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Finland was freaking out, Denmark was sulking, Iceland was trying to keep his puffin safe from the newcomer while Norway was looking suspiciously at her, and Sweden just went back to cooking. While the short-haired girl just smiled like there was nothing wrong with this picture.

The only one besides the human who wasn't upset, tensed, or indifferent to this situation was Sealand, who was actually overjoyed. Probably from that one comment she made...

"So, you think that I deserved to be recognized as a country?"

"Peter, I don't think that-"

"Well DUH! Why shouldn't you be a country?"

"... Uh..."

"... You really believe that?"


"... One day... you shall be chosen to be one of my advisors!"

This was great! Already he gained a supporter! Grinning, Sealand looked from behind the armchair. "Morgan, are you there?"


Pouting, Sealand crossed his arms before standing up and walking further into the room. He asked her this morning if she wanted to play Hide-And-Seek, which to she agreed. Problem was, she was very hard to find. Either she gotten herself lost in this house, (which actually wasn't that large, since Sweden didn't see the point in having such a gigantic manor if it would be mostly empty anyway) or was better at this game than he thought she would be.

Closing the door to the living room, the boy sighed before looking around in the hallway. "Morgan? You can't hide forever, you know!" he declared, pointing ahead of him as he puffed out his chest, trying to sound more intimidating than he actually was.




"Very well, have it your way," Sealand said, putting his hands on his hips as he looked with a hard gaze.

"... Uwawawawawawawa..."


Blinking, the blond turned his head to a nearby closet, hearing the strange noise come from there. "... Morgan?" he asked cautiously, unsure of whether to come forward or back away and call for his Papa. "Is that you?"


For a moment he wanted to run out of that hallway screaming for Finland, but his pride just put his foot down on that. He was Sealand! Nothing EVER scared him! Well, except when Papa used the Dambolis on him... [1]

Determined to once again prove to the world that he was indeed capable of doing things by himself, he adjusted his sailor's hat and marched to the door, hesitating only for a second when he put a hand on the doorknob. Gathering his courage, he swung open the door. Only to gasp and step back.


Curled into a ball and tucked into a corner of the small closet was Morgan, shivering as she continued muttered that strange chant. She rocked herself back and forth, blue eyes wide with shock.

"Morgan! What happened to you?!" Sealand asked before bending down in front of her, putting a hand on her trembling shoulder.

"Can't come b-back, may never come back, home, home, I wanna g-go home... Uwawawawa..." Morgan whimpered, her hands gripping at her hair. "W-Where's my family? I wanna go home..."

Eyes widening in realization, Sealand then looked at a something that lied between him and the brunette. It was... a photo. With a few humans in it, along with Morgan herself, who was grinning while posing. Is that... her family? Looking back at Morgan, who looked to be whimpering names of people that he did not know.

"... It's alright Morgan... I'll help you find them," he said, putting his arms around her neck as he hugged her, eyes downcast.

After all, that's what friends are for, right?

"... Sister..."

Wincing, Aurum turned from tree that she was tending to. "... Yes, Asimi?"

The silver-streaked woman just gave a stern look at her twin. A silver heeled foot began tapping on the grassy ground, digging deeper and deeper into the mist earth as she frowned. "... You told them only that they were needed in that world..." she began.

Unable to make eye contact, Aurum stroked one of the broken branches of the tree, causing it to glow and mend the bark back together again. "... I know..."

"Yet you didn't warn them of the dangers that will eventually threaten them!" Asimi blurted out, now glaring as her hands tightened into fists. "He is now back into the Realm of Doorways, and is dangerous, Aurum. We know that better than anyone else! He won't let three human girls stop him from proceeding with his plans! Or worse, he will attempt to use them!"

"... I know..." the other sister said, her voice soft as she finished healing the tree.

Taking in a deep breath, Asimi pinched the bridge of her nose. "... He already approached Catherine... and gave Valentine a nightmare on her past... Who knows what he will do to Morgan." She then put her hand down and opened her eyes, silver orbs staring at her golden counterpart.

"... Why didn't you tell me that he came back from exile?" she asked, her voice holding a bit or hurt in them.

At this point, Aurum put a hand on the tree, her eyes now closed. "... Because you wouldn't of gone through with bringing the girls to that specific world of personified nations... They can help bring the push needed to stop him..." At those last words, her eyes opened, now having a fierce edge to them.

"... How?" was all Asimi could manage to say.

"... I guess we will find out..."

So, there are friendships forged and secrets kept. How's that for a change? And I had a LOT of fun writing the scenes that had Sealand in it~!

[1] - Dambolis, regarding the comic strip (How to make Dambolis) that introduced a cardboard box, with England written on it, that Sweden would put over Sealand's head when he payed too much attention to television.