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Again, I love sleep. If it was an Olympic sport, I would be one of the youngest participants from America. And considering that being around Hetalia characters can wear you out, it would be no surprise that I would find myself taking a nap more often. It was a few days after the 'Spain Heritage Incident' and there was no word from Aurum. Not to mention that Spain avoided me as much as he could, which I couldn't help but find hurtful. To avoid sulking around, I distracted myself by observing the Hetalia characters that I now live with so I could record my 'adventures' on my fanfic.

But I was far from getting used to this lifestyle.

For instance, one day I was dragged into pranking Germany with Prussia one day, and on the next we butted heads after he tried to swipe my laptop (which is technically my Dad's...). Whenever I found myself wandering the mansion, I'd either get lost or stumble upon something, like the time I saw Germany baking cakes in a pink apron (which he made me promise not to tell anyone in exchange for having the first three slices, after I finished rolling around on the floor laughing) and when I spotted Japan design a cosplay outfit (hint, Inuyasha~!).

But this day marked the time in which I was royally ticked.

It started by a wake up call.


Waking from my dreamless sleep, I barely opened my eyes before I felt something connect to my side and push me off of my bed.


Feeling the back of my head bang against the wooden floor, I hissed before squeezing my eyes shut from the pain. Slowly rolling to my side, I tenderly touched the forming bump. Scowling, I sat up and glared at the albino ex-nation who only smirked. Most likely he was getting revenge for my comment about his perverted nature from yesterday.

"Zhe Awesome Prussia strike again!" he cackled before running out of my room.

Eye twitching, I climbed back into bed and pulled the covers up to my chin, trying to ignore the ache on my cranium. Sighing, I continued to rest, hoping that was all of the introductions that I would have. After a few seconds of silence, I smiled, feeling at peace. Ah, sleep. Sweet, uninterrupted-


... Dang it.

Groaning, I felt a paw bat at my hair relentlessly. Covering my head with the covers did nothing, since the meowing only grew louder, like a whine. I tried to push the cat away, but he only swatted at my hand, leaving a few scratches. Irritated at this, I gave up and slid out of bed, picking Prussiacat up and setting him outside of my door. Before he could run back in, I slammed it shut before he could sneak back inside. I then smirked as I walked back to my bed, ignoring the sound of claws scratching at my door.

I may love cats, but even they shouldn't interrupt my sleep.


"Buenos dias," I said sleepily, scratching the side of my head as I walked into the kitchen.

Japan looked up from his manga before nodding in acknowledgement. "Good morning Cathy-san."

Some part of me still asked if I was dreaming. Even after a couple of days of staying in Germany's mansion, I sometimes find myself looking at all around me in awe. It didn't help that I would check outside the window and be reminded that I'm no longer at home in Midwest America. I try not to think about it too much though. Since then it would lead to...

"Where are the others?" I asked, pouring myself some milk, subconsciously bitingly lower lip.

"Werr," the Asian nation said before pausing, probably thinking about where indeed our fellow countries are. "Romano-kun and Spain-san went to buy tomatoes. Germany-san is trying to improve Itary-kun's physical strength and dragged him into training again."

I then quirked my lips into a frown. "Poor guy," I muttered, placing my cup of calcium into the microwave and tapping in the time to heat it for thirty seconds.

Walking over to the refridgerator, I took out the carton of eggs. That's when I felt that a pair of eyes were focused on me. No surprise there. More often than not, I would catch the nations looking at me with an examining look. Well, except for Italy and Spain. I don't blame them, since I did just appear out of nowhere on Germany's couch. But still, it's kind of awkward. And annoying. What do they expect me to do? Break into a safe, stuff some cash into a sack, and jump through a window while yelling 'Seeya suckers!'? I'm only a fifteen year old high school student, not some highly trained burglar.

I then raised an eyebrow, realizing something.

"Wait... Then where is-"





Should of known. Should. Of. Known.

Hands clenching into fists, I slowly turned to glare at the smug ex-Nation. "... Really?" I growled, feeling the yolk of the egg thrown at my face dribble down and obscure the lenses of my glasses. "Was that necessary?"

Crossing his arms, the albino just stared down at me. "Vhat are you going to do? Run crying to your Muti?"


Raising an eyebrow, Prussia turned to see a certain yorkie give him a furious look, his teeth bared. Padding forward, Toffee growled, displeased at the prank he pulled on his master.

"Now now Toffee, let's not act unawesome here," Prussia said, backing away a bit. "I-It was just a joke!"

Apparently he did not agree. Next thing I knew, he was chasing that jerk out of the kitchen. At least that got a smile from me. "I love that dog," I said, before grimacing when I felt liquid dripping on my shirt.

