapping your daughter and grandkids. Don't worry so much." Damon smirked at her and she, Stefan, Katherine and Ric chuckled.

"Okay." Liz accepted. "How are you getting to the airport?" She remembered and Damon snickered.

"Limo." Damon said amused and they laughed.

"Why?" Liz asked with a giggle.

"Blondie said that she thought it would be really cool to go in a limo, so I got a limo." Damon shrugged and they laughed loudly.

"Whipped." Stefan quipped.

"I'm married, you're not, so shut up." Damon retorted and they only laughed louder.

"Oh no." Katherine frowned.

"What?" Caroline asked confused.

"The limo's pulling up. You have to go." Katherine said sadly and Damon chuckled at the fact Katherine was going to miss Caroline so much.

"You'll see her in like five days, Katta." Damon smirked and Katherine shot him a look then hugged Caroline and Caroline hugged her back tightly.

"I'll Skype you when snarky's annoying me." Caroline quipped and they laughed.

"I might not be able to go on Skype that often." Katherine teased.

"Ha ha. You're hilarious." Damon mumbled and they chortled. "So, let me just double check. Katerina and Ric are flying into Brindisi Casale airport on the 17th, arriving at 8.30pm and Stefan and Grandma are flying into Puglia Bari airport on the 22nd at 11.40am, right?" Damon tested.

"Right." Katherine nodded.

"Yes." Stefan agreed.

"And Jeremy is flying into Bari airport on the 26th." Katherine reminded him and Damon nodded.

"I know. He's going to email me his itinerary." Damon responded. "You want to put their jackets on while I take out the suitcases?" He asked Caroline who nodded. Damon opened the door and grabbed two suitcases then took them down to the driver while Caroline grabbed Conrad's little baby leather jacket that matched Damon's (Damon had insisted that he wear it) and Sessily's little baby purple coat and she put on Conrad's while Liz put on Sessily's then Damon grabbed the last two suitcases from the hall and took them down to the car as well.

"Come kiss the twins because I'm strapping them into the seats." Caroline said and they all stood up and crowded around her and Liz giving them kisses then they strapped them into the carrier car seats. Caroline pulled on her jacket then Damon came back and took the twins down to the car and strapped them into the limo in the backseat while Caroline and the others walked down to the limo.

"Whoever is in the house last before going to Italy, remember to put the house alarm on." Damon instructed knowing that they'd no doubt go into their house.

"We will." Stefan agreed.

"Oh and just because I'm in Italy doesn't mean that the rules are any different." Caroline cautioned Stefan.

"Meaning?" Stefan asked sceptically.

"No skank in my house." Caroline warned and they laughed while Stefan rolled his eyes.

"Sweetheart, please stop using that word." Liz sighed.

"No." Caroline denied and they laughed at her flat out refusal. "Now come hug me." She said then Liz gave her a tight hug while Katherine hugged Damon. They swapped then Stefan hugged Damon while Ric hugged Caroline. Stefan hugged Caroline tightly because he was going to miss her and Damon made them all laugh when he dramatically kissed Ric's cheek.

"I'll miss you, honey." Damon winked and they laughed loudly.

"Yeah, yeah, you too." Ric rolled his eyes amused and Damon winked at him.

"Right, let's go before we miss the flight." Damon said and Caroline nodded.

"Have a safe flight." Liz smiled.

"Call the second you land." Katherine practically demanded to Caroline and they snickered.

"I swear." Caroline grinned then hugged her again because she was seriously going to miss her.

"Later." Damon saluted then pulled Caroline into the limo and the others waved them off. Damon pulled Caroline onto his lap and put his arms around her as the driver drove them down the street. "And I finally have you to myself." Damon smirked and she giggled then put her arms around his neck and kissed him.

"I miss Katherine already." Caroline smiled innocently and Damon laughed in disbelief.

"You'll see her in five days." Damon pointed out.

"I know." She sighed. "I can't believe that we're actually going to Italy. I was sure that something would come up. I'm so happy that we're really going." She smiled and he kissed her.

"Me too. I've really missed the house there. It's my first home you see." He smirked. "That's why I really wanted the twins' first Christmas to be there." He said and she smiled.

"They're so lucky to have you as a daddy, you know that?" She said and he grinned.

"I love you." He said then kissed her.

About an hour and fifteen minutes later, they approached Charlottesville airport and Caroline looked at Damon confused when the car took a slip road instead of going to the terminal.

"He went the wrong way." She whispered to Damon who smirked.

"No, he didn't, baby." Damon said and she shot him a sceptical look.

"I don't understand." She said and he smiled then pointed behind her out of the window. She turned her head and in the distance she saw a private jet on the tarmac and her jaw dropped. "Are you joking?" She gasped and he chuckled.

"Surprise." He smiled and she grinned at him then kissed him.

