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Chapter 45: Epilogue

Arius (P3X-27487)

1st December 2018

Doctor Daniel Jackson sat back in his chair and looked outside the large window in his office. The sunset outside could have been on Earth, not that he had seen many on his planet of birth once he'd joined Stargate Command. He'd seen more alien sunrises and sunsets during his many years with SG-1. The sunsets alone on this plant had inspired him to build there. So after his retirement he had a home near a cliff so every night he could enjoy them.

Removing his glasses he rubbed his eyes and then put them back on, turning his attention once more to the leather bound journal on his desk. The journal itself was hundreds of years old, the entries dated back thousands of years. Originally having been written on papyrus scrolls, in a long dead language, one only a handful of people on the planet could read. The fact he'd been given the journal, which had been carefully rewritten from the papyrus scroll, was an honour not given to many. The journal entries were personal writings of its owner, who had lived through turbulent years.

The authors, who had written in the journal, were well known to Daniel. They were more than just friends, they were family.

His family.

Long before the Stargate program, long before he even knew Immortals even existed. This was the first journal of many that he'd been given a chance to read, to journey through history with two Immortals who lived, loved and lost before Christ was born. Who had survived through history as mere myths and fables, disappearing when they needed to and reappearing when the time was right.

The journals told stories of survival, of love, hate, grief and so much more. They told of legends, of castles, knights, kings and wizards. Of heroes and villains. And they told of family, of Daniel's birth parents and the two Immortals who had taken a grief stricken young boy and showed him how to love again, to have parents again.

Daniel smiled and looked over at the painting of his parents that hung on the wall of his study. Not his birth parents, but his adopted parents. The two Immortals who had become his family. The journals belonged to the woman he come to call mum. Family wasn't about blood, it was about the people who loved and cared about you.

Hearing the knock on the door, he looked away from the painting. "Yes."

The door opened, and pretty teenager with long light brown braided hair entered, warmth in her soft hazel eyes. "Everyone is here, Daniel."

A man's voice was heard yelling from another room. "Move your six, Danny-boy, I didn't come all this way to have you hide in your study!"

Chuckling, Daniel stood and put the journal in the wall safe, which was hidden behind the painting of his adopted parents. "I see Jack is in fine voice."

The young woman chuckled. "Uncle Jack is always in fine voice," she mused and, guided him out of his study. "You'll have plenty of time to reread mum's adventures later."

"You're just as bossy as your mother, Lysa," he noted.

"I know," she mused. "So how are you coming along with her journals?"

"Well it would be easier to translate if she wrote in one language at a time, but then your mother has never done anything the easy way," Daniel answered.

"True," Lysa agreed. "But this is mum we're talking about. The woman, who took court with Cleopatra, was one of King Arthur's Knights and ran with Robin Hood."

"And captured your father's heart from the moment he laid eyes on her."

"The one and only," the teenager agreed. "Thankfully though, since you settled here, she's doesn't complain about my grades."

"Well, what are big brother's for," Daniel said with a smile, "If not to tutor their little sister."

"Not to mention keep said little sister out of trouble," Lysa said teasingly.

They came into the living room; Daniel was warmly greeted by his friends, his other family, past members of SG-1.

"So Danny boy," Jack stated as they settled into overly stuffed comfortable chairs. "Even on another planet, you've still managed to find yourself dusty journals to read."

"Careful Jack, the owner of said journals is coming to dinner tonight and she won't like you calling them dusty," Daniel warned.

"Nar, she likes me."

Samantha Carter snorted in a most unladylike way. "Call her journals dusty and she might change her mind."

"Indeed," Teal'c stated straight faced.

Jack merely shrugged. "So what have you learnt from these Journals, anything juicy?"

Daniel chuckled. "Yes and so much more."

"How much more?" Jack pushed.

"They start at the beginning." Daniel informed.

"The beginning?" Sam questioned interested.

Nodding Daniel continued. "From the moment she was found."

Lyssa sat cross legged in one of the chairs. She'd read the journal entries herself, but they were never as good as when her 'Brother' told them. "Will you tell us, Daniel, please?"

The other's looked just as interested, making Daniel nod. He knew the entries off by heart.

"Her story starts in 1028 B.C and is told not by her, but the man who found her… by Death himself…"

The End….


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