The road was dark and the windows to the car were slightly damp from the rains of the night before. Her hands gripped firmly onto the steering wheel, letting the car ease onto the road without slipping on wet cement and small round puddles carved into the black stone. Everything was new here, nothing was the same, not even the law. Transferring to Tulsa, Oklahoma Jump Street program had seemed like the best idea at the time, but now that she had experienced it for herself; she wasn't quite sure she wanted to be an undercover police officer after all. Sure enough, she missed her friends, ex-fiance, and fellow workers back in Vancouver, but that wasn't enough to pull her away from her new found love. All these years of running from her emotions, chasing unfulfilled dreams, she simply gave up. It was almost impossible to deny that she may have possibly fallen under a spell, one of the cruelest spells of them all; love. A small but very, very powerful word. Any woman would kill to be blinded by love's unfaithful tales, to be trapped in a tower awaiting her kiss, no not a kiss, her prince; She'd be waiting for her prince. Though her love may not be true, she refused to go back home, well at least, she refused to go back to her old home.

Dwelling on memories and unhealed scars, she brought the car to a stop in front of a small house. The colors were plain and a rusty old fashioned truck sat just a few feet beyond the broken gate in a makeshift driveway. Shingles from the room swooped down just over the edge and rested on a simple vein of life, formally known as plaster. Normally you'd expect a house this old or rather worn down to be tilted in some way, but it wasn't. The earth underneath it as well as the foundation of the house must have been well structured enough to keep it evened out from top to bottom, or horizontally. It was almost exactly as she had expected it to be.

All the lights were on in the house and the front door was wide open with only the torn screen behind it to protect the contents of the house from intruders. But they must not have minded that, considering the only people that ever wanted to come over here were the cops and their friends who they considered family. Walking along the wide gray stoned path up to the porch, she stopped, glancing back at the yard. Nearly half of the space was engulfed with dark, all except the once straight blotch that seemed to be infected with light coming from the inside lamp. Small patches of grass here and there gave the place a sense of color and vegetation, so it wasn't all bare. Surprisingly the house gave her a feeling of exception. Though she only knew one of the boys that lived inside. She still felt welcomed, like this was where she was meant to be at this very time. Maybe it was, no one could really tell; especially not her.

Soon she made her journey up the two steps that separated the porch from the ground and took a deep breath. It seemed as though her world was clouding up right in front of her, she couldn't see anything; no future, no hope, no life. An exaggeration most definitely, and an irrelevant one at that. One moment ago this was her future home, but now it was nothing but a dark pit where she would lose all her dreams? Impossible. Her mind was simply playing games with her, thinking of other events, nothing about this one. Though. She must admit that she was rather nervous, considering the older of the three boys was told to be strict, she had put off meeting him until now, but her lover insisted that it was now or never. Never sounded like the more pleasant idea. With a weak knock on the door frame a shout came from somewhere in the back of the house.

"I'll get it!" The one familiar voice echoed all the way until he reached the door. A wide grin spread across his face as he leaned against the screen, "You made it! For a moment there, I thought you'd chicken out."

"Not in your lifetime, babe." She replied with a smirk and leaned against the screen as well, pressing her lips to his through the thin metal like fabric. It was warm and tasted of iron, not one hint of his regular sweet sugar filled kisses leaked through the fabric, yet it was still nice.

"Come on, get in here." He parted from the screen kiss and opened the door excitedly, rushing her inside.

"Hey, who was it?" A more manly voice sounded from behind a corner, just before the owner of the voice appeared. Not a flicker of surprise nor happiness spread across his face, obviously he had been expecting someone different, or no one important at all. Such a shame she had to let him down like that.

A kind face appeared from the side of the couch, odd place to be. This one was slender and sweet looking, but he didn't smile. No one seemed to be happy here except her lover. Gee, that sure did make her feel great about being introduced to the family. Maybe they knew. Maybe they knew how she stole him from some other broad, and how easily she had hurt him in that time period. Perhaps they would always hate her.

"Sam. This is Darry," He pointed to the muscle man who gave a curt nod, "and this is Pony. My brothers." A relieved breath escaped his mouth, perhaps he didn't want her to hear, but it was almost impossible not to with his arm around her as tightly as it was. The Curtis brothers in the flesh. Sodapop, Darry, and Pony. Each similar in looks, but obviously far from personalities. The lady's man, the daydreamer, and the muscle man. What a family to walk into.