"I feel like a famous person!" She squealed and he chuckled fondly at her for being so cute.

About an hour later they'd been through the mini-passport control, had their bags scanned and they were strapped into their large lounge seats on-board.

"Mr and Mrs Salvatore, are we ready?" The nice airhostess called Sarah inquired.

"Yes, thank you." Damon nodded and she smiled then went to inform the pilot.

"This is the coolest thing ever." Caroline grinned at Damon and he chuckled then kissed her hand.

They each had a baby strapped to them for take-off then once they were in the air, lunch was served and Caroline was just loving every second of it. It was a nice flight and only took 9 hours and 45 minutes until they landed into Puglia airport. It was late when they landed and Caroline was tired. She was a little surprised to see a man holding a sign saying 'Salvatore' when they got there, even more surprised when he handed over a set of car keys and registration details to Damon.

"What's that about?" Caroline asked quietly.

"I bought a car and paid for them to have it delivered to the airport so that we wouldn't have to take the twins and four suitcases in a taxi." Damon explained and she looked surprised.

"What car did you get?" She asked.

"Chrysler Lancia Voyager. It's an 8-seater people carrier. Figured that would be good once everyone gets here." He remarked surprising her.

"We'll need to get something like that when we go back to Virginia." Caroline nodded.

"I know. If this one's good, we can just get the same one. It's just out, so figured we could try it out." Damon replied.

Damon set the suitcases into the backseat while Caroline strapped the twins into the middle section then she climbed into the passenger seat and Damon got behind the wheel. Damon had booked them a suite in the Boscolo hotel in Bari, so he drove the short distance to the hotel, parked, they checked in then made their way up to their room. The twins were really sleepy, so Caroline and Damon gave them each a quick bottle, put their pyjamas on then put them to bed in the small baby cot beds that the hotel had provided. After that, Damon and Caroline had a shower, called to check in at home then went to bed, anticipating that they'd be up early.

In the morning, they fed the twins then checked out and got into the car and Damon drove the rest of the hour and fifteen minute drive down the coast. Caroline hadn't been to Europe before, so she was thoroughly enjoying driving down the coast through the little towns and getting to see a little bit of Italy. They drove through the medieval town of Ostuni to get to Damon's 20 hectare property and it wasn't long before they were on a dirt road leading up through trees. Caroline grinned when she finally saw the beautiful old white house with surrounding fencing. Damon hopped out of the car and opened up the doors of the fence then got back in and drove them into the estate and parked in the courtyard.

"It's old and it needs work, but do you like it?" Damon asked her and she grinned.

"I love it, Damon." She said in a little bit of awe. She could see the ancient olive groves and the fields surrounding the property and she loved it.

"Good." He smiled. "We'll have to get beds delivered. There's only two in it at the moment." He remarked and she nodded.

"Let's just leave the suitcases for now and go and explore." She beamed and he chuckled at her being cute.

"Okay." Damon agreed amused. He hopped out of the car again then opened up the side of the people carrier and Caroline did the same on the other side. He picked Sessily out while Caroline took Conrad then they shut the doors and walked up to the front entrance. Damon had Sessily on his hip, holding her securely with his left arm while his hand went into his pocket and fished out his house keys then he unlocked the door and opened it. "The kitchen needs new appliances too. I have ones from the seventies." He remarked and she giggled.

"Okay." Caroline accepted as she let her gaze wander. They walked into a hallway that opened up into a lobby type space. On the left was a wall that held a door and Caroline saw that it was the large kitchen. It was dated and the decorating was terrible but she could imagine that space being really wonderful. On the right was an open plan very large living room and dining room. There was a long table with room for eight and Caroline thought that would be perfect for when everyone came over for Christmas. At the back of the living room was another hallway, so they walked down then got to four bedrooms and two bathrooms, two on either side. Caroline saw that they were quite spacious but Damon told her that his bedroom was the biggest, so that would obviously be theirs. Continuing down the hall led to another open plan lounge area with couches on one side of the room and a pool table and bar on the other.

"There's a bedroom over there and there." Damon pointed to either side of the space and she nodded then they continued straight ahead through the room and entered another hallway. There were four more bedrooms, two on each side of that hallway and another two bathrooms then the hall ended and they entered a large library with a fire place and couches on one side and the other side had rows of bookshelves filled to the brim and a small round table with two chairs off to the side. "Ric will have a field day in there." Damon smirked pointing to the shelves and Caroline giggled.

"Tons of old books, huh?" She asked and he nodded.

"A lot of them were there when I was a kid." He smirked and she looked surprised because that was old. They continued straight ahead and came to a stair case. They walked up about twelve stairs then stopped on a landing that was surrounded by windows and Damon pointed so she looked out and blinked a few times because the view was beautiful. In the distance, she could see trees, mountains and the land, and if she squinted, she could see the start of the Adriatic sea.

