The Return of Myotismon

Continued from The Return of the DigiDestineds and the Return of the Prophecy

Chapter 1: The Decision

Tai's pov

We were free to spend as much time as we wanted in the DigiWorld since it was summer. Most of our parents knew the truth about the DigiWorld. But the new DigiDestineds' parents didn't and that meant that they couldn't spend a lot of time here without their parents worrying about them and where they were, now our parents could say that the others were with us and that they were safe but that would be an exaggeration of the truth and I would never make our parents do that for us. So now I had to decide if we would explain it to the other's parents or have our parents tell them. That was a tough choice but after Kari helped me out it became a group choice not just mine.

Matt's pov

Tai and Kari came over and told us that we were gonna vote on if we told the others' parents or if our parents would. We voted and Kari counted the votes then whispered them to Tai.

He took a deep breath and said, "The choice with the most votes is … we tell them ourselves. As for how we will do that, well I 'm open to suggestions."

"I've got it!" Kari said after a moment of thought. "I will ask our parents to get the others' parents to meet us. Tai you will call Davis, Cody, and Yolie and have them meet us at our apartment, and don't worry I'll ask mom about that. I've got everything under control."

"Okay," Tai said reluctantly (because he was the leader and thought that he needed to worry about everything, yeah not with Kari around).

I swear that ever since Kari joined the group whenever planning was needed Tai was the main person that we sawplanning but really it was Kari that created the plans. Then Tai put them into action, since he was so much better at that (most of the time). But he was the best leader we had so I never mentioned it, not even to Tai and Kari. Kari looked like she knew what was going to happen at the meeting and so did TK.

Kari's pov

TK and I knew exactly what we were going to do and say. We would first talk to my mom, then TK's mom and then the others' parents.

"Mom! I'm home," I called.

"Hello Kari, is your brother still in the DigitalWorld?" She asked.

"Yes, TK is here and we need to ask you something."


"Can we have the new DigiDestineds' parents meet us here? And can you call Yolie's parents?"

"Yes and yes but why?"

"Because, you know that evil thinking Digimon that came here looking for me 3 years ago? Well he is coming back and we need others to help us because it says that with their help we can defeat him again."

"Oh, that makes sense. But who are you going to have explain?"

"Well we all are, but first we need you, TK's mom and Sora's mom to call Yolie's parents, Cody's parent and Davis' parents."

"Davis? The one that Tai his cell number to give you?"

"Yes mom, that Davis."

"I bet that he doesn't like that you and TK are dating."

"No he doesn't and I'm sure Mimi told him it why would never work between us before we sent them home."

She looked confused, "Mimi saw him staring at me and knew he had a thing for me, then talked to him," I explained.


"Goodbye, mom! We have to go!"

"Goodbye, Kari!"

TK's pov

"So one yes down and two more to go," I said.

"Yes but we may face more questions than we did just now," Kari pointed out.

"Good point. Mom, I'm home!" I said.

"Hello, TK is Kari with you?" My mom asked.


"Hello, Ms. Takashi!" Kari called my mom.

"Mom, can you call Yolie's parents and tell them to meet at Kari's apartment?" I asked.

"Sure, but why?" She asked.

"The Digimon that came after Kari 3 years ago is coming back and we don't know when so we need their parents to know the truth, so that they can stay in the DigiWorld longer," I explained.

"Oh!" She said, and then she added, "Do you want me to call your dad?"

"Yes, please mom. Thanks!"

"You two get going, you've got a lot of parents to talk to."

"Okay! Goodbye!" We said.