Chapter 11: The Past Revisited

Derek's pov

Tai, Kari, Chloe and I were the only ones in the apartment in at the moment.

As I looked at Tai Kari and calling I could see the resemblance between them. It was perfectly clear that they were related Kari looks like a miniature version of Chloe, the only difference was Kari has brown eyes, and Tai looks like a male version of Chloe, but has a really, really weird hairdo and has no blonde streaks in his hair.

"You guys do look a lot alike," I said voicing my thoughts.

"Kari, you look almost exactly Chloe," Tai said.

"Okay… Can we not discuss how much any of us look alike right now? Chloe, what happened to our parents?" Kari asked.

"Okay, onto the story that I know Tai might remember bits and pieces from. So, it was my birthday and mom and dad had gone out and left us with one mom's friend and her daughter. Mom's friends name is Ruth Winterbourne and her daughter's page. So back to the story now, mom and dad were driving home when their car crashed. Dad was driving and he came out of it fine. Mom was killed, dad ran to stop somewhere. Two police officers came to our house around time that I thought mom and dad should be coming. I know because I answered the door we went to the hospital and –"

"Both you and I were scared," Tai finished cutting Chloe off.

"Yes, we were because it reminded us of the lab, we were in and only got out of four years before," Chloe said.

Chloe's pov

"Ruth went to talk to the nurse then came back with the nurse who walked us down to the morgue," I continued.

"I remember that, you were carrying Kari, who was still asleep," Tai added as he remembered.

"That's right, I was. Then when we arrived the morgue we were shown her mother's body. Then we left and not long after I told Ruth but the genetic modifications that the group called –"

"The Edison group," Derek added cutting me off.

"Yes, the Edison group did to us," I continued, and motion to myself, Derek and Tai.

"Why then, mom and dad put me in the experiment and why weren't the others and it?" Kari asked.

By "the others" I knew that she meant TK, Davis, Cody and Yolie.

"For you and TK, the answer is simple. First of all, you were kept a secret from the group, because you are so young, and secondly the two of you were born went through other werewolf subjects had been killed because they attacked a nurse. For the others, it was just a matter of how old they were. They like you and TK were so young they it wasn't worth putting you in the experiment and they didn't want to risk it. After the incident with the nurse, the groups then sent us "home", for me and Tai that had a literal meaning. For Derek it meant going to live one of our friends Simon and his dad."

Derek nodded to that.

"You said what happened mom, but what about dad?" Kari asked, after a few moments, her previous question forgotten just as quickly as it entered her mind and as soon as I answered.

Kari's pov

When I asked what happened that I saw Chloe and Tai stiffen. They looked at each other and it seemed that they were having a conversation with each other, probably mentally.

Tai looked at Chloe like he was saying, I remember what he did and what happened to him, but I wonder… No, he couldn't be, could he?

Chloe just looked back at him with haunted eyes and apparently tied to the answer to his mentally thought question in her haunted eyes.

I wonder what dad did to Tai and or Chloe to leave Chloe with haunted eyes, I thought to myself.

Then I looked at Derek, my look saying, "Do you know what they are thinking or mentally discussing?"

He just shook his head no in response. So, we were left in silence for a while, at least until Chloe spoke again.

"They couldn't find him, they said they would keep looking, but if they couldn't find him. Within a year they would stop. Then they suggested we find family looked stay with. This is before we left. I told Ruth but the only place safe enough for you and Tai was with Yuuko, one of mom sisters and her husband here in Japan. I then went on my own after making sure that on Yuuko had you guys settled in and you were safe. I had to find out what was always missing in my life – our lives growing up…," Chloe said, but trailed off.

Sora's pov

I was wondering how Derek was a part of the digital.

Did he have his own crest? What it is, if he does? What did you monist partner, what judgment is Chloe's, how did they know where to find us? How did Derek know TK's name? Who is it that we have to fight?

The endless questions just kept coming, and running through my mind. With no answers that I could think of at this moment I force myself pushed questions aside, for now at least. I would ask later because otherwise I would never be satisfied and I knew that I would end up getting an answer to each question from Derek and Chloe anyway.

I was getting ready for bed my computer said its generic, "you've got mail!"

I went over opened the e-mail from… Tai. At first my heart soared because I thought that he was e-mailing me asking me to meet him somewhere where he would ask me out like I've been wishing he would the last two years. But I saw more than one to address in the e-mail and my hope instantly died, right then and there. Although it also made me curious as to who he sent to. I clicked the more button and saw that it was to everyone in our group of friends and DigiDestineds.

The e-mail read:

Hey everyone,

We will have a meeting in the digital world tomorrow, if you have any questions just ask. Gennai will also be there.

From, Tai