Mini Chapter: Attachment

Leo yawned as he awoke from his nap, feeling refreshed after having slept for some time. However, when he looked out the window, he saw that it was dark. He sighed as he got out of bed. He hated that whenever it happened. He never knew whether or not that meant it was still the same day, or he woke up the next day without even realizing it.

Still, what's done is done, and he left his room in search of something to do. Of course, he could always play his games, but considering the fact that it was night, and Aeris would probably be asleep right now, playing games would be an unwise thing to do. He didn't want to go the rest of his life with a mouthful of broken teeth, no siree.

He stepped into the living room, and noticed that the TV was on, and that Aeris was still sitting at the couch. Well, that eased Leo's mind somewhat. He could probably be as loud as he wanted without consequence. But then he heard the snoring. The loud, loud snoring. He chuckled to himself. Aeris might have tried to hide it, but there was no denying the fact that whenever she went to sleep, that she would be snoring near instantly. Of course, whenever this little fact was brought up, she would hurt him, so it was not really a good idea for him to say anything about it, and it would never be bought up again. Ever.

Either way, he knew that she was sleeping, so he decided to make himself scarce and get himself a midnight snack. Quickly settling on a bag of chips, he was about to carefully make his way back to his room when he heard a soft mewl coming from the couch. Turning around to face Aeris once more, he noticed that little Scarlet had buried her head into the pink cat's stomach, using it as a pillow. Leo couldn't help but feel as though it was possibly one of the most adorable things he's seen. It was like that ever since the little white kitty showed up, and he loved it all. To see Aeris, mean ol' Aeris, holding this cute little kitten while said kitten nuzzled into her stomach was just heart-melting.

He smiled. Maybe Aeris will warm up to her After all.

OKAY! I'm so, so, so, so, so, so, soooooooo sorry! I didn't mean for updates to not happen! This is horrible, not only for me, but for you guys! God, I need to get better at this! But hey, some news: I'm planning on turning this into a novel! Of course, the animal/VG Cats thing will have to go, and character names will have to change, but still, a novel! Let me know what you think... that is, if anyone still cares... anyway, I'll try and update this more! I hope that this mini-chapter lets you know that I'm alive. Again, I deeply apologize...