Hearing a chuckle, I then glared at Japan. "Just help me get this gunk off before I swipe away your Naruto manga."


"Ruff! Ruff!"


Lowering his head, Blackie gave another bark at Toffee, who didn't bow down. Tail wagging, the much smaller dog yipped back, and thus they began chasing each other. Smiling, I then went back to typing on my laptop, enjoying the breeze. Germany had an amazing backyard, with more than enough room to run around in and a great garden. But I shouldn't of expected anything less, considering that this is the house of a nation.

I then clicked on the tab that showed the reviews for the chapters that I already posted, while Gilbrid chirped from his perch on my head. I actually got more feedback than I thought I would. When I typed up this story, it was just to let this off my chest, since it's not like I could contact any of my family and friends. Of course, the readers on this site think that this is just another 'Human girl thrust into the Hetalia world' fanfic. But at least I can make them laugh.

It actually makes me fell more... better about myself.

18katrina- Huzzah! Prussia is here! May this story be deemed, even more awesome. :D

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Chuckling, I leaned my head against my hand, smiling wider than I should. She can relate to me, huh? Probably since this is real, and not just a fantasy that fangirls dream of. I then felt something nudge at my leg. Looking down, I saw Aster lay her head down on my lap, her big eyes tugging at my heart strings.

Petting her golden fur, I sighed contentedly. Out of all the inhabitants of this mansion, I get along with the pets the best. They already befriended Toffee, even though Prussiacat still glares at him from time to time. Gilbird was the best bird to have when I'm on my laptop, Germouser was a nice cat to snuggle if I wanted to get away from all the noise, and the dogs just have this friendly aura around them. They didn't look at me in suspicion, unlike the nations. They comforted me.

"Good girl... Germany is really lucky to have you," I said, planting a kiss on the lab's forehead before turning back to my laptop.

Only to have me let out a strangled gasp.

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Hearing the door slam open, Italy jumped and nearly dropped the pizza dough that he was spinning on his hand. "VEE!"

Turning around, he saw Cathy rush into the kitchen and open some drawers, rummaging though the contents inside them and placing some on the table. He may not be able to see her expression from here, but her posture was constantly flincing.

"Ah, Cathy? Are you alright?" the Italian asked, feeling a bit concerned on how she was acting.

"Not yet," the brunette muttered before pulling out a cutting board and placing it on the counter before going back to searching. "Just need to bash it out first."

"Eh? Bash?"

What on earth was she talking about? His question was answered when the human girl let out a sound of approval and held up the marble rolling pin that she used a few days ago, when she was trying to silence Germamy and Prussia, only to become angry in the process. He still had nightmares from that incident.

"This will do!" Cathy said before taking off her glasses and putting them on the table. "And considering that this is an anime I'm in, it won't be as hazardous to my health," she muttered to herself, eye twitching.




"HUH?! W-Wait, Cathy, why are you-a looking like that?! N-No, put the rolling pin down! Put it down!"

"Well, I can't think of any other solution!"


"VEE! Cathy, are you alright?!"

"Uuuhhhh... Didn't work... I'll have to try... again..."


"UWAAAH! Please Cathy, stop hitting yourself!"

"... Drat... Still thinking about it... again..."




"... again..."

"No Cathy-san, this is not the way!"

"Japan! Thank goodness you-a came!"

"Let go... You don't... understand..."

And after dropping the pin, the world turned back.


"Out of all girls that end up sleeping on bruder's couch, we get the strange one!" Prussia said, scowling while throwing his hands up in disbelief.

"Ssshh! The niña is sleeping. Let her rest," Spain said before looking down at the unconscious girl, his gaze softening.

"She does more than enough of that daily," the albino muttered, crossing his arms and scowling. "Why did she try whacking herself with a rolling pin?"

"Who knows. Either way, it's-a clear that she should stay OUT of the kitchen!" Romano said, rolling his eyes. "Anyway, no need for you to stay here!" he said, glaring at Prussia.

"And why now?"

"Because you are one of the most perverted nations on this planet!"

"What was that?"

"You heard me, *******!"

Deadpanning, Spain turned to the two arguing countries before standing up and grabbing them by the collars of their shirts. Not giving them a chance to react, he walked to the door and kicked them out before slamming it shut. Hearing their yells of indignation, he sighed before shaking his head and walking back to the bed tat Cathy slept on.

Her head was bandaged, not to mention that a black eyes was forming. Germouser was curled up at her feet, occasionally opening an eye and checking on her before going back to his nap.

Sighing, the Spaniard sat down on the chair placed next to the bed and brushed away some strands of dark brown hair from her eyes. "... You look so much like them..." was all he said.

'... Maybe that's why...'

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