"Wow." Caroline whispered and he smiled at her then they continued up the stairs that moved away from the windows.

"I figured that these two bedrooms would be the best for us because they're the biggest and most private." Damon stated as they reached the top floor. On either side was a bedroom and Damon turned into the left one. Caroline was a little surprised because his room was decorated much more modernly than the rest of the house. There was a large bed, walk-in closet and adjoining bathroom.

"I like it." She smiled and he winked at her. "This house is amazing. I could totally live here forever." She remarked and he chuckled.

"We could, you know. There are no neighbours for miles and miles." He smirked and she looked surprised.

"We should consider that for when we can't be in Virginia anymore. The kids will be like five or six years old then and this place would be incredible for them to grow up in." Caroline observed.

"I'm more than for it, so I'll leave that decision up to you. I'd love to come back here." Damon agreed and she smiled. "But for now, we need to get this place liveable. It needs beds, appliances, stuff for the kids, groceries, and cleaned." Damon stated and she nodded.

"And internet." She remarked.

"We can get one of those mobile broadband things. There's no point in installing a phone line yet." He replied.

"Okay." She accepted. "We'll need Italian cell phones."

"Mmm." He agreed knowing that their American phones wouldn't accept European sim cards. "What phone do you want? I'll run out to Brindisi and get phones, groceries and the broadband." He said.

"The new Samsung Galaxy S please." She grinned and he chuckled.

"You answered that fast." He smirked.

"It's awesome." She replied and he snickered.

"Okay. Let's go back downstairs. I'll set up the travel cribs. They look sleepy, so if you want to wander about and make a list of stuff we need while I run out?" He asked as they left the room and wandered back downstairs.

"Mmhmm." She nodded.

"I'll bring a fridge freezer back with me. The one in the kitchen is crap." He stated and she giggled.

"Okay." She nodded.

Liz wasn't working until the afternoon and Katherine didn't have class that morning because her exams were starting the following day, so they decided to go for brunch in town at the café. They'd done that a couple of times because Liz was always great with Katherine and Katherine just adored her. She saw her like a really close Aunt or something and was always great to talk to.

"It's really sad how much I miss Caroline already." Katherine remarked as they started to eat.

"I know what you mean. I've gotten so used to spending time with her and the babies, it's just weird to think that they're all the way in Italy." Liz agreed then took a sip of her coffee.

"What are you going to do when they can't be in Virginia anymore?" Katherine asked concerned and Liz sighed.

"I have no idea." She admitted. "I buried myself in work because Caroline and I didn't get along, which was wrong and I admit that, I should have tried harder. But now, we're so close and I know that there's a time limit before she'll have to leave… I don't know. I don't want to lose her or the kids." Liz said and Katherine nodded in understanding. "Have you thought about it?"

"Yeah, we've already decided that we're always going to stick together. Where she goes I go." Katherine replied surprising Liz.

"What about Ric?" Liz asked.

"I think he's in the same mind set as I am. We haven't really talked about the future but I just can't lose Caroline." Katherine confessed and Liz couldn't help a small smile.

"Are you worried about how the baby will affect that?" Liz asked and Katherine nodded.

"I am a little, but more with Damon than Caroline. Caroline's already said that it won't affect our relationship, but I think Damon will be weird, which is only fair. It is a kind of nightmare situation." Katherine answered.

"I'm with Caroline on it." Liz said. "That little baby will be just as much my grandchild as Conrad and Sessily are." She said and Katherine grinned at her.

"Really?" She asked and Liz nodded.

"It's funny how it worked out but we're all like a family now. It's crazy just how much I love Damon despite everything, you and Caroline are more like sisters than friends and I would have been really proud of you if you'd been my daughter." Liz said and Katherine teared up because she couldn't help it.

"You have no idea how much that means to me." Katherine said sincerely and Liz smiled.

"You don't have anything to worry about. Damon's already getting used to the idea and Caroline's just excited that the twins will have another sibling. She likes the idea of a big family." Liz added and Katherine smiled.

"I like it too. I was an only child and being alone for so long was terrible. So, the thought of my children growing up with lots of brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles… and a grandmother." Katherine said fondly. "It's amazing. They'll always have lots of people in their lives and it really is a blessing."

"Definitely a blessing." Liz smiled. "So, you think that you're having a little boy?" She asked and Katherine nodded.

"It feels really different this time compared to the last time and I had a daughter last time. I read somewhere that it feels different depending on the sex. I don't know if that's true or not but I'll be just as happy either way." She smiled.

"I hope he's a little boy. Don't get me wrong, I adore Sessily, but Conrad is so much fun." Liz smiled and Katherine giggled.

"I think we're biased with Rad because we're his favourites." Katherine teased and Liz laughed.

"That could be it." Liz agreed amused…