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Hola todos. My name is Catherine Martinez, but you can call me Cathy.

Now, why the heck am I typing this on my Fanfiction account? Because I have nothing better to do while I'm alone in this room with only Italy's cat, Pookie, for company.

Yes, THAT Italy. THAT Pookie.

Confused? How about I explain how I ended up here, at Germany's house.

Last Morning…

School was out and I was currently riding in the school bus.

"Alright, I'll let Toffee out and wash the dishes. No I don't have homework, its Friday Mama," I said into my cell phone.

"'Kay then… mhmm… love you too, adios."

"Last stop here."

I looked up in shock at the bus driver in the front. We stopped in front of my elementary school that I attended when I was a small kid.

"Que? We're still three blocks from my stop!" I said. Other kids also were complaining.

"I'm low on gas here, so this is it," the bus driver said.

Grumbling at having to walk the extra distance, all of us exited to bus. I shivered at the cool breeze and rubbed my hands together, wishing that my black jacket had a hood. The brown braids framing my face swayed a bit as I walked down the side of the playground, towards my house. The other kids either were already ahead or went another direction.

"Care to buy something Miss?"

Jumping up in surprise, I turned around to see a lady leaning against one of the willow trees in the park, a few meters away. She had long black hair that had silver tips and silvery grey eyes, along with a smirk on her face. Her outfit consisted of a black thick-strapped sating dress, a silver cardigan, and silver heels. I was a wonder on how she seemed to be warm in this weather.

"… You talking you me?" I asked while raising an eyebrow and backing away a bit.

"But of course," the woman replied while uncrossing her arms. "Since there is no one else here to sell my bracelets to."

"Bracelets?" I asked while backing away even farther. She didn't have a stall or table out, so what was she talking about?

"Special ones. My own handiwork," the woman said while standing up straighter and holding something out in her hand.

The bracelet was a brown thong with three beads on them. I couldn't see what exactly they looked like, but they were definitely white. A silver thread and a gold thread were weaved into the bracelet.

"Only for one dollar," the woman said kindly.

"… Um… I don't know…" I said uncertainly.

"Trust me, it will be worth your time."

I bit my lip in uncertainty. It did look nice…

"Alright then."

And that's when my whole life changed.


Waling down the street with the bracelet in hand, I raised an eyebrow at the beads. They were pure white, with black lines on them. One had a circle on the middle, the other had two lines vertically across, while the third has two lines horizontally down.

Something about them looked… familiar…

After unlocking the door with the spare key and walking inside, I just let my backpack drop onto the couch before walking into the kitchen, my black moccasin boots still on.


I smiled down at the Yorkie who wagged his tail at me. "Hi Toffee. You hungry?"

After filling his food bowl with dog food, washing my hands, and later making myself a cheese sandwich, I took my plate and sat down on the living room couch.

Time for some entertainment~!

After popping Hetalia: Paint it White! into the DVD player, I then sat back down and enjoyed the show.


The movie ended too soon. At least, to me it did. After turning the TV off, I turned to look at the clock.


I then sighed. My parents were out of town for a seminar that the company that my mom worked at had and my brother was at a sleepover with a few of his friends. Which left me with only a computer, TV, and a dog for company. Wunderbar…

I then decided to turn on my dad's dark blue laptop on to search up some Hetalia fanfction.


I looked down at Toffee, who tilted his head at me. "Mama and Papi will be home by Saturday Toffee. Don't worry," I said.

Thank heavens that it was the weekend…


I wish…

That something interesting…

Would happen…

At 8:30, I turned off the laptop and set it beside me. Today I would sleep on the couch. After stretching for a bit and yawning, I lay my head down on the arm of the couch. Toffee jumped up and slept beside me. This was a first…

Sleep… sweet, sweet sleep… zzz…


When Catherine was finally asleep, the beads on the bracelet she wore began to glow.

And thus began her adventure.


"Ve~ Can I wake her up now?"

"Ja, that vould be best."

"But, she rooks very tired. Maybe we shourd wait a few more minutes."


Rubbing my eyes, I sat up and yawned. "What time is it?" I asked sleeply.


"Ah. Thanks-" I began, but then froze after opening my eyes.

Standing in front of me were three very familiar-looking men. Who looked like they each came from different parts of the world. And wore different types of clothing. And were staring back at me in curiosity.

If my fangirl instincts kicked in, I would have tackle-glomped them to the ground.

But unfortunately, my protective instincts kicked in first.

"GAH! STRANGER DANGER!" I yelled while throwing the computer mouse at Germany's head.

Probably not the best way to introduce myself…

Appearance of Catherine

Hair: Brown, shoulder length, has two side braids.

Eyes: Brown, wears glasses.

Outfit: Black jacket, light blue long-sleeved shirt with indigo flower prints on them, navy blue pants, and black moccasin boots (SO WARM!).

Height: Five feet. (I'm so short…)

Hope you liked it~!

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Germany: -angry anime mark- I think not…

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